Haidilao At Bugis Now Has Rug Tufting, Impress Your Date With Dinner & An Activity

Rug tufting at Haidilao Bugis+

You probably already know Haidilao for their mala soup base, condiment station with 25 different ingredients, and free ice cream after your meal. Then there are the hardcore Haidilao fans who know that saying a certain codeword can get you extra snacks and even limited edition toys. But we bet you didn’t know that you can now add rug tufting to the list of Haidilao freebies you can kope the next time you dine here. Details next:

How can I do rug tufting at Haidilao Bugis+?

Rug tufting at a Haidilao outlet in Hangzhou, China.
Image credit: Sohu

There is one catch – the activity isn’t exactly free. It costs $19.80/pax and you must have spent at least $100 at Haidilao Bugis+ in the past week to book a slot. So yes, there’s no need to scarf down your rolls of black pork, US beef, and tofu in order to make it in time for your session. Enjoy your food first, then come back another day to get crafty.

Image adapted from: Weibo

At less than $20 a person, don’t expect a full art jamming session where you can draw out your own design. To ease facilitation, the workshopat  Haidilao involves you picking from one of their designs. Don’t worry, there are more than 30 available options, so there’s bound to be one that tickles your fancy.

Image adapted from: @haidilaosingapore via Instagram

Once you’ve chosen your rug design, it’s just a matter of following the usual steps for rug tufting: trace out the design using a light projector, pick out your coloured yarn, get tufting, cut out the rug, and seal the back.

If it’s your first time, don’t sweat it, there are staff on standby to help you out. Plus, the rugs you’ll be tufting are small, so you’ll be able to bring home your masterpiece immediately.

Visit Haidilao Bugis+ for a session of rug tufting

If you’ve been itching to try out rug tufting but don’t want to commit to a giant piece, then this taster at Haidilao Bugis+ is for you.

Just be sure to make a reservation at Haidilao Bugis+ ASAP. The activity is only available on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 5th April 2024, and there are very limited slots per day.

P.S. This isn’t the only arts and craft you can make at Haidilao. Over at Haidilao Clarke Quay is a DIY bead station. The free activity for diners includes more than 50 different bead colours and all other materials needed to make your own bracelet accessory.

Find out more about rug tufting at Haidilao Bugis+ here

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Cover image adapted from: Sohu, Weibo

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