11 Lesser-Known Telegram Channels in Singapore To Join For Freebies, Events & Job Offers

Lesser-known Telegram channels

With stickers that are such moods, a multitude of useful channels and bots, as well as life-saving hacks like editing sent messages, Telegram is a gem of a messaging platform. One of its best features, however, is the endless list of assorted Telegram channels that exist for virtually any topic of interest.

While you may have been jio-ed by your friend to join some popular channels already, we have sussed out 11 lesser-known Telegram channels that you don’t want to miss out on. That way, you’ll be sure to wow friends and family with your newfound lobang-finding superpowers – whether for the latest concerts and movies, or the hottest BBT joints. 

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1. SG Tech & Games – promotions and updates on electronics & gadgets

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SG Tech & Games is a must-join for daily updates on sales and launches of games and tech appliances alike. Whether you’re always on the lookout for deals on new titles or are watching out for discounts on gadgets like laptops and smartphones, they’ve got frequent tie-ins with brands like Nintendo, Best Denki and Aftershock for you to snag the best prices.   

We’ve also spotted giveaways for limited edition DOTA merch, along with up to 90% off titles from EpicGames, Nintendo and Ubisoft.

Join SG Tech & Games

2. SG Fitness & Health – fitness discounts and tips

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Don’t mistake this channel for a fitspo interest group, because from discounts on outdoor activities like bicycle rentals to sports apparel like adidas, SG Fitness & Health is also great for nature lovers or those simply trying to lead a healthier lifestyle.

But of course, if you are said fitspo, the channel will give you plenty of opportunities to get a handle on your regime – with gym trial plans and promotions, along with deals on fitness trackers and gadgets. 

Join SG Fitness & Health 

3. SG Parent Things – deals and events to bring your kids to

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Parents with tiny tots will appreciate the barrage of kid-friendly info that SG Parent Things provides, whether it’s sales on children’s apparel or programmes that they can sign their kids up for. Because you only want the best for your kids, it won’t hurt being kiasu by keeping up-to-date with money-saving tip-offs that come almost every day.

Also keep an eye out for other promotions on household essentials like Isetan sales or free hand sanitisers for the taking.

Join SG Parent Things 

4. SG New Movies & Shows – reviews of latest shows in Singapore

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For recommendations on new movies and shows to binge on whether it’s on Netflix or HBO Go, SG New Movies & Shows takes the cake for their succinct bite-sized lists and infographics. 

These updates come once every few days and give you the low-down on new releases for the month, as well as occasional special discounts to help you decide on the best time to hit the big screen.

Join SG New Movies & Shows 

5. SG Concerts – updates on concerts in Singapore

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It’s been a hot minute since we’ve seen our favourite artists live, but if you’re always scouring the internet for virtual concerts or live streams to fill the rave-shaped void in your heart, SG Concerts is the channel for you. 

From local gigs to updates on online concerts by international stars like John Mayer and BTS, you can get all the important deets like the dates and prices at a glance.

Join SG Concerts 

6. SGAskEveryone – participate in and send polls & quizzes

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If you’ve ever caught yourself making sweeping statements defensively like “I bet everybody knows that Clarke Kent is Superman”, put your theories to the test by polling thousands of Singaporeans at SGAskEveryone. It’ll be your first stop whether you’re doing some consumer research for a side hustle, or simply want to prove that spectacles are not a great disguise.

Join SG Ask Everyone 

7. SG Bubble Tea – BBT & drinks openings and discounts

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If there’s one thing Singaporeans can never get enough of, it’s bubble tea. Aside from dishing out deals from popular brands like Liho every few days, SG Bubble Tea also serves up promos on BBT flavoured food items like chips and pancakes for the adventurous, along with more conventional offerings from Starbucks to Old Chang Kee.

Join SG Bubble Tea

8. WerkWerk SG – curated internship and job opportunities

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Changes in our career can be particularly tough, especially if you’re a wide-eyed fresh graduate on your first job search. For a helpful boost to your ongoing job search or to keep an eye out for opportunities, WerkWerkSG offers you roundups of positions across a range of industries.

You can also expect daily updates with career tips and advice, as well as workshops you can sign up for to pick up skills and knowledge. 

Join WerkWerkSG 

9. ix daily – bite-sized international tech news six days a week

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Whether it’s the release of the latest iPhone or a game-changing innovation in space travel, the tech world moves at lightning speed. With IX Daily, you’ll stay in the know with the top headlines of the day compiled for easy reading at a glance.

The channel delivers tech news on familiar big brands like Facebook and Apple, and if a headline piques your interest, the full story is just a click away. 

Join iXDaily 

10. UglyFood Fresh Produce – fresh produce for sustainable living

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It is what’s on the inside that truly matters… and that applies to food too – but fruits and veggies with minor blemishes still often get discarded at supermarkets all around the world. To get your groceries while helping to reduce food wastage, stay tuned to UglyFood Fresh Produce for regular crowd-sourced updates on discounted foodstuffs around Singapore.

Other than fruits and vegetables, there will also be occasional sales for treats like acai and nuts too.

Join UglyFoodFreshProduce

11. Singapore Freebies by Sharetings – give away and snag freebies

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It’s no secret that Singaporeans love free things. With Singapore Freebies by Sharetings, get in on giveaways all around town – whether it’s shoes people have outgrown or their children’s old toys.

You can also use the platform to clear stuff that has been gathering dust at home – your items might just find another loving home and a new lease of life. Of course, all items listed are FOC, but do expect small costs for postage and transport. 

Join Sgfreebie 

Lesser-known Telegram channels

By now, most of us are no strangers to Telegram, and these lesser-known and underrated Telegram channels might just supercharge the humble chat app on your phone. From updates on tech and BBT to the latest lobangs and freebies up for grabs, these channels will ensure you’ll always be in the know about a whole range of topics and interests. 

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Original article published on 14th April 2021. Last updated by Dewi Nurjuwita on 28th June 2022.


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