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Fellow tattoo junkies, we’ve all been there; spending hours on Instagram’s Explore page, trying not to get some serious ink envy – all while wondering why the tattoo artist of our dreams is a really, really expensive plane ride away.

Turns out, we’ve got an arsenal of amazing young tattoo artists of our own, right here in Singapore. From intricate mandala sleeves to neo-traditional cats in space, here are 10 local artists that’ll leave you itching for some ink.


1. Lee Wai Leng


 fleecircus Portrait Tattoo

Source: @fleecircus

Perfect for: The dreamer

Lee Wai Leng – who goes by her moniker, Fleecircus – may be relatively new to the tattoo scene, but she’s a force to be reckoned with. This full-time commercial illustrator turned tattoo artist specialises in portraits and nature-themed pieces. Delicate strokes and minimal shading add a soft, whimsical flair to her work – truly bringing out the beauty in simplicity.

Fleecircus tattoo illustration

Source: @fleecircus

Check out her Instagram here.

For enquiries:
Location: Traditions Tattoo Collective 
Address: 40A Lorong Mambong, Singapore 277695


2. Jen Tan


Jen Tan of Visual Orgasm Singapore

Source: @jenxtattoos

Perfect for: The artsy one

Reminiscent of hand-drawn doodles straight out of a sketchbook, Jen Tan’s art is full of personality. She began her tattoo career in 2011 with handwritten script and linework, eventually branching out to more illustrative pieces that she’s known for today.

jenxtattoos cat tattoo

Source: @jenxtattoos

If you’re into sketch-like drawings and something more playful, Jen may be the artist you’re looking for.

jenxtattoos abstract portrait tattoo

Source: @jenxtattoos

Be sure to also check out her beautiful scriptwork on Instagram here.

For enquiries:
Location: Visual Orgasm Singapore
Address: 2 Haji Lane, Singapore 189195


3. Clifford Wong


Clifford Wong abstract blackwork tattoo

Source: @wongplacewongtime

Perfect for: The bold one

While brightly coloured tattoos are fun to look at, there’s a new trend in town: Blackwork tattoos. Think solid lines, geometric imagery and – you guessed it – a whole lot of black. Perfect for making a statement.

Finding a local artist whose niche lies in blackwork tattoos can be quite the challenge, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Meet Clifford Wong, whose monochromatic feed is anything but boring.

Clifford Wong Blackwork Rib tattoo

Source: @wongplacewongtime

Each tattoo is an absolute visual treat, and includes elements such as dotwork and abstract shapes.

Check out his Instagram here.

For enquiries:  9758 2529
Location:  Gimmelovetattoo Studio
Address: 113a Dunlop Street Singapore


4. Feroze McLeod


Feroze McLeod tattoo artist Singapore


Perfect for: The old soul

With pictures of vintage tattoos plastering the walls, along with dapper looking artists at your service, stepping into Feroze McLeod’s tattoo parlour, Bada Bink! Tattoo Firm, will transport you back in time.

Feroze Mcleod Traditional Full Sleeve

Work your way to a full sleeve – one tatt a time! Source: @pharaohs.horses

Feroze specialises in the classic art of traditional tattoos – something not many artists in Singapore do. So whether you’re digging a cheeky pin-up girl or an entire collection of “Sailor Jerry” themed tattoos, you’ll be getting something that’ll never go out of style.

Feeling a little scruffy? This tattoo shop is also a barbershop, so hop over for a dashing ‘do after getting inked.

Check out his Instagram page here.

For enquiries: 
Location: BADA BINK! Tattoo Firm
Address: 29a Bali Lane, Singapore 189865


5. Victoria Woon


Victoria Woon of Killswitch Tattoo

Source: @hellotako 

Perfect for: The kid at heart

“What does your tattoo mean?” is a question anyone inked has to get used to, but does everything need to be so deep? Sure, getting a tattoo to signify a long lost lover might be sweet and all, though I’ll admit – sometimes the urge to get something a little more whimsical gets to me.

Hellotako's whimsical tattoo style

Source: @hellotako

Victoria’s style leans towards being lighthearted and quirky, which is refreshing to see in the tattoo scene. She was also an illustrations student at Parsons School of Design in the US, so you can look forward to her cooking up something special just for you!

Check out her Instagram here.

For enquiries:
Location: Killswitch Tattoo Parlour
Address: 50A Temple Street, Singapore 058595


6. Agus Tan


Agus Tan Fullbody tattoo

Source: @hathawaylane

Perfect for: The go-big-or-go-home

While some of us prefer slowly piecing our tattoo collection together, others would rather take the plunge and go all in. I’m talking full backs, chest pieces and sleeves that go on for days. Agus Tan’s massive masterpieces come in a variety of styles, ranging from black-and-grey realism to oriental Japanese tattoos.  

Agus Tan realistic grey and black tattoo

Source: @hathawaylane

He also does a good deal of cover-ups, which is a great alternative to painful laser removals that hurt more than the tattoo itself!

Agus Tan cover up tattoos

Source: @hathawaylane

Check out more of his work here.

For enquiries: 9232 2735
Location: KING KONG Tattoo Studio
Address: 175 Bencoolen Street, Burlington Square #01-26, Singapore 189649



7. Shan Denyse


Shanshinedaily Shane Denyse Script Tattoos

Source: @shanshinedaily

Perfect for: The sentimental

From elegant handwritten script to computer typography, Shan Denyse can do it all. Live by a line from a song or your most treasured book? Time to make it last for a lifetime.

Shane Denyse Thigh Tattoo

Source: @shanshinedaily

Don’t be fooled by the minimalistic appearance of quote tattoos – they’re not that easy! A steady hand, clear mind and a lot of patience is necessary in ensuring you don’t end up with any #ragrets.

Check out her Instagram here.

For enquiries:
Location: Traditions Tattoo Collective
Address: 40A Lorong Mambong, Singapore 277695


8. Julian Chia


Julian Chia, artist at The Bold Fox tattoo parlour

Source: @louis_thai

Perfect for: The animal lover

Known for his vibrant neo-traditional tattoos, Julian Chia of The Bold Fox is someone to look out for. In fact, I’m lucky enough to have been tattooed by this talented dude myself.

A thorough consultation ensures that you’ll be getting the design of your dreams, which makes the actual tattoo process a breeze to sit through. Well, mentally that is – after all there is going to be a needle poking into your skin!

Animal tattoos, The Bold Fox

Source: @theboldfox

Animal tattoos are Julian’s forte, so if you’ve been thinking of commemorating your beloved fur-babies forever, he’s your guy. Don’t be afraid to get your craziest wishes across either – Julian is open to all sorts of quirky ideas.

The Bold Fox quirky tattoo

Cats in space? He’s got you fam. Source: @theboldfox

The Bold Fox also holds Friday the 13th flash sales, where tattoos go for $13 and $31. Mark your calendars!

Check out his work here.

For enquiries:
Location:  The Bold Fox
Address: 8B Canton Street, Singapore 049748


9. Jade Sparkle


Jade Sparkle, realistic tattoos

Source: @jadesparkletattoo

Perfect for: The realist

Realism is a classic style that can either go very right, or very, very wrong. Thankfully, it’ll be nothing but sparkles with Jade, resident artist at King Kong Tattoos.

Realistic portrait by Jade Sparkle

Source: @jadesparkletattoo

Though she dabbles in various tattoo techniques, her realistic pieces are the star of the show. From portraits of family members to random objects like stopwatches, Jade’s attention to detail is admirable. Want to pay homage to a special someone but too afraid of them ending up looking like a blotched mess? Fret not – she’s one skilled artist to keep high on your list.

Check out her Instagram page here.

For enquiries:
Telephone: 9668 7568
Location: KING KONG Tattoo Studio
Address: 175 Bencoolen Street, Burlington Square #01-26, Singapore 189649


10. Jared Asalli


Jared Asalli's full sleeve mandala tattoo

Source: @jared_asalli

Perfect for: The all-or-nothing

Mandalas have been all the range in the tattoo-sphere lately, and Jared Asalli may as well be the reigning champion. His tattoos combine elements of blackwork, dotwork and geometry, resulting in gnarly mandala sleeves that look like labyrinths on the skin.

Jared Asalli's intricate chest piece

Unleash your inner serpent king. Source: @jared_asalli 

He’s based in Singapore and Indonesia, so keep your eyes peeled for updates via his Instagram page here.

For enquiries: 
Location: Fingers Crossed Tattoo Company 


Think before you ink


Our local tattoo scene is teeming with talent – and this list is just the beginning – so there’s really no need to travel halfway across the world just to get the tattoo of your dreams.

Newbies, bid goodbye to drawing infinity symbols on your arm with a sharpie. Permission from your parents – or not…sorry mom! – all that’s left is actually getting your tattoo. If you don’t know where to begin, here are some extra tips before you head off on your own:

1. Pick the right artist

Having a good artist is one thing, but knowing what you want is another. Bear in mind an artist’s strengths – you wouldn’t want to get a realistic tattoo of your dog from someone who only specialises in scriptwork.

2. Do your research

Being certain your tattoo means exactly what you want it to mean might seem like an easy feat, but let’s be real: it’s not. For example, quotes are a classic go-to, and getting them in another language definitely ups your tattoo game. Just make sure those fancy foreign words don’t mean Spicy Chicken Stir-fry or something equally ridiculous.

No, really:

Script Tattoo Fails



3. Get something you know you won’t regret

Getting your partner’s name may seem like a sweet gesture, but remember that your tattoo is going to be stuck with you for life. People may come and go, but a tattoo is forever. 

Tip: Rather than getting specific tattoos like names or numbers, an alternative would be coming up with a design inspired by the person you have in mind – like your beloved’s favourite flower, or a geometric landscape of your first holiday together. 

Don’t be afraid to get creative – a tattoo should reflect your own style at the end of the day. And with the talented tattoo artists we have on our own shores, whether you’re into tiny minimalistic tattoos, or have made it your life goal to become a walking canvas – there’s bound to be an artist that’ll suit your needs.

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