First Look At Stranger Things The Encounter – An Immersive Experience With Themed Rooms, Merch & Food

Stranger Things – The Encounter-themed rooms

Heads up, fans of Stranger Things – we checked and season 5 of the hit Netflix series is only going to drop in late 2025. Bummer. In the meantime, we’ve got something that’ll at least quell the need for new content. You can join Eleven, Mike, and the rest of the gang at Stranger Things – The Encounter

It’s an immersive experience that’ll be taking place until 1st October 2023 at Bugis+. Throw on your denim jackets, flannel shirts, and scrunchies – here’s what you can expect at the event:

Snap 80s throwback pics at 6 themed rooms

Once you cross the velvet ropes, you’re basically entering 1980s Hawkins, Indiana – the town where Eleven and the gang all live and hang out. There’ll be 6 iconic locations straight from the Netflix show.

1. Palace Arcade

After getting your tickets, pop by the Palace Arcade and browse the merch available. It’s 80s fashion galore here with snapback caps and trendy fanny packs adorned with Stranger Things prints you can purchase.

Keep an eye out for the arcade cabinet present on site. It’s a #throwback opportunity as you can enjoy a quick game of Donkey Kong FOC.

2. Hellfire Club

After the arcade, it’s onto your first Stranger Things set, the Hellfire Club.

Once you step foot in the club, get ready to experience a thrilling game of Dungeons & Dragons. There’ll be a Dungeon Master who will guide you through the experience, unveiling the consequences of each dice roll. Brace yourself for loud noises, haze effects, and intense lighting. Who knows? Perhaps some demogorgons are lurking nearby.

3. Joyce’s House

At Joyce’s House, you’ll get to experience the iconic moment when Will first communicated to his mother through Christmas lights. 

While you’re busy snapping photos at every corner of the living room replica, you might want to pay attention to the flickering lights on the wall. It could be Will’s urgent warning to tell you that he is coming, or perhaps a plea for you to run.

4. The Lab

Upon reaching The Lab, a crucial task awaits you – to become the saviour of Hawkins. Engage in a game that holds the key to closing the rift, preventing the demogorgons from wreaking havoc on the town.

Once you have successfully closed the Mothergate, head over to the CCTV room. You can use the controls on the console to toggle through the recordings – you’ll get to catch glimpses of various scenes straight from the show itself.

5. Upside Down

Yes, we know, it wouldn’t be a complete Stranger Things experience if you don’t get to visit the Upside Down and witness its eerie wonders first hand. 

You might start to feel a little jittery as you walk through the room that’s modelled after the desolate wasteland, with walls covered in alien vines and even a demogorgon or two. But don’t worry, nothing’s going to grab you … for now.

6. Creel House

You may want to prep your favourite jam for this one. The Creel House is here in the flesh. Prepare yourself for an intense showdown as you step into the room, where an encounter with Vecna awaits. 

You’ll bear witness to the haunting remnants of past victims, left stranded among the entangled vines. Be prepared for Vecna to unleash his menacing presence, using fire, loud thundering and flashing lights to strike fear. Ensure you have your entry wristband ready – it’ll serve as a vital tool in your battle against the demon. 

Hunt for digital collectibles to create personalised merch

Before you go all trigger-happy taking a thousand pics for the ‘Gram, make sure you interact with the exhibits. Your entry ticket is a wristband that can help you collect digital memorabilia from the Stranger Things universe – think Eggo waffles and the Hellfire Club logo.

And trust us, it’s worth the extra minutes finding these collectibles. The digital collectibles go towards customising your own avatar, which you can then have printed on a t-shirt ($39.90) or tote bag ($29.90)

Enjoy sundaes & pizzas at the Starcourt Mall

When you’re done exploring Hawkins and the Upside Down, you’ll get a chance to settle rumbly tummies at the Starcourt Mall. And yes, some familiar stalls will be making an appearance.

You could even don on the iconic uniform from Scoops Ahoy.

You’ll find gelato (from $5) and sundaes (from $10) at Scoops Ahoy, where Robin and Steve first discovered the secret Russian base below the mall.

Plus, there’ll be pizzas (from $11) and milkshakes ($10) at Surfer Boy Pizza, where Argyle and Jonathan worked part time in California.

Visit Stranger Things – The Encounter in Singapore

Ticket prices start from $39 for a regular pass and $109 for a VIP pass. The regular pass comes with a $5 voucher when you spend more than $80 on merch at the Starcourt mall. 

It might be worth it for superfans to splurge for the VIP pass, as this gets you a Hellfire Club cap and t-shirt, as well as priority to jump queues with fast track entry.

Stranger Things – The Encounter is here to stay till October 2023. So if you want to immerse yourself fully and be armed with knowledge prior to experiencing it firsthand, you still have plenty of time to binge-watch all 4 seasons on Netflix.

P.S. If you can’t wait to visit the experience, you can have a tour of Hawkins right in our backyard yourself. Check out these Stranger Things places in Singapore.


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Photography by Alvin Wong.
Article co-written by Raewyn Koh & Pat Yuan Teng.

Event Information
Stranger Things - The Encounter
201 Victoria Street,
Level 2 Bugis+,
Sinagpore 188067
30 Jun - 01 Oct 2023

Sun - Sat: 10:00 am - 8:30 pm
Mon - Tue - Wed - Thu - Fri: 2:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Things to note:

Regular pass: $39 (Weekday) | $49 (Weekend)
VIP pass: $109 (Weekday) | $119 (Weekend)


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