Sydney’s 7 Cafes in the West Worth Visiting


Whilst the inner city suburbs may be renowned for the cafe culture they provide to locals everyday, the western suburbs are developing a considerable reputation for the great eating establishments popping up throughout the region.

From the close pockets of the inner west to the outer reaches of the Sydney metropolitan area, Sydney citizens and food lovers alike have more options than ever when it comes to a cool cafe experience!


1. The Grumpy Barista – Petersham



Not too far out of the CBD, this charming little cafe known as The Grumpy Barista – located conveniently close to Petersham station – is growing in popularity because of its exquisite cronut selection.

Whilst the donut-cum-croissant is available in almost any cafe, The Grumpy Barista was a pioneer in bringing the first and highest quality of these delightful baked goods to the west. With a simple yet mouthwatering array of refreshing breakfast and lunch options, this cafe is a must-visit for lovers of good coffee, good pastries, and good cafes in general. 

Address: 110 Audley St Petersham NSW 2049


2. Paper Plane Cafe – Parramatta




Recently renovated, there are few cafes as cool and modern as Paper Plane. Open for breakfast and lunch, the modern cafe in the heart of the Parramatta CBD attracts a large crowd with its freshly squeezed juices served in kitschy mason jars, cute decor and homely feel.

One of the special touches is the sweet brioche rolls on which burgers and sliders are served – they add a touch of French je ne sais quoi to a delectable beef burger with the lot.

Address: 5/2 Horwood Place Parramatta NSW 2150


3. Barmuda – Newtown



There’s a reason people from all over Sydney flock to Newtown and this cafe is a great example of why. Barmuda is one of the most established and reputable cafes on this list, having perfected the dining experience and setting an example for new cafes for more than 15 years.

When you want a no fuss big breakfast, the standard bacon, eggs, sausage – the whole deal – the “Planet Newtown” at Barmuda is a winner. Located not far from the station and on a quiet side street, Barmuda is great place for family and friends to gather for a hearty feed, or just a light coffee and chat.

Address: 283 Australia Street, Newtown NSW 2042, Australia


4. Brewtown – Newtown



Exposed brick walls. Dim lighting. Minimalist decor. Brewtown Newtown represents the apotheosis of the cool cafe culture emerging in the city’s western suburbs. This inner-west cafe scales back on the frills, and its staff focusses on providing diners with superb service and high-quality unique meals.

Enjoy innovative flavours such a Blood Orange Sherbet cronut, or mix and match with more traditional options –  fresh-squeezed OJ and an Eggs Benedict on brioche, anyone?

Address: 5/2 Horwood Place Parramatta NSW 2150


5. Cafe Circa – Parramatta



Get in early for a lunch sitting, because Cafe Circa is a buzzing little business in the heart of the west. If not for the unique mural marking Circa’s location, you could almost miss the little tucked away oasis.

The Iced Milo with a hint of rose water is a specialty and whilst the menu is minimal, all the options on offer are packed full of unique, earthy flavours. If you’re looking for a meal that’s far from typical in a convenient local area, Circa is hard to pass up. 

Address: 21 Wentworth Street, Parramatta NSW 2150, Australia


6. Cafe Harvest – Bonnyrigg



Venture south-west for a unique dining experience that will satisfy the green thumbs amongst us, or simply those who enjoy a meal with a view. Word is spreading about Cafe Harvest, and for good reason; it represents an important shift of high quality cafes further out west, and overlooks the Bonnyrigg Garden Centre’s beautiful floral arrangements.

Whether you’re stopping by for a simple coffee with friends, or plan to enjoy the wide variety of satisfying all-day breakfast and lunch options, Cafe Harvest is well worth the trip.

Handy hint: You can’t go past the bacon and egg roll; the twist is it’s served with a tomato relish that’s so good, you’ll want to one for the road. 

Address: 656-666 Elizabeth Drive, Bonnyrigg Heights NSW 2177, Australia


7. Dear Delicious – Dulwich Hill



The name says it all: this beautiful little cafe is brimming with flavoursome food, and a chill vibe to boot. Located directly opposite Dulwich Hilll station, its modern exterior makes it hard to miss, and oh so tempting to passers by. Organic, earthy flavours abound in the Dear Delicious menu, as does great coffee served in funky cups you’ll be tempted to take with you.

The real treat here is the variety of baked desserts. You can treat yourself with a delectable cinnamon swirl for that mid-morning pick-me-up, or if you’re really daring, go for the Nutella option. It’s (Dear) delicious!

Address: 245 Wardell Rd Dulwich Hill, NSW 2203


Sydney’s West – the new Surry Hills 



If you thought the inner West had nothing to offer you are seriously mistaken. The coffee culture in the West is not just existent it is also growing. If you fancy a change in environment or happen to be in the area, be sure to check out one of these cafes for an experience you won’t regret.