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New And Fun Things To Do In Sep 2016: Thai Pasar Malam & Late Night Farmers’ Market

Step it up this September


We’ve reached the last quarter of the year and we both know it’s time you’ve started completing those New Year Resolutions. From spending less time on FB to being more adventurous, we’ve got you covered with an eclectic range of activities.

And who cares if National Day has just ended? Up your national spirit with 21 escapades that’ll take you all around this little red dot. With our first Olympic gold in the bag, we’ll give you more to shout about Singapore this September.


1. Transport yourself to Rot Fai Market at Tanjong Pagar Railway Station


If you can’t afford that trip to BKK for some RnR, bring Thailand to you with the Fantastic Thai Market. On 12 September, head down to Tanjong Pagar Railway Station and prepare to shop ‘til you drop with Thai-centric food and merchandise.


This flea will also feature the much-beloved food truck vendor Kerbside Gourmet and Kombi Rocks! This Thai flea is also a way of saying farewell to the railway station that’s closing at the end of the year. Come pay a visit for both the shopping and memories to keep.

When: 12 September 2016
Where: Tanjong Pagar Railway Station, 30 Keppel Rd, Singapore 089059
Admission: Free

2. Plot Singapore’s forgotten lands in a tunnel


Let’s face it – the Singapore our parents and grandparents once knew is slowly fading away. As a homage to this phenomenon, Singaporean photographer Caleb Ming brings to you Plot, featuring places as far-flung as ulu patches of forest land once used for train tracks. This photo series documents plots of land (i.e old-school places where our parents used to date) that are fast being converted into the ION Orchards of today.


If you’re curious about these vast hidden gems in this cramped city, pay a visit to the Esplanade Tunnels for a glimpse of old Singapore captured in stunning photographs before this exhibit too becomes a relic of the past.

When: 16 July 2016 to 25 September 2016
Where: Esplanade Tunnels
Admission: Free

3. Catch a preview of Asia’s best hipster movies


If you’re bored of the usual blockbusters and tacky CGI, this is an event you have to attend. From 7th to 10th September, obscure local and regional indie flicks will be screened as part of the Asian Film Focus.


The theme for this year’s festival is Youth Today, which essentially pans on the process of angsty youths blossoming into mature adults. Very relatable stuff indeed.

When: 7 to 10 September 2016
Where: Objectifs Centre for Photography & Film, 155 Middle Road, Singapore 188977
Admission: $5 per day entry. Get your tickets here!

4. Eat all day and all night at Stellar’s Day to Night Farmers Market


We never know when those hunger pangs might hit because when those strike, it’s always difficult to find food on site. Held over the F1 Grand Prix Weekend, Stellar brings to you a Day to Night market for any hungry night owls out there. Serving handmade crispy pork to fresh Italian produce till 1am, this is certainly a food paradise for all.

When: 16 to 18 September 2016 (Admission times vary)
Where: Stellar, Level 62, 1 Raffles Place
Admission: Free on 17 & 18 September. Find out more here!

5. Be mind-blown by legit mentalists


Behind every deception is a trick up a sleeve. After watching Criss Angel on the streets, we’ve all wanted to be astounded by amazing feats that made it past the lame party tricks. Well, wait no further because mentalist duo ‘We Are Confidence’ (WAC) is bringing to you just The Dirty Room Project Extended.

On 24 September, have your mind boggled by their illusive tricks that combines both experimental psychology and… you guessed it, magic. They’ve even had a go on your friendly local celebrities such as Benjamin Kheng, Sandra Riley Tang, and Munah & Hirzi! And it’s finally your turn now.

When: 24 September 2016
Where: Canvas Singapore, 20 Upper Circular Road, #B1-01/06 The Riverwalk
Admission: Tickets at $28 per person for presale and $35 for entry to Detroit Techno Militia. Find out more here!

6. Take part in a 108 hour performance

We’ve all heard about the recent Les Miserables craze in Singapore when tickets went up to a whopping $300 each. But perhaps it’s time you’ve seen a new element of theatre. Enter Fernando Rubio’s Time Between Us.

For 24 hours over 5 days, partake in an interactive performance where you can visit a man in his house and stay for intriguing conversations with him. If you think he’s that much of a cool character, go ahead and stay for the whole 108 hours!

When: 7 to 11 September 2016
Where: Marina Bay Sands Event Plaza
Admission: Tickets at $10 per person. Get your tickets here now as places are limited.

7. Party till dawn in an ex-military barracks


Once a former military barracks, this place has been converted into an art gallery and serves as an #OOTD backdrop for hipsters far and wide. On 23-24 September, get ready to have Gillman Barracks transformed once again into a rad open house for their 4th anniversary celebrations. It’s also the perfect excuse to check out their new Creamier outlet.


From F&B pop-ups to a showcase of local talent, GB has it all down for a day (and night) to remember. The live painting of a mural is also a must-see before partying till the break of dawn at their Art After Dark party. How’s that for an art gallery?

When: 23 to 24 September 2016
Where: Gillman Barracks, 9 Lock Road, Singapore 108937
Admission: Free

8. Get creative with bae at the ACM’s doodling workshop


Take yourself back to the early schooling days when your boring teachers droned on and you resulted to doodling on the back of your exercise book. Back then, doodling was merely an act to pass time… until now.

At the Asian Civilisation Museum’s doodling workshop, randomly drawing on a Post-It has become legit. Familiarise yourselves with their latest exhibition – Christianity in Asia – by scrawling down patterns and cool geometrics as you listen to live opera. You never know, you may become the next Van Gogh of Singapore.

When: 9 September 2016
Where: Asian Civilisation Museum, 1 Empress Place, Singapore 179555
Admission: Free. Get your tickets here!

9. Pump up your artistic flair at the SMU Arts Festival


If you’re an artsy geek galavanting around the town area, then this one’s for you. SMU’s annual Arts Festival is perfect if you’re interested in dance, poetry, music… and the whole lot of it. Expect riveting performances from street artists, DJ mixers and acapella showdowns that would rival Pitch Perfect.


This year’s theme is Fresh!, so expect a fresh perspective on art forms that you ever imagined could exist. I mean who even knew Salsa fiestas were a thing in Singapore?

When: 2 to 16 September 2016
Where: Singapore Management University, 70 Stamford Road, Singapore 178901
Admission: Free for selected events. Find out more here!

10. Celebrate Mooncake season with Moonfest 2016


Whenever September fever hits, most of us know that mooncake season is here. At Moonfest 2016, go on lantern walks along the Esplanade Waterfront and catch tons of Pokemon as you burn those sinful carbs.


Learn new hobbies such as how to play the diabolo – tbh, it’s much a cooler version of a yoyo – and unleash your inner Ip Man. With more than 20 activities to choose from, you wouldn’t want to miss Moonfest 2016.

When: 9 to 11 September 2016
Where: The Esplanade
Admission: Free for selected events. Find out more here!

11. Talk some cock with The Latecomers


It’s been a bad day at work, your boss has been hounding you to meet the deadline and life couldn’t get any crappier. Honestly, all you need is a good laugh. Don’t fret because you can prepare for multiple laughs with Singapore’s original comedy show: Talk Cock Comedy.


This event includes a special genre that many comedians (fathers included) have failed to master: Improvisation. So sit back, relax and have your LMFAO moment.

When: 8 September 2016
Where: Blu Jaz Cafe, 11 Bali Lane, Singapore 189848
Admission: $15 per person. (18 and restricted) Get your tickets here!


1. Get that perfect #OOTD at the Waterloo Art Murals


Traverse down 51 Waterloo Street and let the vibrant wall murals do all the talking. These murals are a series of 6 door panels depicting retro scenes of the 1960s.


From Odeon cinema to the old National Library, these are places we’ve either heard about from our parents or seen in books. Let the walls come alive as you snap that insta-sensation for your feed.

2. Experiment with kopitiam brews you never knew existed

If you’re tired of your usual Kopi-C or Teh Tarik, then this one’s for you. Just like how there’s a secret Starbucks menu, the same goes for your neighbourhood kopitiam. Unleash your inner mad scientist and have a taste of drinks that include Kopi with Egg and an irksome sounding beverage known as the Black Spider…

If you’re keen to give your kopitiam experience a spin, then put in your request to your friendly coffeeshop uncle / auntie. We’ve curated a list of wacky drinks for your picking, but only if you dare.

3. Head out on a steamboat makan trail with your kakis

The chilly, rainy season is upon us so one must act quickly. And what better way to celebrate than with piping hot, comforting steamboat soup? The DIY experience of dunking magic morsels of fishballs, tender beef, and fragrant mushrooms only enhances your dining experience x100.

We also know you’re pressed for time in between working hours so this fuss-free guide to beat the queue at some of the best steamboat joints in Singapore is what you need.

4. Go backpacking around Singapore for less than $25 a day

With Hari Raya Haji coming up, it’s no surprise that you and your friends are already seeking a long weekend getaway from the CBD. However, if you’re fretting on over spending that hard earned cash on overpriced accommodation and facilities, we got you covered.

We’ve created a list of wanderlust-worthy SEA cities you can visit from just $7 a night. You’ve basically scored yourself a free trip – you’re welcome.

5. Have a go at the first Michelin-starred hawker stall in the world

Going at just $2 for a dish, this is the world’s cheapest Michelin-starred meal on the globe. And yes, you can find right here in our little red dot. Situated Smith Street Food Centre, Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle made quite a buzz in the news when it became the first hawker stall to receive the coveted award.

The long queue can be a pain in the butt but we promise it’ll be worth it. Go ahead and seek out what this city has to offer to the world!

Check out Eatbook’s review of Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice And Noodle here, or be the judge of it yourself.

6. Get out and catch Pokemon at the best places


It might feel like an absolute eternity ago, but the Pokemon Go craze only hit the shores of Singapore on 12 August 2016, and Singaporeans from East to West put their game faces on to tackle these virtual monsters.

If you’re part of the mass majority to don the PokeGeek cap, then at least be strategic about where you go to catch ‘em all. Our colleagues have put together the ultimate guide for the ultimate Pokemon catching experience.

Don’t say we never jio.

7. Live life on this island’s edge

While you’re galavanting around SG on your Pokeventures, why not make pit stops at beautiful places on the literal edge of our island? After a while, the usual sky-high-scrapers no longer make the cut as structural wonders on our list.

Instead, check out insta-worthy places such as the Changi Boardwalk around the perimeter of Changi point or the Raffles Marina Lighthouse if you’re a westsider.

We may think we know it all, but this is a side to Singapore along the edges that I’m pretty sure you haven’t seen. 

8. Savour the past at old-school veteran food stalls

As a kid, we’ve probably all had that unforgettable bowl of noodles which made a profound impact on our memory. Head back there today, and this stall would have already closed down. With so many modern eateries popping up onto the eating scene, it’s easy to forget the ones that hold the most sentimental value to us.


Carry on the food tradition by visiting some of these traditional hawkers that serve dishes we once savoured in our childhoods. Head out there before they too, like your childhood, become a distant memory.

9. Visit Chinese Gardens for super cool Mid-Autumn Festival displays

What better way to celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival than with a stroll around the scenic Chinese Gardens? The entire vibe of the place is intensified in September with the erection of glowing lanterns and lights around the Bai Hong Qiao Bridge.


If that doesn’t suit your taste, I hear Chinese Garden is known for the abundance of PokeStops in the area. So bring your whole squad down and celebrate the mid-autumn season with some snazzy lighting for your hunts.

10. Lepak with your kakis at Mount Faber


This is a classic Singaporean trait that we’re all too familiar with: lepaking. At Mount Faber Loop, you can do just exactly that with the new initiative, ‘Let’s Lepak at Mount Faber’. Since August, it has been converted into a car-free zone for the first Saturday of every month. Instead of visiting the usual Botanic Gardens, hop on a cable car and ‘fly’ down for some mass Zumba workouts.


While you’re at it, observe an artistic form of dance painting as you lounge on your fluffy picnic mat. Bring your buds or the fam for an unforgettable weekend where you can stay true to the Singaporean side of you.

Switch Up Your September

With the year ending in a few short months, make the most out of your September with exciting things to do and new locations to see. From visiting pioneer food veteran stalls to partying till the sun comes up with your squad, we’ve got your whole month jam packed with activities.

Better yet, plan an impromptu getaway over the Hari Raya Haji long weekend! Check DBS Lifestyle out for a long list of hotel, airline and assorted travel services. There is no heartache like finding out about a 35% discount only after you’ve carted out.


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