Singtel Circle – enjoy benefits when you bundle your services


The telco scene in Singapore’s getting a little crowded, so to end the long-standing argument of why “my telco is better than yours”, Singtel has come up with Singtel Circle, that rewards you with free local data every Sunday and an annual handset upgrade for your precious mobile device, with a waiver of early re-contract fees. 

Here’s what Singtel Circle customers can look forward to:


Stream videos on-the-go with free data every Sunday


Singtel Circle Free Data on Sundays

For those of us who always find ourselves rationing our data as we count down to the end of the billing cycle, getting four free days of data a month makes a huge difference.

Feel at ease uploading cheese pulls on Instagram or whipping out Google Maps to find your way to a new restaurant, since you’ll get free local data every Sunday with Singtel Circle. 

With simple math, you’ll find that these 4 “unlimited data” days save you 12.9-14.2% of your monthly data*.

*divide 4 (days) by 28 to 31 (days in a month).


Waive your early re-contract fees every year


Free data won’t make a difference if your phone is busted. If you’re a clumsy fellow who’s always damaging your phone within a year, fast forward the two-year long wait for a new phone and get an annual handset upgrade with early re-contract fees up to $350 waived.


Enjoy monthly mobile plan discounts for your entire family


singtel circle

Start with a primary mobile line and add up to 4 mobile lines. The more you nominate, the more discounts you get!

Families can enjoy a 30% discount on their mobile plans too, if you nominate 4 other family members’ mobile lines to the bundle. Just make sure your family members are registered under the same residential address as you!


Listen to specially curated playlists on Stingray Music for free


 Singtel Circle re-contract fees

Image credit: Stingray

If your preferred music playlists get boring after a while, listen to the specially-curated ones on Stingray Music, for free with Singtel Circle. Mix and match up to three filters from five categories based on your mood, whether “chilling on the back porch”, “yoga/meditation” or “Indie: Pop”. 

Stingray Music has songs from today’s top 40 charts, classics from the 60s, and even niche genres like Canto-pop or Bollywood music. And when the day comes and you’re bored of your regular tunes, their algorithms will even give you smart recommendations based on your listening history and preferences. 


Share or add on data, and record your favourite TV shows all at half-price


  Singtel Circle

For exasperated parents with kids who exceed their data usage, this 50% off MobileShare promotion will save you since you can now “share” extra data with your kids. 

Alternatively, enjoy 50% off DataMore, where you can add on 1 GB of data for as low as $5.35 per month (U.P. from $10.70).

Fighting over the television remote with popo might put you in her bad books. Enjoy 50% off the HD DVR Set-Top Box, which helps you record your celebrity live streams while grandma watches her Hong Kong dramas. 


Singtel Circle – a bundle of benefits when you bundle your services


An example of how you can bundle your services and save your hard-earned cash: 

singtel circle bundle

Instead of forking out more hard-earned cash to purchase each product separately, save up to $68.60/month by bundling your Mobile, Fibre Broadband and TV subscriptions altogether, while unlocking a full circle of benefits. 

Find out more about Singtel Circle here


This post was brought to you by Singtel.

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