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9 Easy Home Workout Routines For Beginners To Lose Belly Fat, Train Abs & Tone Arms

Easy home workout routines

Home workout routines

Work from home arrangements have meant many things for us office workers. There have been absolutely amazing perks like getting an extra 1h of sleep in the mornings, but also dreary downsides like being stuck at home for entire days on end. 1,000 steps are now hard to reach, much less the recommended 10,000.

Now for all those feeling like a lazy bum, here are 9 easy workouts you can try, to get your body back in shape. They require no equipment at all so there’s no need to leave the safe sanctuary of your home to venture to a gym. Pick a couple of these to do every day and you’ll be walking out of your home looking and feeling healthier than before.

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1. For flab-free upper arms – 10-min arms

As much as we wish typing on our keyboards would get us those shapely arms, that isn’t the case. What might help get rid of unwanted jiggles though, is a 10-minute arm workout that you can easily fit into your morning or evening.

Video credit: Chloe Ting

The 40-second interval exercises in this arm workout tutorial by Chloe Ting includes pulses, wall push-ups and arm squeezes are bound to make you feel the burn in minutes. If your muscles start to feel a little too tight, link your fingers together behind your back and lift your arms as high as possible for a good stretch before continuing.

Pro-tip: Play your favourite workout playlist over this video to spice things up.

Targets: arms, back, chest

2. For getting rid of food baby – 10-min lower abs

As those of us who’ve tried working it off might know, getting rid of a semi-permanent food baby is a tough challenge. Instead of your usual ab routine, get a more targeted workout with tutorials that focus on the lower ab, where that little pouch tends to sit. 

Video credit: Chloe Ting

Lower abs workouts often require lots of floor work, so make sure to lay out an exercise or yoga mat if you have one. Alternatively, place a folded cloth under your tailbone for some cushioning.

Targets: lower abs, thighs, obliques 

3. For washboard abs – 10-min 6-pack abs

As 2020 drones on, our new year resolutions often start to dissipate and goals of having washboard abs might be giving way to alluring treats like keb-abs. For a new source of motivation that’ll stick, check out the highly effective 10-minute ab workout by XHIT. 

Video credit: XHIT Daily

The workout feels shorter than it actually is with 10 different workouts lasting 30 seconds each. The routine is also repeated twice so it makes it easy for first timers to fall into rhythm. Do this for 14 days while eating clean, and your abs should start to take shape.

Pro-tip: Once you are familiar with the exercises, you can play just the audio to avoid having to strain your neck to glance at the screen time and again.

Targets: upper abs, lower abs and obliques

4. For that sexy back – 10-min back workout

Video credit: Holly Dolke

Justin Timberlake said to bring SexyBack, so let’s. A great compliment to arm workouts such as #1, this 10-minute back workout by Holly Dolke will complete your journey to a toned upper body. If you’ve been slouching over your desk for months on end, these exercises will help to improve your posture as well.

Targets: upper and lower back, arms

5. For rapid fat-burning – 6-min abs and HIIT

Video credit: Bowflex

Fellow procrastinators might relate to this: the longer an activity takes, the more likely it is for you to procrastinate your way out of it. Enter this 6-minute ab and HIIT workout. Short, sweet and easy to fit into any part of the day, this will be your best bet for a sustainable workout you can adopt for the long run.

Pro-tip: This is also a good tutorial to warm your body up before trying the others in this list.

Targets: abs, arms, thighs

6. For a quick booty lift  – 5-min booty workout

Video credit: Bailey Brown

You might be lying down on your back throughout this booty workout tutorial by Bailey Brown, but it is in no way similar to lying down for a nap. Midway through, your glutes will definitely start to feel the burn but that just means you’re on your way to having that peachy booty.

Targets: glutes, inner thighs

7. For toned thighs – 3-min Ed Sheeran leg workout

Video credit: Pamela Reif

This 3-minute leg workout is perfect for days where you’re short on time, or are really just not feeling up for an intensive session. You’ll feel more like you’re dancing, rather than grinding it out with the movements that were specially curated to match the beats of Ed Sheeran’s South of the Border hit.

Targets: thighs, cardio

8. For legs for days – 15-min thigh burning workout

Video credit: Emi Wong

Expect an exciting and dynamic exercise with Emi Wong’s thigh workout which comprises 15 different exercises lasting 45 seconds each. On top of giving your body the opportunity to do a variety of movements, the constant switch in exercises also helps keep the mind off the muscle burns down your thighs.

Targets: inner thighs, glutes

9. For a full-body workout – 15min fat-burning HIIT

Running is a fantastic way to get your cardio done but it does get repetitive after a while. Switch that out for a 15-minute fat-burning HIIT session by Natacha Océane once in a while for an alternative that’ll get you heart pumping just as much, if not more.

Video credit: Natacha Oceane

While the steps in here are pretty easy to follow, it does get tiring. If you can’t finish the routine on the first try, keep working on it and eventually, you’ll be able to work up to the full thing!

Targets: full body

Home workout routines to try

On top of keeping yourself healthy and looking like a toned fitspo, exercising also keeps your immune system running strong. So while you might be confined to your home, set aside a bit of time and keep your body well in shape with these easy, no equipment home workout routines.

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