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The 12.12 Taobao Year-End Sale is only a day away. If you’re an avid online shopper, chances are you’ve already begun scouring the Chinese shopping site for bargains. A few dozen clicks later, you’re at the checkout page, basket filled and ready to make the purchase. But then you hesitate — what if the items don’t turn out as they look in the pictures? 

nomadx plaza singapura

Enter NomadX — a multi-label concept store in Plaza Singapura (#01-67, #03-65 to 96) that lets you test – yes, test, in person, with your hands – Taobao items. So now, you can know exactly what to expect when the brown parcels arrive at your doorstep. 


NomadX at Plaza Singapura


If you’re FOMO-ing because you didn’t learn about this earlier, know that you didn’t miss much — the store opened only a month ago on 9 November. 

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The 2-storey store houses 18 “e-tailer” (electronic retailer) brands, including Taobao. While the items on display can’t be bought on the spot, you can easily make your order on each brand’s website. For Taobao, you can simply scan the QR code tagged to the item and slide it right into your digital cart.


Taobao store selection


nomadx plaza singapura

From electronic gadgets to clothings to cooking pots, NomadX features an array of Taobao items waiting to be tested and picked for purchase. Let’s start you off with 5. 

Xiaomi Mi 8 (S$475)

xiaomi mi 8 taobao nomadx

With a 960FPS video mode, you might forget you’re looking at a screen

Havit G1 Bluetooth Earphone (S$80)

 taobao havit g1 bluetooth earphone

Untangling wires was so last year

Amiro LED-lighted makeup mirror (S$120)

amiro led makeup mirror taobao

A light setting for every look 

Bear multi-function electric hot pot (S$33)

taobao multi function electric hot pot

With this, anyone can be a good cook

Sofa Bed (S$713)

 taobao sofa bed

Just five more minutes, please!


Giveaways and discounts on 12.12


The good news doesn’t end just yet. On the big day itself, Taobao will be giving away a slew of promo codes. The catch? You’ll have to “hunt” for them. Join the hunt by hopping onto Taobao’s Facebook page on 12 November. The promo codes will be released at 12am, 10am and 2pm. We’re not sure how the hunt works just yet, but it wouldn’t hurt to be ready for the instructions and to fish out those furtive codes. 

taobao qanvast

If the hunt proves unsuccessful, all is not lost. You can still enjoy a 20RMB (S$4) discount for every 200RMB (S$40) spent on Taobao products. Or for those who prefer established brands, you can enjoy a 30RMB (S$6) discount for every 300RMB (S$60) spent on Tmall products


Taobao mobile app bonuses


In addition to the freebies and promo codes, there will also be other perks to make your 12.12 experience even more satisfying. For one, using the Taobao or Taobao Lite mobile app for your purchases will waive transaction fees, which are usually at 3%. And if your items happen to be among a special selection, your shipping fee will be waived too. 

While you’re on the app, you can try using the promo code: TS100, which will give you a 100RMB (S$20) discount on Tmall Signature products for a minimum spending of 500RMB (S$100). We said ‘try’ because the code can only be redeemed a fixed number of times. So don’t be dilly-dallying with your purchases.

Like many apps, referrals are rewarded. Taobao is no exception. You can refer up to 3 friends and win a 50RMB(S$4) “Hong Bao” for each referral. So if there’s anything you should do immediately after reading this article, it’s to stop all those friends from downloading the app before you invite them. 

 taobao singapore

See you on the big day! 

Start your 12.12 shopping at Taobao here!

This post was brought to you by Taobao.

Photography by Yeo Yuanning.