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For The First Time In Our Lives, We Ate Mealworms, Crickets, And Grasshoppers! Singaporeans Try : Episode 43

Eating creepy crawlies

The world is filled with all sorts of exotic delicacies – fried tarantulas for example. In Singapore, these exotic delicacies aren’t as easily accessible, but there are some exotic “snacks” from Thailand and Laos that can be found here. The time has finally come and we’re getting waaay out of our comfort zones. 

You’ve seen us consume all sorts of bizarre drinks and food – from the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion to weird and gross traditional chinese medicine. But this episode is a little more… INSECTERESTING.

Here’s a heads up : There will be a lot of ear shattering shrieks. Picking up crickets, beetles and worms sounds like an easy task, but putting them in your mouth is altogether different. 

Watch the video below and remember to stay till the very end to witness some hilarious and priceless reactions! Also, if you managed to get a hold on these creepy crawlies yourselves, tell us what you think and whether it was a yay or nay!

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