TrulyDolls Catxperience Lets You Play With Ragdolls & Live Out Your Purrfect Cat Lady Dreams

TrulyDolls Catxperience

Cat lovers can agree – who needs therapy when you can spend your time amongst furry four-legged friends? Or more specifically, ragdoll kitties. Whether you’re taking the next step to becoming a pawrent or simply a cat lover, Trulydolls Catxperience lets you spend your weekends playing and socialising with adorable ragdolls. 

Bask in the company of furry ragdolls

We know, we know – it’s hard not to fall in love with these fluffy felines. A 10-minute walk from Outram Park MRT, Trulydolls Catxperience has opened its doors for cat fiends to interact and spend time with its ragdolls

Walk up the steps to level 2 and you’ll enter the ragdoll wonderland. The place has been decked out in Pinterest-worthy furniture, peppered with portraits of the kitties that will put your NRIC photo to shame. 

You’ll notice that playtime isn’t just limited to a couple of toy mice. Choices are aplenty as there are a tonne of teaser toys such as crinkle balls, feather toy wands, laser pointers, and stuffed animals – the list goes on. The cats don’t have favourites here so any toy will make them go bananas, as long as they’re in the mood. 

There are also several cat condos for the kitties to chill in – AKA the perfect time to snap pictures of a snoozing cutie. 

Heck, I’ll say it – these cats have it better than I do. Stacked up high is a mountain of kitty clothes that they can change into. From a tropical Hawaiian shirt to a dainty rainbow collar, these furry friends are set to walk a runway show. 

Basic house rules to adhere to. 

While no human food consumption is allowed at the place, you can purchase pet treats ($2/bag) to feed the cats. These are raw freeze-dried bites from Instinct, so you can rest easy knowing that you’re handing out quality feed to the cats. 

You can also kope some kitty-themed mementos to remember your time here. Get a postcard ($1 each) to hang on your fridge, stickers ($2 each) to adorn your laptop or a notebook ($10 each) for journaling. 

Families with little ones are welcome to visit too, so kiddos can interact with the cats. Should you have any burning questions about ragdolls, feel free to clarify them with the owners of the place as they are always around during opening hours. The Trulydolls Instagram page also has informative highlights that share important cat care tips. 

Visit TrulyDolls Catxperience at Kampong Bahru

Get your feline fix and spend an afternoon petting a purring kitty. You can opt for the $28/hour package where you’ll be given a free iced drink. Or, go for the $38/hour package and get a free iced drink and dessert from Dolç Patisserie – note that the dessert is take-away only. 

To book an appointment for the Trulydolls Catxperience, simply drop an Instagram DM for your preferred date and time. As appointments are granted based on Trulydolls’ availability, it’s best to schedule an appointment at least 1 week in advance to avoid disappointment. 

Book an appointment with Trulydolls Catxperience

73B Kampong Bahru Road, Level 2, Singapore 169374 (beside Cheers)
Opening hours: Sat-Sun 12pm-7pm (Closed on Weekdays)
Contact: 8831 2896 | Trulydolls Instagram 

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Photography by Ian Sim.

Joycelyn Yeow

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