Senor Taco Clarke Quay

Mexican restaurant Senor Taco has just recently opened their 5th branch in Singapore at Clarke Quay. This new venue is actually located just opposite their very first 20 seater outlet (first picture below). This new branch can accommodate substantially more people – up to 140!

b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_5989.JPGb2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_5990.JPGb2ap3_thumbnail_interior.jpgThe old (first pic) and new. Last picture of the interior of the new branch courtesy of Senor Taco

We actually just dined at Senor Taco’s Star Vista branch not to long ago, which is more of a restaurant then a bar which serves up a wide variety of Mexican favourites. The Senor Taco at Clarke Quay is more of a bar then restaurant, catered to the nightlife crowd with a new menu that offers plenty of alcoholic choices and finger food.

The Food & Alcohol


A must mention is the eye catching Coronarita ($24) – a combination of two of Mexico’s most famous exports – a frozen lime margarita and a bottle of Corona beer. This gravity defying beverage was the subject of much conversation throughout the night.

Their extra-hot habanero sauce they have is a real fire igniter. Its kinda a mix between tobasco and chili sauce and it made everyone perspire. I love my food super spicy so although I believe you’re just supposed to eat it with tacos, I was putting it on EVERYTHING and getting a real kick out of it!


The DJ area was really spacious too and here the DJ works his magic mixing up music videos that are displayed on the screens around the restaurant. We were glued for a more than healthy time to the Mexican version of Gangnam style which Senor Taco owner Alejandro Blanco – a true blue Mexican, just loved! By the way if you haven’t seen it yet you should its easily the best spoof version made.


Oh and we just had to take a picture of our gorgeous Brazilian-Chinese waitress!


Senor Taco Clarke Quay Details

Senor Taco Menu


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