New TOKYU HANDS store at PLQ Mall 

TOKYU HANDS PLQ Mall Cover Image

Japanese stationery can easily be in a league of its own. Not only do they have a rep of being cute and pretty, they’re also some of the most functional in the world – just think of the revolutionary stapleless staplers that originated in Japan. 

TOKYU HANDS has just opened its newest store at Payar Lebar Quarter (PLQ) Mall, so stationery-lovers have a new Japanese outlet to find quirky items to beautify that desk. Here’s what you can look forward to: 

Shop a huge collection of stationery 

TOKYU HANDS PLQ Mall Stationery

The line-up of stationery goods in their PLQ Mall outlet is massive, but other than stationery, you can also find some cooking appliances, stylish backpacks and functional Japanese inventions like dust mite traps.

TOKYU HANDS PLQ Mall Design Your Everything

Be sure to check out their collection of washi tape that comes in countless patterns, colours and sizes. They are ideal for scrapbooking, journaling and for adding fun designs to your notebooks. Avid washi tape collectors can even get little boxes for organising and displaying them.

TOKYU HANDS PLQ Mall Sarasa Gel Pens

For those who love coloured pens, the outlet has Sarasa gel pens that can be customised – just  choose a pen “vessel” and fill it with multiple gel ink cartridges in your preferred colours. 

Free pen engraving for personalised gifts

TOKYU HANDS PLQ Mall Pen Engraving

It can be easy to run out of ideas and budget when there are so many celebrations and anniversaries in a year. With the free pen engraving service*, you can take things to a grander scale with the addition of a simple personalised gesture. 

TOKYU HANDS PLQ Mall Pen Engraving

The store staff will even ask if the user of the pen is right or left-handed, just so they can engrave the name in the correct direction. 

*For limited items only. 

Handmade bonsai replicas imported from Japan

TOKYU HANDS PLQ Mall Handmade Bonsai

Home decor items aren’t left out of the equation at this store. For those who want to spruce up their spaces with a zen element, you can find handmade bonsai replicas shipped from Japan. Since you don’t have to water them, all they require is an occasional dusting. 

TOKYU HANDS PLQ Mall Handmade Japanese Bonsai

Facial masks from Japan

With rice-fermented liquid as the main ingredient, the Keana Rice face mask is ideal for individuals with dry skin. Key ingredients like rice bran extract and rice bran liquid have antioxidant properties that will soothe and hydrate your skin while minimising pores. 

TOKYU HANDS PLQ Mall Keana Rice Face mask
Keana Rice face masks are sold in packs of 10 at $14.30/pack 

TOKYU HANDS PLQ Mall Japanese Facial masks
You can find a wide variety of Japanese facial masks while you’re here

Decorative stickers and nanoblock figurines

It’s not merely stationery you can find at this store – there are snippets of other Japanese merchandise here as well. At the Japapop section, you can find nanoblock figurines and decorative stickers from Japan. 

TOKYU HANDS PLQ Mall Nanoblock

Nanoblocks are similar to Lego except that they are way tinier, presenting a higher level of challenge for hobbyists. You’ll be able to find characters from Japanese anime series like Evangelion as well as animals, buildings, and even local icons like the Merlion and Marina Bay Sands. 

TOKYU HANDS PLQ Mall Nanoblock Asakusa Display Model
Display model of the Kaminarimon gate in Asakusa, Tokyo. 

TOKYU HANDS PLQ Mall B SIDE Label Stickers

They have a vast selection of B-SIDE LABEL stickers available in-store, with designs that range from cute Shiba Inu dog cartoons, to flocks of adorable penguins and anime characters. The stickers are waterproof and coated with a UV protective covering so they won’t peel off or fade easily. 

TOKYU HANDS PLQ Mall B SIDE Label Stickers
B-SIDE LABEL stickers can be used to decorate everyday items like luggage, laptops and notebooks, to name a few. 

Get a free Singapore-edition tote bag at PLQ Mall 

Opening specials are in store for new visitors – get a free tote bag when you spend a minimum of $40 in a single receipt* while stocks last. Perfect for midday lunch trips from the office or for a quick grocery run – this tote comes in five different colours: red, blue, green, lime and canvas. 

TOKYU HANDS PLQ Mall Singapore edition tote bag

There are limited pieces of the Singapore-edition tote bag for redemption and they’re only available at the PLQ Mall outlet, so head down quickly to get your hands on one. 

Get unique Japanese products at the newest TOKYU HANDS store 


If you’re the type who can’t keep away from glorious rows of coloured pens, neatly stacked stationery and crisp new notebooks, the new TOKYU HANDS has ought to keep you busy during your visit. 

The store has just opened, and you can get your hands on some Japanese products like nanoblocks, bonsais and face masks. It’s located at PLQ Mall, a new shopping mall that’s just a 5-minute walk from Paya Lebar MRT. 

So head on over if you’re a stationery addict, or if you’re a fan of Japanese culture and you’ll be well-sorted here.


Find out more about the new TOKYU HANDS Store at PLQ Mall here 


TOKYU HANDS Paya Lebar store
Address: #B1-11/12 PLQ Mall  10, Paya Lebar Road Singapore 409057
Opening hours: 10AM – 10PM, Daily

This post was brought to you by TOKYU HANDS Singapore.
Photography by Heng Wei Shin.