KFC’s new chicken is SHOYUmmy


Try KFC's new Shoyu Sansho Chicken for a taste of Japanese soy sauce and sansho seaweed!

We’ve already solved the dilemma with Korean food – Korean fried chicken joints all over the island have tingled our taste buds with their kimchi-infused, fried chicken goodness. But when it comes to cravings for both Japanese food and the greasy goodness of fried chicken at a go, how do we choose?

KFC aims to bridge this gastronomic gap with their new Shoyu Sansho Chicken. You may be familiar with the Chinese variation of soy sauce, but this Japanese marinade promises a sweet and savoury, more robust flavour that tingles the tastebuds.

The Shoyu Sansho Chicken – together with Vanilla Custard Puffs – are the latest additions to our favourite fried chicken menu. We paid a visit to see if the new creations sat on our palate just as nicely as their names rolled off our tongues!


Shoyu Sansho Chicken


KFC's new Shoyu Sansho Chicken is marinaded with shoyu and sprinkled with pepper and rice crackers for a real crunch!

We dived right into the Shoyu Sansho Chicken first, of course. The heady scent of shoyu marinade and pepper was an instant hit on our senses. We sunk our teeth into the crispy batter specked with Japanese sansho pepper seaweed, before savouring juicy chicken meat that tore effortlessly into tender chicken strips.

Bits of sprinkled rice crackers added a nice crunch. Every bite oozed with a savoury-sweet oomph, with the fragrant blend of shoyu and spices adding an extra kick of heat to the meal!

Tender, juicy chicken meat under crispy shoyu-marinaded chicken skin!

It was the greatest flavour explosion I had gotten from a KFC fried chicken, and the combination of savoury, sweet and spicy sat perfectly on my palate.

We also found the Shoyu Sansho less oily than its usual KFC counterparts! Bonus points for #health(ier)eating.

Having a bite of KFC's Shoyu Sansho Chicken!


Vanilla Custard Puffs


New Vanilla Custard Puffs from KFC.

True to its name, the Vanilla Custard Puff reminds us of the comforting cream puffs that have a permanent spot in our hearts. If you’re sick of wasting your bucks on the cheapo kind half-filled with air, these puffs won’t let you down. We could feel the weight of lava-esque custard filled to bursting point just from holding one.

When we sank our teeth into it, the viscous custard exploded onto our tastebuds. The subtle vanilla aroma was a nice touch that saved the puff from bordering over to jelat.

Oozing vanilla custard from the Vanilla Custard Puffs!

You may be suspicious of the custard’s yellowish tinge at first, but the crispy choux pastry baked to golden brown makes up for this aesthetic oversight.


BONUS: Cheese Poppers


Cheese poppers from KFC!

If you’re a sucker for KFC’s cheese fries, this one’s for you. The cheese poppers may not command a lot of attention with their tiny, inch-long bodies, but they stole our tastebuds for the gooey cheese sauce hidden within.


Verdict – an Oishiok experience


KFC's new Shoyu Sansho Chicken promises an Oishiok experience.

With its tangy shoyu kick, crunchy seaweed crisps and oh-so-familiar tender chicken, KFC’s new Shoyu Sansho Chicken is a worthy addition to the fried chicken fad. Whether you’re a fried chicken connoisseur or an occasional binge eater, the Shoyu Sansho Chicken is worth a try. This seasonal flavour won’t be around forever, so try it before it’s gone!

The very affordable Shoyu Sansho Box ($9.50).

The Shoyu Sansho Box ($9.50) consists of 2 chunks of Shoyu Sansho Chicken, 2 pieces of Crispy Tenders, 2 pieces of Cheese Poppers, 1 regular Whipped Potato and 1 regular SJORA®  mango peach. Worth their price, if you ask us.

For those with smaller appetites, the Shoyu Sansho Chicken Meal ($7.90) – with 2 pieces of Shoyu Sansho Chicken, 1 regular Whipped Potato, 1 regular Coleslaw and 1 regular SJORA®  mango peach – will fill your tummy nicely.

Be sure to also satisfy your sweet tooth with a Vanilla Custard Puff at only $1.90 each. Also, get 1 puff free with a purchase of 5 pieces at $9.50. Time to bring your friends for a KFC binge sesh!

Find out more about the new Shoyu Sansho Chicken here!

This post was brought to you by KFC Singapore.