Progress in Progress


This photograph was taken 7 years ago  Even though the landscape has changed drastically, the view of the sky remains the same. We are still progressing towards perfecting ourselves. What that perfection is though, beats me. 

Perhaps we are striving for too many things. We just end up being caught up in the chaos of getting there and we soon forget to slow down and contemplate on our journey. What do we really want singapore to be like? And I don’t mean what the government wants us to be like. I mean what do YOU WANT you and your children to value about Singapore. What do you feel proud about? What do you want to keep and what do you want to change? 

Honestly, I love the fact that we are multicultural even more so now than ever. There will be certain aspects that we may not approve. However, I believe the world will just be a hotpot of people one day. And we are already a country that caters to that type of society. You might think me naive or overly optimistic but the negative attitude towards ourselves is getting a little tiring.

Perhaps we should strive to value ourselves a little more. What do you want to strive for?