Senoko Fishery Port: Singapore’s Own Tsukiji Fish Market In Sembawang

Senoko Fishery Port

Address:31 Attap Valley Road, Singapore 759908
Opening hours: Tue – Sun 2AM-6AM (Closed on Mon)
Telephone:6257 6721

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Senoko Fishery Port

Mention fish markets and most of us would think of the iconic ones in Tokyo. But for those who aren’t planning to hop on a plane to Japan, here’s a replacement that’s closer to home: the Senoko Fishery Port at Sembawang.

Expect fishmongers hollering out prices and fish still struggling in cast nets here – not at all like your typical breakfast haunts. If you haven’t had the chance to witness the chaos first-hand, plan a trip down soon as the Singapore Food Agency has announced its plans to close the market by 2023. Here’s what you’ll find:

More than 30 stalls selling fresh catches

You won’t find sake (salmon) and maguro (tuna) here but instead, a fresh seafood selection of all our zi char faves. There are more than 30 stalls to choose from, where an array of stingray, sotong, and mud crabs awaits – all ready for you to bring back home to be mixed up with the savoury goodness of sambal, salted egg yolk, and chilli crab sauce. 

Image credit: @sluggerbug via Instagram

Things are far from orderly here, with seafood strewn about and giant slabs of fish lying on the ground. Our advice? Tread lightly and wear covered footwear. 

Wholesale prices

While mostly made up of restaurant people and other market sellers, there’s a huge demand for the seafood here – thanks to the wholesale prices

Image credit: @jessicaaasky via Instagram

You can expect to fork out*:

  • $13 for 1kg of prawns
  • $5 for 1kg for flower crabs
  • $6 for 1kg of clams

Of course, prices vary across stalls and most have a minimum purchase of 2kg for each type of seafood – make sure you’re ready to cook up a storm at home. While we might be used to haggling our way through in other wet markets, it’s simply not done at Senoko Fishery Port. The fishmongers here have a no-nonsense attitude and can be brusque during peak hours.

*All prices are a rough indication and are based on the experiences of others. 

How to get to Senoko Fishery Port


Chances are, you’ll smell Senoko Fishery Port before spotting it. Many have commented on its fishy smell but as a fish market, that’s not entirely surprising. 

Image credit: @ivyong1011 via Instagram

Know that public transport to Senoko Fishery Port is limited, especially during the early hours of the morning. The best option is by car – but not Grab or a private hire car, since it’s likely that your return trip will have you loading up on fresh seafood in dripping-wet plastic bags and massive styrofoam boxes. 

Tip: come prepared with newspapers if you’re planning to bring back a seafood haul – so your car doesn’t soak up dirty seawater. 

You’ll need to bring your NRIC or passport to get past the security checkpoint – driving licenses not accepted. It’s also cash-only so don’t go around asking the fishmongers if they accept credit.

With most stalls only getting into the swing of things after 2am, this is a wet market experience for early risers or night owls. 

Address: 31 Attap Valley Road, Singapore 759908
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 2am-6am (Closed on Mondays)
Contact: 6257 6721

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Cover image adapted from: @sluggerbug and @mechattax via Instagram
Originally published on 26th April 2020 by Pailin Boonlong. Last updated by Joycelyn Yeow on 28th June 2023.

Pailin Boonlong

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