UOB’s ‘Are you Travel Savvy’ LIVE Show



Last Friday, on the 5th of September, UOB hosted a LIVE version of their newly launched ‘Are you Travel Savvy’ Online Game at the UOB Plaza from 12 to 2pm. This was to acquaint the public with their new game, and drum up some publicity for their enhanced travel insurance, Insure & Travel Enhanced Plan.

There was a good participation response from the general public in the game show on stage that day as each participant walked away with free Insure and Travel Enhanced Single Trip Plan distributed by UOB. In addition, the winner for each round also received $100 worth of CapitaVouchers.


Taking Part in the ‘Are you Travel Savvy’ LIVE Show



As you may have read in our previous article, three prominent Singapore bloggers were invited to take part in this competition. There were to be two rounds in this competition and I had the honour of representing TheSmartLocal and given the opportunity to pit my travel knowledge against travel enthusiasts and celebrity bloggers Brad Lau and Dawn Yang.

The competition was split into two rounds withround 1 as a team-up with our followers while the finale round was a bloggers face-off.


The UOB challenge Round 1



After a few rounds of competition, Ladyironchef walked away the winner of the partner challenge.


The UOB challenge Round 2



Next up was the blogger challenge, where the three of us battled each other. The LIVE version of the game mirrors the online game so to prep myself for Friday’s showdown, I attempted the online game multiple times. Truth be told, I could never make it past 13 points.

My attempt to memorise the answers was futile as the questions differed from round to round. Fortunately all was not lost, after a close tie-breaker with Dawn, I managed to win this round and do TSL proud.


Everyone can participate in UOB’s new game!



But this game is not just for us. Everyone can try their hand at UOB’s ‘Are you Travel Savvy’ Game online and stand a chance to win attractive prizes weekly. The Grand Prizes are 5 pairs of air tickets to 5 amazing destinations such as Melbourne, Seoul and Maldives, just to name a few.

‘Are you Travel Savvy’ is easy and fun to play!


Players are allowed multiple tries at the game and can enter the Hall of Fame to see how they have fared and register to stand a chance to win the Top 10 weekly prizes as well as a chance in the weekly Grand Draw. You could also purchase Insure & Travel Enhanced via UOB at up to 25% off now, to increase your chances for the weekly Grand Draw by up to 50 chances!

One main reason to buy Insure & Travel Enhanced

Get insured even before you actually travel! For instance, it covers trip cancellation if you are unwell and have to cancel your trip. For more information on policy benefits, visit this link. You can purchase the insurance here.

Try out the game for yourself right here!

This post was brought to you by UOB. Insure & Travel Enhanced is underwritten by United Overseas Insurance (UOI) and distributed by United Overseas Bank (UOB).