The recent news that S’pore Smart Taxi operating license will not be renewed upon expiry triggered my thoughts on the issue of transportation in our dear city state…is there any way we can make transportation more vibrant ? With the COEs hitting and hovering at ridiculous levels, relatively frequent disruption on the long ago 99% reliable MRT…do we need a rethink on the whole commuting issue ?

The mantra of “think out of the box” have always been a buzzword thrown about freely to encourage solutions and innovation from the top down…but I have a feeling that the options are limited at best, bearing in mind the trade-offs. Building more highways, adding more lanes? moderating car usage through mileage-based GPS system? Free rides on MRT on off peak?….whatever direction you move involves opportunity costs and possibly negative repercussion. In this cacophony of commuting maelstrom…somehow, I feel copying other city transport mode might be an option. And in this instance, my spotlight turned on Bangkok’s iconic tuk-tuk… Perhaps a Singapore-styled high-tech futuristic electric tuk tuk (we can label as eSkip? sort of skipping here and there, figuratively) catering to short-mid distance might take the strain off the dearth of taxi during peak hours (the taxi uncles can “la kopi” a bit longer if they so choose).

But until such time another head-turning and workable solution can be found… I like to share some pics of the “endearing” tuk-tuks in Bangkok… a people commute I always find somewhat “smart” (of course the pollutive engines are a concern) and which I always love taking pictures of… come share my journey (^__^)//



A tuk tuk zipping by with a less than light passenger along Prathunam…



Don’t you just love the colours ?…..



Tuk tuk drivers waiting to pick up passengers…. at Prathunam..



Tuk Tuk zipping by in front Baiyoke Sky hotel…. no speed camera along this street of road…



Tuk tuk shot with my camera miniature mode…cute ya ? in front of Platinum Fashion Mall…



A ride in tuk tuk is an exciting affair… the wind in your hair…the sound, the buzz….



Yes… an exciting ride in a street “roller-coaster”… add a certain vibe to any tourists memories



Tuk Tuk… people mover…..moving people….. answers to a congested city….



Have a break…have a tuk tuk break….


I hope the pictures appeal to my dear readers… have a great journey……Let’s moooove on…
Thanks for coming onboard…(^_____^)//