12 Exciting Outdoor Experiences In & Near Bangkok To Try Besides Melting At Chatuchak Market

Outdoor activities in & near Bangkok

When we think of Bangkok, a couple things come to mind: bustling night markets, plenty of beautiful nature and of course, delicious street food. Best of all, most of the things to eat, see, buy, and do are known to come at affordable prices.

As affordable as things may already be, trip expenses only get cheaper for DBS/POSB Cardmembers. They’ve got a slew of travel discounts that cover every part of your trip, from the flight and hotels to the activities you can do while there. 

If you’re planning a trip to the Thai capital some time soon – but want to have a more outdoorsy adventure off the beaten path – we’ve rounded up 12 outdoor activities in and near Bangkok to try other than melting at Chatuchak Market.

1. Experience nightlife at Chang Chui Plane Night Market

At first glance, Chang Chui Plane Night Market seems like any other night market. That is, until you realise the name is literal – a massive, decommissioned plane sits right in the centre of the market for visitors to marvel at and take pictures with.

Image credit:

Other than its quirky centrepiece, the market is filled with art galleries, restaurants, and creative spaces that are helmed by local designers and artists.

The urban night market sees plenty of abstract art installations displayed on a rotational basis, as well as events like workshops, concerts, and parties. If you’re looking for a unique and artsy night market beyond strolling down rows of typical stalls, this is it.

Find out more about Chang Chui Plane Night Market.

2. Pet alpacas at Alpaca Hill farm

Thais love their animals – just look at all the animal cafes, sanctuaries, and wildlife reserves throughout the country. Alpaca Hill Farm is yet another serene animal haven, offering an interactive, rustic wildlife experience. Here, you don’t just get to see alpacas in the flesh – or should I say fur – you get to pet and feed them too.

Image credit:
Alpaca Hill Thailand

More than alpacas, there are also over 20 other species living on the farm, including capybaras, ducks and goats. All this considered, you might expect tickets to be pretty pricey, but no – they’re priced from just S$11.60 per adult. To get there, you can book a Suan Phueng Private Car Trip (S$108.55) which stops all around Suan Phueng, including the Khao Bin Cave and the farm. 

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Book a ticket for Alpaca Hill Farm.

3. Explore an abandoned building at Sathorn Unique Tower

While many of Bangkok’s skyscrapers today are pristine, modern and seem to extend into the clouds infinitely, Sathorn Unique Tower stands out as an unfinished, industrial skyscraper in the middle of the city. Initially commissioned in the 90s, construction was halted 7 years later during the Asian Financial Crisis, when the building was already 80% complete. 

Image credit:

Now, it’s a dystopian tower that attracts daredevils from far and wide to explore and snap some otherworldly shots. Standing at a staggering 185m, the 49-floor skyscraper towers over the buildings around it. Get to the top and you’ll be treated to an unrivalled panoramic view, for which it is known.

Find Sathorn Unique Tower on Google Maps.

4. Take a bike tour along the alleys of Bangkok

For their unique ability to meander through the streets of Thailand and avoid all the dreaded traffic, tuk-tuks are a popular mode of transportation for travellers and locals alike. If you want a chance to explore Bangkok pedalling a la tuk-tuk drivers, the closest option is to go on a bike tour through the city. 

Image credit:

Go Bangkok Bike Tours offer 5 kinds of tours starting at just S$20.39, including a Chinatown Tour (S$20.39) and Night Tour (S$37.39), each of which will take you through different key landmarks like the Princess Mother Memorial Park and historic Thai temples. There’s even a Bike-Boat combo tour (S$63.99) that includes a ferry ride across the Chao Phraya River. 

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Book a ride through Go Bangkok Bike Tours.

5. Snorkel in Nemo Island’s crystal clear waters

When we think of snorkelling, distant islands like the Maldives and Hawaii come to mind. What many don’t know is that equally beautiful, clear waters lie much closer – on Nemo Island in Pattaya, to be exact. 

Image credit:

Snorkelling on Nemo Island is a 6-hour marine adventure that allows you to swim among the lovable orange clownfish of the same name, sea turtles and other marine wildlife. The guided session comes with free underwater photographs, and includes round-trip transportation to and back from the Island.

Book a Nemo Island snorkelling experience (~S$67.10) through KKday and you’ll get to enjoy the following DBS/POSB Card promos:

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Book your tickets to the Nemo Island snorkelling experience.

6. Wakeboard at Taco Lake

Though we do have wakeboarding at East Coast Park lagoon in Singapore, nothing beats riding the waves on open water. In Bangkok, you’ll find your chance to surf the waves at Taco Lake, Thailand’s first cable wake park.

Image credit:

Much like the tasty Mexican food it shares a name with, a session at Taco Lake comes with all the fixins. All equipment from wakeboards to water skis are included, and sessions can be guided or unguided. Starting at ฿400 (~S$15.99) for a Sunset Surf and ฿600 (~S$23.99) for a Night Ride, the experience is one that adrenaline junkies of all skill levels can enjoy.

Find out more about wakeboarding on Taco Lake.

7. Visit a hidden island in the middle of Bangkok

Most of us may know and love Bangkok for its urban landscape and lively energy, but few know that right in the middle of the populous city lies a hidden island. Bang Krachao island – also known as the Lungs Of Bangkok due to its shape – stands out as a serene, natural space in a sea of urbanisation.

Cycling is a great way to get around the island.
Image credit: @alexandrewbun

Without any skyscrapers, factories or any other sign of industrialisation, the island is a quiet respite from the loud and crowded city, and a breath of fresh air.

On the island, locals get around via motorbike, but short-term visitors get by on bicycles, which can be rented for roughly ฿100 (~S$4) a day. You can even go on a guided tour around the island via Klook for just S$29.99, ensuring you get the most out of the island’s sights without getting lost amidst the trails. Take advantage of these Klook deals for DBS/POSB Cards: 

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Alternatively, DBS/POSB Cardmembers can book a Bang Krachao E-Scooter Tour via Pelago and save 25% off all activity bookings with the promo code <DBSPEL25>. Plus, you can choose to either earn or redeem Krisflyer Miles when booking.

Book a Bang Krachao cycling tour or Bang Krachao e-scooter tour.

8. Fire live rounds at Bangkok Shooting Range

Other than those who have served in the army or have done shooting as a sport, most of us will probably never get the chance to experience firing a live gun. At Bangkok Shooting Range, you’ll have a shot at testing your aim – choose between a rifle and pistol, which you can fire at the 25m shooting range. 

Image credit:

If you’re nervous about handling such a lethal weapon, don’t be – the experienced instructors conduct comprehensive training sessions and safety briefings before each recreational shooting session. For S$65.29, you’ll be able to test your precision skills in a safe and controlled environment, and check “shoot a gun” off your bucket list without the risks of danger.

Note: While the following Klook activity booking is currently unavailable, do stay tuned for updates. You’ll then be able to enjoy Klook promos when booking:

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Find out more about the live firing sessions at Bangkok Shooting Range.

9. Take a 3rd Class train ride

Though they are the least luxurious seats on Thai trains, 3rd Class seats are often the most popular seats among locals and tourists alike for their price and convenience. As the only seating category for which tickets can be booked same-day, 3rd class seats are perfect for travellers who are operating on a more OTOT schedule.

Image credit:

They’re also significantly cheaper than any other class of train ticket, with seats usually starting at around ฿230 (~S$9.20). The only downside is that these cabins typically have no air conditioning or fan, so you’ll need to bring your own portable one if you run hot.

Still, when you consider the price – and the fact that it takes you all around the country from state to state – it’s worth sweating it out. 

Find out more about 3rd Class seats on Thailand Trains.

10. Race around the track on a real Formula One kart

The speed limit on Singapore’s roads may be a mere 50km/h, but on a closed circuit, the sky’s the limit. At Taki Racing, you’ll be able to reach speeds of up to 230km/h on a real Formula One kart. Open to all aged 16 and up, the experience includes everything you need for an exhilarating ride – with the racing suit, helmet, face mask, gloves, and even shoes all provided.

Image credit:
Taki Racing

The only thing to note is that unlike most of the other activities on this list which can be booked same-day or a day in advance, this experience needs to be booked a minimum of 3 weeks before your intended date on the track. 

Find out more on the Taki Racing website.

11. Have an authentic Thai dinner on board a river cruise

If there’s anything Thailand is known for, it’s the food. Hot, sweet, and sour flavours meld together in perfect harmony to create a taste you just can’t get anywhere else. Now, imagine that, but on a boat. 

Image credit:

The Royal Princess Dinner Cruise takes you on an evening voyage through the city on the Chao Phraya river, while you indulge in authentic Thai delicacies. As you admire the Bangkok skyline, there’s even a live band to complete the experience. Tickets start at just S$31.99 per adult.

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Book a trip on the Royal Princess Dinner Cruise.

12. See endangered wildlife at Khao Kheow Open Safari Park

The hustle and bustle of Bangkok can make the city seem like somewhat of a zoo at times. But if you’re interested to see the real wild side of Thailand, Khao Kheow Open Safari Park is a huge wildlife sanctuary just a 1-hour drive from Bangkok.

Image credit:

Covering over 2,000 acres of land, the grounds are home to 8,000 animals. This includes  elephants, deer and giraffes, in addition to endangered species which the wildlife team actively breeds and protects.

Known for their feeding sessions, elephant swim shows and penguin parades, book your tickets via KKday for just S$9.35/pax, and enjoy these DBS/POSB Cardmember deals while you’re at it:

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Book your tickets to Khao Kheow Open Safari Park.

Travel deals and discounts for DBS/POSB Cardmembers

If this list has you wanting to get up and plan an itinerary, but you don’t want to spend above your means, there’s good news for DBS/POSB Cardmembers. With the DBS Traveller Kit, you can enjoy discounts and offers on a plethora of travel partners, such as Agoda, Trip, Klook and Pelago.

Image credit:
Oliver Mallich

Your travel planning will be covered every step of the way, from pre-departure flight and hotel bookings on Agoda and to activity bookings on Klook and Pelago. Even the smallest of details like wifi are taken care of, like discounts on Changi RecommendsChangiWifi router rental so you’ll never miss a text, online call or IG post.

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The full list of over 45 travel deals can be found on the DBS Traveller Kit promo page. For more information on how the handy resource works, check out our DBS Traveller Kit guide.

So, if you’re itching for a vacation after 2 years of being stuck in SG, just go for it – with all the DBS/POSB Card deals and savings available, you’ll be able to afford it and have more to spend on good food, shopping sprees and exciting outdoor adventures.

Find out more about DBS/POSB Card travel deals here

Cover image adapted from: Klook,, Alpaca Hill Thailand, Chang Chui Plane Night Market 

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