About The Singapore Resort and Spa Sentosa


Neatly tucked away on Sentosa Island, The Singapore Resort and Spa offers a tranquil and quiet getaway amidst lush tropical greenery. This 5-star hotel is also set high atop a cliff, offering breathtaking views of the the South China Sea.



Chef Alyn Williams


It’s signature restaurant, The Cliff, brings to Singapore Michelin-Starred Chef Alyn Williams – only for this weekend. Chef Williams hails all the way from London and had undergone years of training under world famous chefs such as Gordon Ramsay and Marcus Wareing.

He then opened his eponymous restaurant, Alyn Williams at The Westbury, in 2011. He was also awarded the prestigious title of UK’s Best Chef of the Year in 2012.


Chef Williams brings to us a straightforward cuisine with a contemporary Asian touch, whilst only using only the best seasonal ingredients. The 6-Course Dinner offers his signature Foie Gras Semifreddo with Lemon Curd, Hazelnut and Coffee, as well as the Barbecued Welsh Lamb Shoulder with Dukka, Smoked Aubergine and Tzatziki, which boasts a strong Middle-Eastern influence.


The Food


Our first course was a trio of canapés. Simple and light yet infused with flavour, the canapés set a good tone for the rest of the meal. I especially enjoyed the Blue Cheese Gougers, which didn’t come off too strong with the cheese taste that can be quite overwhelming for some. The Squid Ink Crackers with Tom Yam Mayo and Coriander had a very Asian feel to it, and was simple yet delicious. The Tuna Tarte with Gazpacho Gel and Sesame Toast was a very unique combination of flavours.


Next, we had the Seared Scallop and Prawns with Watermelon, dressed with Spiced Almonds and Caviar. The ingredients were extremely fresh, and although the sound of Prawns and Watermelon together may sound quite dubious, it was actually very refreshing!


Our third course was a Pea Velouté, Confit Egg and Preserved Truffle, together with Frozen Goat Cheese and Gnocchi. For those who do not know, Pea Velouté is a traditional French sauce which is thick and also very healthy!

This dish was rather rich because of the Goat Cheese and Gnocchi, but the flavours were very unique and the Velouté was very tasty. The picture below shows the dish before the Pea Velouté was carefully added in by the friendly waiting staff. 


Up next was Chef’s Williams’ speciality, his Foie Gras Semifreddo with Lemon Curd, Hazelnut and Coffee. Unlike normal pan-seared Foie Gras, Chef Williams adopts a technique of semi-freezing his Foie Gras, and which gives a soft block of Foie Gras that comes with a thick and smooth velvety texture. 


I loved the Red Snapper with Miso Glaze, Seaweed Butter and Beach Vegetables. Although the fish meat wasn’t as soft and didn’t fall off nicely as I hoped it would, the delightful taste of the Miso Glaze together with the slightly salted Beach Vegetables (basically just seaweed) was more than good enough for me. 


Next we had the Barbequed Young Lamb Loin & Shoulder, with Dukka Smoked Aubergine and Tzatziki. The lamb loin and shoulder were both soft, tender and not so chewy which was how I like it, but I didn’t really fancy the Smoked Aubergine and Tzatziki dip. I must say that it has quite an acquired taste with a rather strong Indian or Middle Eastern influence. 


My absolute favourite was the Caramelized White Chocolate Panna Cotta with Honeycomb and Passion Fruit, which we had for desserts and our final course. The Honeycomb and Passion Fruit made it the perfect mixture of sweet and sour while the smooth Panna Cotta at the bottom topped it all of extremely well altogether.





Although the price of this set dinner may be a little steep, the romantic and tranquil dining ambience that The Cliff offers as well as the wonderful service of hotel staff more than makes up for it.

Furthermore, it is not often that you get the opportunity to try such delectable and delicately prepared food from a Michelin-Starred Chef flown in from halfway across the globe! 


Price: S$188++ per person with a glass of Champagne. Enjoy unlimited servings of wine at an additional S$55++
Address: 2 Bukit Manis Road, Sentosa, Singapore 099891
Reservations: 6275 0331

Chef  Alyn Williams will be preparing the 6-Course dinner at The Cliff on Friday and Saturday night, and will also be preparing the Sunday Champagne Brunch at The Terrace. 

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