How Well Do We REALLY Know Singapore?


b2ap3_thumbnail_12312322132.pngAugust is fast approaching and do you know what that means? SG50 celebrations will be in full-swing and Singaporeans everywhere will be decked in red and white and singing Majulah Singapura proudly. But besides knowing that Singapore is turning 50 this year, how well do Singaporeans REALLY know the country that the live in?b2ap3_thumbnail_1232131.pngKeiji decided to put all of us to the test by asking us random trivia questions about Singapore. Some of the questions were straightforward but some of the others were tricky to say the least. I mean, would you know the number of offshore islands that surround mainland Singapore? Exactly.b2ap3_thumbnail_1232121321.pngBy now, you should know that all of us at TSL have a knack for embarrassing ourselves. So, I’m sure you can guess that some of us didn’t do too well. Watch the video below to see which one of us rose to the challenge and which one of us should attend tuition classes all about Singapore. While you’re at it, why not challenge yourself and see how many you get right!

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