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9 Free Online Yoga Classes In Singapore – Live Streams To Keep You Flexible Till Studios Reopen

Free online yoga classes in Singapore

Free Online Yoga Classes
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Gyms and studios have been closed for the past couple of months, and there seems to be a while more to go before group exercise sessions are safe to resume. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi suffering major withdrawals or a complete beginner seeking new ways to make the most of your stay-home time, here are 9 free online yoga classes in Singapore

Whip out your yoga mat and a device on which to watch these live streams and videos, and your house instantly transforms into a makeshift studio.

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1. Lab Studios – barre yoga live streams via Decathlon

Image credit: @barrelab._

 Those in the local yoga loop would be familiar with Lab Studios, the parent company of Yoga Lab and Barre Lab. In partnership with Decathlon, they will be teaching not only regular yoga classes but YoBarre as well, a unique combination of yoga and barre which gives your entire body a serious workout. 

You may be wondering how you can execute barre moves at home without studio equipment, but the concept of YoBarre goes beyond holding onto the barre. This unique form of exercise essentially borrows movements from ballet dance, meaning you’ll be trained in the grace, elegance, and wicked thigh strength à la Swan Lake with just a yoga mat.

Watch Lab Studio’s free online yoga classes via Decathlon.

2. Fitness First – Facebook live streams and video playlists

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Fitness First

As one of the leading gym franchises in Singapore with close to 20 clubs, Fitness First is continuing to bring its yoga classes to viewers online – whether or not you have gym membership.

Sessions are first conducted through Facebook live streams then uploaded to video playlists. While the latter suits people who prefer squeezing in a session whenever their schedule allows, live streams have an added degree of immersion and camaraderie as you get to partake in real-time interactions with the instructor and other viewers, via the comment section.

Watch Fitness First’s free online yoga classes.

3. Lululemon SG – live streams hosted by renowned guest trainers

Image credit: @lululemonsg

Lululemon is practically synonymous with the fitspo lifestyle, attested to by the legions of yogis who swear by their branded activewear. Their Singapore IG is home to regular live streams of externally-hosted yoga sessions, which are then uploaded onto their IGTV so you can follow along at your own time.

The roster of guest trainers include local yoga studio owners, certified instructors and movement coaches with a tonne of experience under their belt.

Watch Lululemon Singapore’s free online yoga classes.

4. Pure Yoga – live streams of different yoga styles and difficulties

Image adapted from: @pureyogasingapore

If variety is what you’re after, Pure Yoga has an extensive selection of both live streams and IGTV videos. They’ve taken care to provide something for all ability levels, whether you can barely touch your toes or are so pro that you could do the Crow Pose in your sleep.

Classes are also available across different yoga disciplines, including Hatha which focuses more on slow and steady movement techniques with pauses between poses, and Vinyasa which focuses on seamless transitioning of movements in coordination with breath control.

Watch Pure Yoga’s free online yoga classes.

5. True Yoga – IGTV videos for targeted yoga exercises

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Under the True Fitness gym franchise, True Yoga uploads regular instructional videos on their IGTV. Don’t fret about committing to a paid package, as the videos are available for public viewing even for non-gym members.

On top of general stretching guides, there are also videos dedicated to soothing certain body parts which may be hindered by aches and joint mobility issues. Taking full advantage of household items in place of studio equipment, True Yoga introduces yoga moves assisted by walls and chairs.

Watch True Yoga’s free online yoga classes.

6. Platinum Yoga – daily live streams at different timings

Image credit: @platinumyoga

Insta-worthy studios are all the rage, but Platinum Yoga’s 6 facilities across Singapore demonstrate their no-frills stance towards promoting the age-old art of yoga. For students who prioritise straightforward teachings over vibes and aesthetics, the experienced instructors continue to host classes through live streams every single day.

Instead of sticking to a fixed time slot, which renders a significant chunk of interested students unable to participate due to conflicting schedules, they stagger their classes daily ranging from early morning rejuvenation all the way to evening wind-downs. 

Watch Platinum Yoga’s free online yoga classes.

7. Real Yoga – simple stretches and slimming yoga playlists

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Avid yogis place emphasis on becoming more nimble over time, able to execute complicated moves requiring a great deal of strength and balance. More casual practitioners may just be looking for a low-impact form of exercise to get the blood flowing, and Real Yoga has simple stretching guides to get the ball rolling.

If you want to offset some weight gain from all the home cooking experiments and food deliveries throughout Circuit Breaker, they’ve also got slimming yoga classes which aim to tone you up and burn calories without the monotony of running laps.

Watch Real Yoga’s free online yoga classes.

8. Singapore Sports Hub – short classes for a quick stretch

Image adapted from: ELXR

Hosted on ELXR, a homegrown sports-tech company, Singapore Sports Hub creates short yoga instructional videos spanning about 15 minutes each. These quick sessions are perfect to get the blood flowing in the morning before you work from home, or even during your lunch break so you can beat the midday slump.

These videos are part of a local initiative encouraging short but impactful periods of physical activity every day of the week. So while Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays are for new yoga uploads, there’ll also be tutorials on other days for cardio, dance and bootcamp workouts. 

Watch Singapore Sports Hub’s free online yoga classes.

9. Jyan Yoga – free IG Live classes with option to donate

Image credit: @jyanyogastudio

With the temporary closure of their sleek white studio looking straight out of Tumblr, the young team behind Jyan Yoga are bringing classes online to fight withdrawals. Although there is a packed timetable of paid sessions conducted over Zoom, they have also generously offered occasional IG Live classes completely free of charge.

During this period of economic uncertainty where businesses are shuttering left, right, and center, it’s worth pitching in to donate within your means. If you enjoyed your free session, consider lending them a hand to help keep their practice afloat. 

Watch Jyan Yoga’s free online yoga classes.

Free yoga live streams and video classes

Yoga boasts a slew of benefits, from increased blood circulation and flexibility to a soothed state of mind. Because it’s a chill form of exercise, it’s also great for preventing couch potato status without involving hardcore burpees and knee-highs.

At a time where both physical and mental health are more highly prioritised than ever before, give your body a good stretch and your mind some TLC. You can tailor your yoga sessions to your schedule, enjoying them free of charge in the safety of your own home.

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