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Cut costs and simplify your life with online shopping 


Nowadays, we Singaporeans need to save up and make our money go further. This looks like it conflicts directly with our great national love for shopping, but this isn’t the case – we all love deals and discounts of any kind. 

That’s why online shopping is a gift to humanity. You scan your favourite sites for a range of products, for which you pay less than you would in a bricks-and-mortar store. More Singaporeans have embraced this, with online marketplaces and blogshops rapidly gaining popularity.

However, online shopping is more than just cheap clothes – it’s about convenience and necessity. Several local websites have really streamlined the shopping process, and here’s how they can help you too.


1. You can compare prices online


b2ap3_thumbnail_Pricepanda.pngPricePanda is a price comparison portal that’s active in eight countries, including Singapore and Malaysia.  

They aim to provide consumers with the cheapest possible online shopping experience. Just type in the search bar, or use their dropdown menus, to find your desired product. You’ll find different retailers’ prices, plus product specifications and short reviews. 

The PricePanda blog boasts an abundance of handy consumer tips. Need advice on buying laptops? PricePanda has it. Smartphones? Got that covered. PricePanda also publishes updates about new tech on the market, be it smartwatches or exclusive gameplay footage. 

Before you ask, it’s not a scam – PricePanda displays all payment methods and delivery information next to the prices. Products are generally covered by a warranty as well. PricePanda doesn’t retain any of your information either – checkout is completed on the retailers’ websites.


2. Order groceries straight to your home


b2ap3_thumbnail_redmart.pngDry goods supermart RedMart hasn’t got the wet market’s fresh food, but at least you won’t have to engage in passive-aggressive face-offs with aunties from the next block. 

RedMart’s made a name for itself as an online grocery service. No matter where you live in Singapore, these guys deliver groceries and household goods to your doorstep, every day of the week. 

That’s not all – delivery is free for orders worth $75 and above, so it’s great if you’re stocking up for the fortnight or need to feed a big family!

At the time of writing, their Facebook page has almost 55,000 likes. They also run a great blog with regular posts about everything from wine to first aid kit must-haves. This is definitely one to follow.


3. Try before you buy!


b2ap3_thumbnail_Samplestore.pngAnyone who buys cosmetics online is familiar with this dilemma – do I spend $75 on this product or is it going to give me an outbreak so horrific, it scares children and puppies away?

Samplestore knows you can’t buy every product to find out which one suits you best, and has set out to rectify this issue. It’s Singapore’s leading online “try-vertising” platform, with over 100 different brands and hundreds of thousands of active users.  

Registration is free. Just pay a handling fee and you’re good to go – four samples of your new favourite cosmetics will be delivered to you! 

It’s not a scam either. Samplestore has been around since 2008 and is a member of the Singapore Post Group of Companies, so we promise they won’t cheat you.

While they don’t have a blog, you can follow them on Facebook.


Treat yourself!


With long working hours and hectic schedules, we rarely get enough time to go on a good long shopping spree. I’m not saying these websites have revolutionised the local shopping experience, but…they have.

Our list isn’t exhaustive, but we’d love to hear your thoughts! Do any of you savvy online shoppers have any other money-saving tricks you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments! 

This post was brought to you by PricePanda.

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