Run for Hope Singapore 2013

You typically see “share if you care” pictures on facebook pleading you to like and share them. To help raise awareness for some cause in some faraway land. Feeling compassionate, you naturally reach out to click that like button. And then you move on with your life. Perhaps for a moment you felt like you “helped” or “did something”. But ask yourself, did that really do anything?

Most of the time real help requires action. Real help requires participation. And real help is something more than a facebook like. Thankfully there is an event coming up round the corner that allows you to contribute to a truly worthwhile cause.

The Run for Hope on November 17th will raise much-needed awareness and support for cancer research. It’s an annual run and this year is their 21st year in Singapore. It’s a non-competitive leisure run so anyone young and old can join in. The funds raised will go towards the National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS) located in the SGH Campus.

Here is a light hearted recap video where Run For Hope ambassadors went around Raffles Place to try and get Singaporeans to sign-up.

Cancer in Singapore

1 in 4 deaths in Singapore are the result of cancer. Each year over 10,000 people are diagnosed with it. This year I got the shock of my life when my mom was diagnosed with cancer. Thankfully its in remission now, but its no longer uncommon to have your loved ones affected by cancer. And that’s when it really hits you. Don’t wait until it’s too late. There is a worthy cause right now that you can lend your support to and be involved in.

Cancer patients depend on advances in science and breakthroughs to help them. Just recently, NCCS announced a major development in Nose Cancer treatment. We are hope the NCCS team can continue to make more progressive breakthroughs that will lead to cures.

Background Story of the Run

It’s also important to mention who the people are behind the run so here is a short history lesson.

“In 1978, Mr Isadore Sharp the founder of the Canadian-based Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts lost his fourth son Christopher to melanoma cancer. In memory of his son, he decided to create a worldwide programme to raisie funds for cancer research.

He was inspired by Terry Fox, whom despite having lost a leg to cancer, ran across Canada to raise money and cancer awareness. After Terry’s death in 1981, Mr Sharp ensured his legacy lived on. In Singapore The Four Seasons Hotel Singapore and Regent Singapore have been been supporting local cancer research through this annual charity run since 1993.

Their staff are involved in a year-long process – from planning, securing sponsorship and partnerships, to raising awareness and coordinating the run to give back to the community.

Since 2008, they have been partnering the National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS) to raise funds and awareness for critical, life-saving research by dedicated scientists at the Centre.”

Run for Hope Details:

  • Date: 17th November 2013, Sunday
  • Time: 7am
  • Type of run: Non-competitive, 10km and 3.5km
  • Location: The Promontory @ Marina Bay

To participate in the run and learn more, please visit their official page below.

Sign Up for Run For Hope 2013!


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