8 Unofficial Fast Food Merch You Can Buy So You Don’t Have To Queue Outside McDonald’s At 2AM

Unofficial fast food merch available online

We’re not sure what’s in Singapore’s tap water, but there must be something in there that has made queueing a Singaporean culture quirk. It doesn’t matter if they’re concert tickets or a Hello Kitty toy – as long as they’re in limited quantities, you can bet we’ll be standing in line for one of these bad boys.

The latest obsession? The McDonald’s McGriddles hoodie that saw hundreds queue overnight. We hear there’s even going to be KFC reversible bucket hats launching on 7th August 2023. But if you’re like me and chose sleep over standing in line, there’s no need to FOMO. We’ve scoured around and found 8 unofficial fast food merch you can buy online.

1. McDonald’s Paper Bag Crossbody Bag & Backpack – From $8.21

Image adapted from: Shopee

There’ll be no denying that you’re lovin’ it with these crossbody and backpack bags that look just like the McDonald’s paper bags you get when ordering takeout. These aren’t somebody’s upcycling project though. The bags are made of durable canvas so they’ll be able to hold your books, laptop, and other items without ripping.

Get the McDonald’s paper bag bags.

2. Subway Cap – $5.94

Image credit: Shopee

Y’all already know this sandwich chain lets you eat fresh. But with this Subway cap on your head, your drip will also be looking fresh. The cap comes in 4 colourways – black, green, cream, and brown – so they’ll be able to match just about any outfit. Plus, it’s got an adjustable strap so these stay firmly on your head even in gusty winds.

Get the Subway cap.

3. Burger King Earrings – $6.90

Image credit: Shopee

Loyal fans of the flame-grilled Whopper should add these Burger King earrings to their shopping cart ASAP. These handmade miniatures of a BK takeout bag and burger are enough to let others know that you’re a master at having it your way. The earrings are coated in a thin layer of resin, ensuring these won’t fall apart after long periods of wear.

Get Burger King earrings.

4. Wendy’s Shoulder Bag – $6.90

Image adapted from: Shopee

The Millennials and up among us will remember Wendy’s being a staple fast food restaurant in the 1980s and 1990s in Singapore. We won’t be able to help quell any cravings you might have for their square-shaped burger patties and thick milkshakes. But we’ve got quite the alternative: a Wendy’s shoulder bag.

Ok, it’s not the same as sinking your teeth into a Baconator, but these satchels branded with Wendy and her red-hair pigtails are cute enough to tote around your daily essentials.

Get Wendy’s shoulder bag.

5. Dunkin Donuts Croc Jibbitz – $0.59 each

Image credit: Shopee

Let’s be real, no one really wears Crocs to call themselves a fashionista. It’s the Jibbitz or the shoe charms that make wearing these sandals that much more chic. And if you’re looking to add a touch of sweetness to your shoes, these Dunkin Donuts Crocs Jibbitz will be right up your alley.

There are 10 designs to choose from such as sprinkle donuts, ice coffee, and Dunkin Donuts logo. But at $0.59 each, we think you should get the whole lot.

Get Dunkin Donuts Crocs Jibbitz.

6. Pizza Hut AirPods Case – $5.40

Image credit: Shopee

If the number 6235-3535 sets off a jingle in your head then this Pizza Hut AirPods case is a must to get. Shaped in the iconic cardboard box, the case will snugly hug your Airpods just as they do their cheesy stuffed crust pizzas. There’s even a handy loop with a carabiner so you can hang your AirPods off a zipper or on your keychain.

Get the Pizza Hut AirPods case.

7. MOS Burger Keychains – $10.69 each

Image credit: Shopee

Bet you didn’t know that MOS Burger has been serving their Japanese-inspired rice burgers, hot dogs, and fried chicken cutlets in Singapore since 1993. Now you can share that fun fact whenever someone asks why you have a MOS Burger keychain hanging off your bag.

These realistic depictions are $10.69 each but it might be more worth it to spring for the whole meal and mascot. It costs $25.81 for all 5 keychains. 

Get MOS Burger keychain.

8. McDonald’s Baby Onesie Set – $22.57

Image adapted from: Shopee

Babies are already cute but put them into this McDonald’s baby onesie set and OMG, I could just eat them up. The 3-piece set comes with a McDonald’s hat, yellow tee, and red romper that will make your youngling look like a total snack. Complete the look with matching fries socks for $10.26 a pair.

Get the McDonald’s baby onesie set.

Bonus: Milo “Shoe” Crossbody – $4.21

Image credit: Shopee

So, technically, Milo isn’t a fast food chain. But the fact that you can get the beverage at most fast food restaurants in Singapore justifies its place on this list. If you regularly up-sai your Happy Meal to include ice Milo, then we can’t imagine saying no to this Milo “shoe” crossbody bag. It’s got adjustable straps and even a pocket on the inside to hold your EZ-Link card.

Get the Milo “shoe” crossbody bag on Shopee.

Buy unofficial fast food merch on Shopee

If you’re one of the 200 that managed to snag a hoodie, I hope standing in line at 2am was worth it. But for the rest of us who missed out, there are at least these unofficial fast food merch to buy so we can still flaunt our love for burgers, pizzas, and donuts. 

Best of all – these deliver straight to your house, so there’s no need to lose precious sleep over them. Just key in your credit card details and go about your day.

More things to buy online:

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