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Cooking Sustainable Seafood with ToTT


Ever wondered where the fish, crabs or yummy lobsters come from before they land up on our fine dinner platters and bottomless tummies? If you didn’t, it’s time you should.

Singaporeans LOVE seafood and consume an average of 140 million kg of it EVERY YEAR – and here’s the shocking bit, marine fish stocks are predicted to collapse by 2048! I can’t imagine how many of us are going to suffer without our chili crabs and sotong prawns and curry fish!

To raise awareness and celebrate Singapore’s first Sustainable Seafood Festival by WWF Singapore (World Wide Fund for Nature), Christabel and I joined a cooking workshop at ToTT to learn how to pick the right catch and whip up 3 delicious, sustainable recipes!


The Workshop


b2ap3_thumbnail_1.jpgChristabel and I soon got down to serious business with the chops and blenders!b2ap3_thumbnail_2.jpgThe workshop was really fast paced and both of us could barely keep up! Thank goodness for the friendly staff and our blogger friends who lent us a hand, or we would’ve gotten all our recipes mixed up and possibly destroyed!b2ap3_thumbnail_3.jpgAfter an hour of chopping, frying and plating, lunch was served! Chef Lucas Glanville gave us a huge thumbs up for our effort. Even though our Tom Yum Pla turned out too sweet and our Salmon Pastrami a tad dry, we were happy that we managed to serve all the dishes punctually and beautifully!

Most importantly, we felt good about eating a home-cooked meal that had been fished and farmed responsibly without harming our marine ecosystems – cheerios to that!


Our Sustainable Seafood Special



If our food is making your mouth water and tummy growl, definitely check out the establishments that are running the exclusive “Pick The Right Catch” promotions during WWF Singapore’s inaugural Sustainable Seafood Festival, which runs until 15 June 2014!

Do your part too by making the right choices when buying seafood or dining out, and to encourage the consumption of sustainable seafood in order to safeguard our fisheries and other marine life for future generations.


Getting to ToTT


Address: 896 Dunearn Rd, 589472

ToTT is a one-stop shop for kitchen lovers across Singapore, with its own bistro and world-class kitchenware store. They offer cooking classes, kitchen supplies, and events hosting.

This post is part of TSL’s community initiative, which raises awareness pro bono for notable causes.

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