A Doraemon Exhibit Is Opening On 5th Nov 2022 With Original Manga Sketches & Dorayaki Cafe

The Doraemon Exhibition

Before Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol came to rule, 90s kids had another cartoon critter: a beloved blue cat-robot named Doraemon. From his goofy purr-sonality to his 4th-dimensional pocket, we all wished for a pudgy feline friend like Doraemon in our lives. 

Well, from 5th November 2022 to 5th February 2023, consider your childhood wish granted as Doraemon will be docking once again at the National Museum of Singapore. However, this rounds’ Doraemon Exhibition is a step up from 2020’s Doraemon statue showcase that also took place here. Read on to find out what to expect:

Original manga sketches of Doraemon

Manga Doraemon Original Drawings Exhibition ©Fujiko-Pro

Did you know that Doraemon had ears? Or that he’s a time-travelling bot from 2112? If you need a refresher on Doraemon lore, nothing beats getting the facts straight from the source. 

Manga Doraemon Original Drawings Exhibition ©Fujiko-Pro

Hiroshi Fujimoto, better known as “Fujiko F Fujio”, was a real industry GOAT who created and published over 50,000 copies of the Doraemon manga. Be among the first in the world to glean through OG Doraemon sketches from his desk – which will also be replicated for display, thanks to the Fujiko F Fujio museum.

Manga Doraemon Original Drawings Exhibition ©Fujiko-Pro

Here at the MANGA DORAEMON Original Drawings Exhibition on Level 1, visitors can learn about the history of Doraemon and chart the creative process behind these celebrated mangas. Look out also for your favourite characters from the series, who will each have a dedicated section in this exhibit.

Manga Doraemon Original Drawings Exhibition ©Fujiko-Pro

Most chapters follow a formulaic sequence, where 5th grader Nobita gets into trouble and needs Doraemon to bail him out with an inventive contraption. In the end, Nobita learns that these gadgets and gizmos are only an aid and not an answer to his problems, which are instead rooted in his flawed character. Pretty deep for a children’s comic. 

Doraemon in 28 unique art styles

Takashi Murakami, Wouldn’t It Be Nice If We Could Do Such a Thing, 2017, The Doraemon Exhibit Singapore 2022 ©Fujiko-Pro

We’ve all grown up knowing and loving Fujio’s Doraemon – and so have many of today’s leading contemporary artists. Check out how they remember the cartoon cat, in their own original art styles and interpretations at the Gallery Theatre and Exhibition Gallery in the Basement. 

Yoshitomo Nara, Doramichan’s ribbon was taken by GIAN, 2002, The Doraemon Exhibit Singapore 2022 ©Fujiko-Pro

The Exhibition Gallery features 18 unique variations of Doraemon, including canvases from popular Japanese artists such as Takashi Murakami and Yoshimoto Nara. Next door at the Gallery Theatre, you’ll find artworks paying tribute to classic Doraemon movies, like Nobita’s Great Adventure into the Underworld and Nobita and the Kingdom of Clouds. 

Sebastian Masuda, Final Weapon, 2017, The Doraemon Exhibit Singapore 2022 ©Fujiko-Pro

Look out for a 2m-tall pink Doraemon clad in cotton and kids’ toys. Artist Sebastian Masuda claims that it’s a reference to the film Nobita‘s Dorabian Nights, and the tongue out is a playful touch.

Jahan Loh, Intergalactic Voyagers & Teleportation Art: Series 1 & 2, 2022, The Doraemon Exhibit Singapore 2022 ©Fujiko-Pro

Repping Singapore, there are several sprawling displays by local artists Jahan Loh and Leslie Kee over at The Canyon. Pose next to Jahan’s giant 3-eyed Doraemon sculpture, called Intergalactic Voyagers, which he describes as “a futuristic artefact, dug up from the past”. 

P.S. There’s a bonus photo op on the 2nd floor, where you’ll find Doraemon’s iconic pink Anywhere Door.

Singapore-only Doraemon merch & a Dorayaki cafe

The Doraemon Exhibit Singapore 2022 ©Fujiko-Pro

Afterwards, fill up on Doraemon’s favourite red bean pancakes, or Dorayaki, at the themed cafe in the Basement. The chefs were even specially flown in from one of Japan’s most established confectionery shops, Toraya – so rest assured that they’re of top Doraemon-approved quality. 

The Doraemon Exhibit Singapore 2022 ©Fujiko-Pro

If you’re a sucker for nostalgia, or just anything limited-edition, you’ll also want to make a pitstop at the Doraemon pop-up store to cop some exclusive Singapore-only Doraemon merch. These include Doraemon collectibles and collabs from the exhibition, in the form of tote bags, mugs and t-shirts. 

Visit the Doraemon Exhibition this November

Kayo Ume, Photo of Doraemon at my house, 2017, The Doraemon Exhibition Singapore 2022 ©Fujiko-Pro

While we’re certainly short on robo-cats with magic pouches in real life, we’ve still got a great childhood to thank Doraemon for. Come down to The Doraemon Exhibition for a trip down memory lane, from 5th November 2022 – 5th February 2023

See you there!

Get tickets to The Doraemon Exhibition


Admission: $30/adult | $25/student | Free for children
Date: 5th November 2022 – 5th February 2023

Address: 93 Stamford Road, Singapore 178897
Opening hours: 10am-7pm, Daily
Contact: 6332 3659 | National Museum of Singapore website

This post was done in collaboration with the National Museum of Singapore. However, all opinions are ours.
Photography by Poh Jin Ron.

Event Information
The Doraemon Exhibition
National Museum of Singapore
05 Nov 2022 - 05 Feb 2023
10:00 am - 7:00 pm
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