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Getting cashback with ShopBack

Shopback button

Singaporeans love a good coupon code, so much so that we’d scour the Internet for hours searching for the newest codes. But that feeling after realising that they’re either expired or invalid for your desired purchases? Wasted

Here’s where the ShopBack Button comes in. It’s a built-in extension that’ll highlight available coupons and cashback – one simple click, and these savings are yours. And the best part is, this extension works on over 500 stores like Zalora, Klook, and Shopee, so all the leg work for your next online shopping spree is pretty much done.

ShopBack Button

shopback button success
Image credit: ShopBack

The ShopBack Button is like that deal-savvy friend who’s always in the know about the latest promos. It’s a tiny tab next to your web address that’ll send you instant notifs if the site you’re on has any cashback offers. 

shopback button lazadaGet your next camera from Lazada – it offers up to 5% cashback.

ShopBack has recently rolled out a new feature that’ll automatically search up usable coupons for you to plonk into your next checkout. No fuss, no heartbreaks – your next wardrobe overhaul will be a much more pleasant experience.

Using the ShopBack Button

shopback button klookBook your next travel adventure with Klook at discounted prices

This nifty little hack is available on Google Chrome and Firefox for desktops and laptops. Simply add the extension to your browser and head over to your respective web stores to start shopping! 

shopback button tab
Image credit: ShopBack 

When you’re browsing online, if you see the button blinking – great! There’s cashback available for you to redeem. Simply activate your cashback and when your button turns green, that means your cashback’s ready and running. 

shopback button coupon code
Image credit: ShopBack

Once at checkout, see if there are any relevant coupons you can use by checking the ShopBack Button – the extension will scour through all codes to find the best coupon that is relevant. And voila! You’ll conclude your shopping spree by paying a discounted price, and you’ll earn your cashback.

ShopBack’s browser extension

shopback button browser extension

Searching high and low for the latest promo codes is now a thing of the past with the ShopBack Button. This handy extension will keep you updated on promo codes and cashback opportunities on your favourite shopping sites, so now you can spare yourself the trouble from doing so yourself. 

It’s able to search for promo codes on 48 different stores, including favourites like Zalora, Klook, FairPrice, and Guardian. From fashion pieces to everyday groceries, all shopping needs you have will be covered.

To rake in the savings, all you have to do is to sign up for a ShopBack account and download the ShopBack Browser Extension. Your time-consuming coupon hunts are now a bygone memory.

Find out more about the ShopBack Cashback Button extension here

This post was brought to you by ShopBack.
Photography by
Lery Villanueva.

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