11 Cute Bags Under $10 You Can Buy On Shopee, So No Need To Make People Cry La

Affordable & cute Shopee bags in Singapore

You’ve seen the news – we’ve made a poor Texas Chicken staff cry – all for a bag that looks like a bird. Y’all, we love freebies but sometimes, there are better ways to get the loot – we’ll spill. Chi-ken not say no to these uber cute bags on Shopee that you can acquire from just $4.80. No tears involved, we promise.

1. Chicken Crossbody Bag – $9.61

Image credit: Shopee

Believe it or not, the very same chicken-shaped bag that folks have been waiting for up to 5 hours to redeem is available on Shopee – all for less than a tenner, or $10.61 after shipping. As an added bonus, this option comes without the risk of losing your marbles while waiting in line.

P.S. The design is also available in Khaki online.

Get the Chicken Crossbody Bag on Shopee.

2. Fluffy Pig Sling – $9.32

Image credit: Shopee

Stand out from the crowd by picking a different farm animal: the humble pig. This adorable sling can hold a phone and miscellaneous items like some cash and keys. The straps are adjustable too, so go ahead and wear this lil fella as a crossbody or shoulder bag – he ain’t complaining.

Get the Fluffy Pink Pig Bag on Shopee.

3. Stitch Plush Backpack – $7.07

Image credit: Shopee

This Stitch bag may be recommended for children aged 1-7, but you may choose to apply selective reading here. Squishy and fluffy, the design is too cute to resist, regardless of whether you’re 3 or 30. 

Image credit Shopee

If we did let our intrusive thoughts get the better of us, we’d cop 2, since these are also available in baby pink.

Get the Stitch Plush Backpack on Shopee.

4. Cartoon Character Bags – From $5.99

Image credit: Shopee

Over 20 character bag designs are available on on Shopee so it’s really no wonder that they’ve sold more than a thousand bags till date. Find designs like Kuromi, Anpanman, and even BMO from adventure time here to add a little bit of kawaii to your ‘fit. 

Image credit: Shopee

Get a Cartoon Character Bag on Shopee

5. Kirby Plush Bag – $8.66

Image credit: Shopee

A question that many Nintendo fans should have asked long ago: what exactly is Kirby? Is he an animal? Is he a ball? Google says he’s a pink puffball. Now that you’re backed with his backstory, arm yourself with these Kirby-inspired bags to boot. 

You can get the same design in handbag, shoulder bag, or coin purse form. No reason to hold back since these are rated 5 stars on Shopee!

Get the Kirby Plush Bag  on Shopee.

6. Penguin Plush Bag – $6.47

Image credit: Shopee

Up in the running for the title of Cutest Bag In Town is the Penguin Plush Bag. If you don’t want to accidentally go “twinsies” with everyone else that’s carrying the Chicken Crossbody on the MRT, this is an adorable alternative. 

Get the Penguin Plush Shoulder Bag on Shopee.

7. Edamame Messenger Bag – $9.59

Image credit: Shopee

If edamame is your go-to snacc at Japanese restaurants, this just may be the perfect bag for you. This messenger bag is pretty hefty too, making it a good option for those looking for something bigger. Just don’t stare at the bag for too long because it will make you hungry. 

Get the Edamame Messenger Bag on Shopee.

8. Mini Bread Purse – $4.85

Image adapted from: Shopee

Carb lovers, run – don’t walk. Show off your love for toast with these cute bread slings ($5.31) that come in 3 designs and variations. Those looking for a new wallet can cop the pouch versions for just $4.85 instead. With prices that cheap, there’s no reason for you not to get both.

Get the Mini Bread Purse and Pouch on Shopee.

9. Dinosaur Messenger Bag – $6.05

Image credit: Shopee

Now, dinosaurs may be prehistoric but the style never gets old. Just look at this baby dino plush with little arms! In our books, they’re cuter in green but you can also get them in red for extra huat. It’s never too early to start shopping for your Chinese New Year OOTD.

Get the Dinosaur Messenger Bag on Shopee.

10. Sanrio Handbag & Mini Slings – From $4.80

Image credit: Shopee

What do we want? Sanrio! When do we want it? All the freakin’ time! Before the chicken bag swept us off our feet, there was Hello Kitty and friends who left us foamin’ at the mouth everytime they made an appearance as a freebie.

Get your hands on some adorable Sanrio-themed handbags for $9.80, with characters like My Melody and Cinnamoroll. 

Image credit: Shopee

Shopee also has Sanrio mini sling bags on offer from just $4.80 with more cuties like Pompompurin and Kuromi.

Get the Sanrio Handbag and Sanrio Mini Sling on Shopee.

11. Pokémon Crossbody Pouch  – $6.30

Image credit: Shopee

Singaporeans love Pokémon anything – heck, we’ve even got Pokémon-themed cable cars to look forward to this year. Go full Ash Ketchum and friends by picking your fave character in pouch form. The rubber bags capacious enough to fit a variety of items for a quick trip out like AirPods and EZ-Link cards. They’d make for fun gifts for any kiddos in the fam too.

Get the Pokémon Crossbody Pouch on Shopee.

Cute & cheap bags on Shopee

If there’s anything we’ve learnt today, it’s that shopping is always the answer a little bit of research goes a long way. It can save you 5 hours in line, for one. For those looking for more options, there are plenty more designs you can find online if you’re willing to go above $10. Happy searching and you can thank us later!

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Cover image adapted from: Shopee
This article was co-written by Kezia Tan and Ra Krishnan.

Kezia Tan

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