South Australian tour itinerary


South Australian tour itineraryImage adapted from:@goingoffsafaris, @saltyclub, and @southaustralia

You’re in dire need of a break but have no idea how to go about planning a holiday in South Australia – you’ve never been there or you just don’t know where to start. But don’t let that stop you from enjoying yourself, since Jetabout Holidays has got several tour packages so you don’t need to delve into the nitty-gritty details.

We’re eyeing the 5D4N Highlights of Adelaide and Port Lincoln Gems of South Island package – return flights, accommodation, and airport transfers all fully settled.


1. Enjoy panoramic views from a stadium rooftop with Adelaide Roofclimb Oval


roof climbImage credit: RoofClimb Adelaide Oval

Those who love living life on the edge will enjoy the adventures offered by Adelaide Roofclimb Oval. After climbing up a height of 50 metres, you’ll get to walk across 6 giant oval-shaped roofs to enjoy panoramic views of the stadium’s football field, the tranquil riverbank, and the lush greenery of Adelaide Hills.

Visitors have the option of climbing up the roof during sunrise, twilight or sunset but the views are gorgeous, no matter the time of day.

Image credit: South Australian Tourism Commission

The hike up is a gradual one though, as visitors will have to trek a total of 12KM through several flights of stairs, outdoor walkways, and a bridge. Get ready for a good workout!

Those who have height-anxieties, fret not ‘cause there aren’t any sudden drops or elevations. You’ll also be given a safety briefing prior to the climb and a customised RoofClimb suit that can complete with a safety harness and anti-skid shoes. At the end of the climb, you’ll also be awarded with a certificate of achievement for braving these heights.

Rooftop climbClimbing may be exhausting but it’s worth it for the breathtaking views
Image credit: South Australian Tourism Commission

The place also offers up photography packages to document your climbing achievements so don’t worry about having to lug a camera along. If you’re feeling hungry after the climb, recharge over a meal at the stadium’s Hill of Grace Restaurant or their Koffee Ink Cafe, which serves up artisanal pastries.


2. Indulge in fresh food at Adelaide Central Market


Adelaide Central MarketImage credit: Jetabout Holidays

Those who find grocery shopping therapeutic will find much joy strolling through the rows of fresh fruits, poultry and artisanal goods at Adelaide Central Market – one of the oldest and biggest markets in the country.  

The market has a long history behind it and has over 100 stores selling fresh seafood like oysters and sea urchins, and tasty bites such as ready-made pancakes and sausages.

sea urchinImage credit: @samtassbrosseafoods

Adelaide Central Market also hosts numerous movie screenings and food masterclasses from 5PM onwards.


3. Interact with wildlife with Australian coastal safaris


Australian coastal safarisThe rugged coastline of Eyre Peninsula 
Image credit: Jetabout Holidays

Those who enjoy being where the wild things are should bookmark Goin’ Off Safaris – tours that range from Nature and Wildlife to Seafood and Wine.

desertDriving through these rough terrains will set hearts racing
Image credit: @valentinecinier

Their Hunt & Gather Seafood Experience has a seafood-centric lineup: snorkelling, hunting for abalone and salmon and even cooking what you caught for lunch. You’ll then be speeding across sand dunes in a 4WD, for a chillout sesh by the beach with a bottle of wine and seafood BBQ.


4. Shuck fresh oysters in the middle of the ocean at Coffin Bay Oyster Farm


Shucking oystersImage credit: @roadtrippersaus

Oysters taste even sweeter when you see how they’re harvested and especially when you get to pick and shuck them yourself. Coffin Bay Oyster Farm is the only place in Australia that offers up behind-the-scenes know-how on how oysters are fed and fattened every day.

shucking oystersThe tour will go through oyster shucking basics
Image credit: Oyster Farm Tours – Coffin Bay

You’ll also be brought to the middle of the ocean where you can pick out oysters fresh from the sea and slurp ‘em straight up. During this hour-long tour, you’ll get to meet the owner of the farm who’ll reveal tricks of the trade – what makes Coffin Bay oysters a standout special.


5. Check out Australia’s largest fishing fleet at Marina Wharf


wharfImage credit: Gorzavel

As Australia’s largest fishing fleet, Marina Wharf comes with unparalleled views of ships docking and sailing off into the horizon. Friendly fishermen are often seen offloading their catch of the day – you’ll also get the chance to stop by and enter one of the port’s biggest vessels to see fresh seafood like bluefin tuna and Hiramasa kingfish.

KingfishKingfish ceviche is served for lunch at the end of the tour
Image credit: @delgiornos

You’ll also be brought on an interactive tour to Fresh Fish Place where you’ll see the entire process – from catching the seafood to being sent out to restaurants. There’ll also be a hands-on session where you can help to slice fish and prepare them for meals.


6. Enjoy a picnic with koalas at Mikkira Station


Mikkira station picnic with koalasImage credit: South Australian Tourism Commission

Mikkira Station was once home to early Australian settlers back in the day, but now, the unoccupied house is one of the last remaining habitats in Australia where koalas, emus and kangaroos can be seen roaming freely in the wild.

The place is filled with eucalyptus trees, where koalas climb and snooze the day away. Animals here are known to be extra friendly and curious so don’t be surprised if they crawl up to you to say hi.


7. Explore local vineyards with an off-road 4WD


Exploring with 4wdImage credit: South Australian Tourism Commission

Just 40 minutes away from the CBD is Fleurieu Peninsula, one of Adelaide’s most scenic spots for activities like wine-tasting, strolling through vineyards, and dolphin and whale watching. In this 1-day tour, you’ll be driving through the McLaren Vale region, Adelaide’s most popular wine spot.

cubeImage credit: South Australia Tourism Commission 

Here, you’ll be introduced to d’Arenberg Cube, Australia’s first family-owned vineyard. This includes a fully immersive 360-degree video room that showcases the entire process of wine-making.

Apart from wine-tasting, you’ll get to see the live process of how wine is manufactured and stored. After all that walking, it’s time to indulge in the vineyards freshest wines paired with delicious meals.

The d’Arenberg Cube has two restaurants – d’Arry’s Verandah Restaurant, and d’Arenberg Cube Restaurant, both of which serve up western cuisine along with various wine-pairing options. As you stroll along the vineyards, you’ll be able to catch the breath-taking views of the Great Southern Ocean and Kangaroo Island.


Fully planned coach tour around South Adelaide with Jetabout Holidays


Rubik cubeImage credit: Jetabout Holidays

Going on a trip is even more relaxing when you don’t have to do any of the planning. In fact, with Jetabout Holidays’ 5D4N Highlights of Adelaide and Port Lincoln Gems of South Island package, you won’t have to worry about where to go or what to do.

Concerned about flight return tickets? Domestic flight transfers? Lunches at Fleurieu Peninsula? Check, check, and check. Starting from just $1585 per person, activities, like shucking oysters in the middle of the ocean and swimming with sea lions, are all part of the plan.

The best part? You wouldn’t need to lift a finger in planning as everything’s already arranged and booked for you. Now, just enjoy meeting the friendly faces and exploring the sunny beaches of South Australia.

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