9 Breathtaking Indonesian Private Islands You Can Rent From $450/Night

Private islands in Indonesia

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So I just rewatched Pirates of the Caribbean and the white, sandy beaches where Captain Jack Sparrow got stranded on got me thinking. How cool would it be to stay on a private island alone? I’d get to do nothing but frolic in the waters and laze around all day.

It would also be so romantic to have your significant other beside you as you get lost in thought looking at the great green forests and big blue seas.

Regardless of whether you’re a soloist seeking some alone time or a couple looking for an intimate trip, having a private island all to yourself sounds like such a treat! Here are some private islands in Indonesia you can rent for a holiday visit, away from the crowds of Bali:

1. Cempedak Private Island: $450/day

Live in a bamboo villa

Image credit: Cempedak 

For all the nature lovers out there, Cempedak offers an experience you can’t find elsewhere. With bamboo as the island’s primary building material, there’s a heavy focus on sustainable growth and protecting the island’s ecosystem.

Image credit: @wheretonext.jen

Go on guided walks and possibly chance upon rare and endangered animal species including hornbills, sea otters, sea turtles, and pangolins. You can even speak to the local team that works on marine conservation to learn more about this beautiful island.

Image credit: Cempedak 

For those looking for some bonding time, there’s a private cinema perfect for some quality snuggling. Families, do note that only adults above 16 can enter the property. Those with young ‘uns can check out their sister island Nikoi, which has more kid-friendly facilities.

Image credit: @jjjeryll

Getting there: Take a 1 hour ferry ride to Bintan from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal then chill at the VIP Lounge until they call for Nikoi and Cempedak Island-goers. You’ll then travel in a car and a speedboat to arrive on the island.


2. Telunas Private Island: From $316/night

Over-water stilt villas

Located just about 90 minutes away, Telunas Resorts is a whole new other world from the bustling and hustling of metropolitan Singapore.

Something different that this private island offers are over-water villas with a gorgeous view of the sea. Sleep, dine, and indulge in massage treatments directly above waters in Teluna’s special stilt houses.

Telunas doesn’t only provide you with beautiful blue waters. You can request for an arranged jungle hike where a local guide will lead you on a 10km route that leads to Telunas’ very own Black Pool Waterfall.

Despite its inky appearance, the waterfall is extremely fresh and the more adventurous can jump into it for a refreshing splash after climbing up any of the 3 main cliffs guarding it.

Read our article on Telunas here.

Getting there: Catch a ferry from Harbourfront to Sekupang, Batam then walk to a local ferry pier to catch a smaller wooden long boat that will get you directly to the resort


3. Raja Ampat Island, Misool Eco Resort: $2825/day

Heart-shaped lagoon and pristine coral reefs

A heart-shaped lagoon
Image credit: @shindyursula

The star of the show on Raja Ampat Island is truly its waters. Stroll along the private island’s powder-white beaches and feel the warm sand between your feet as you admire the mesmerizing sea spanning out into the horizon.

Image credit: @vneefong

Join in on water activities such as diving and snorkeling to take an exclusive glimpse of their pristine coral reefs. And if you’re lucky enough, you might get the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of having stingless jellyfishes escort you around in the water.

Image credit: @opal_nontarida

Witness the release of baby turtles, go on a village visit or attend an Indonesian cooking class to learn how to make authentic Indonesian food while you’re recuperating from the hustle of city life.

Getting there: Check out a comprehensive guide here


4. Nikoi island: $500/day

Just 2.5 hours from Singapore

Image credit: @matt_steel

Prepare for some serious relaxation in a beach villa on Nikoi Island. With all the serene seaside spots, you’ll definitely be able to spend some cherished me-time on this gorgeous private island.

Image credit: @meatseagreen

The more adventurous can island hop, windsurf and go on nature discovery tours to satisfy their wanderlust.

Image credit: @moniquedecaro

Image credit: @gen.c.woo

Getting there: Take a 1-hour ferry ride to Bintan from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal then chill at the VIP Lounge until they call for Nikoi and Cempedak Island-goers. You’ll then travel in a car and a speedboat to arrive on the island.


5. Moyo Island, Amanwana Resort: $800/day

Best snorkelling and diving spots

Image credit: Amanwana

Amanwana, which means “peaceful forest” in Sanskrit, is a wilderness hideaway on the Indonesian island of Moyo. Expect to to be fully surrounded by Mother Nature while you chill out – an experience you can’t easily find in bustling Singapore.

Glamping in the wilderness
Image credit: @alma_burton_luxury_travel

With enchanting turquoise waters and pristine reefs of the Flores Sea just ten minutes away, this private island offers one of Indonesia’s best scuba diving and snorkelling spots, making it a perfect getaway for diving enthusiasts.

Image credit: Amanwana

Many deers, macaques and wild boars call the hilly tropical forests their home. Follow the hiking trails crisscrossing the jungle and witness the protected animals in their natural habitats.

Image credit: Amanwana

For all those looking for an intimate time, treat your partner and yourself to a romantic midnight cruise along the starlit waters of Amanwana Bay.

Getting there: Take a direct flight to Bali Denpasar (DPS Airport) or Sumbawa Besar (SWQ) then be driven to a port to take a boat transfer to the island. Alternatively, arrange for a private jet to fly you directly there.


6. Bawah Island, Bawah Resort: $1780/day

With beach cinema and clear blue waters

Image credit: @thetravelnova

Bawah has one of the prettiest, clearest waters perfect for a wedding shoot. Live your Disney Princess dream and feel like Ariel as you take a dip into the beautiful sea.

Image credit: Bawah Reserve

To fully experience the gorgeous waters, you can take part in a range of water activities such as snorkelling, diving and sailing. Even if you aren’t big on water sports, you could spend the whole day frolicking in the sea.

Image credit: @thisislandlife

Other than that, indulge in Bawah’s beach cinema and infinity pool or even experience stargazing with your significant other to make this trip extra romantic.

Getting there: Take a ferry to Batam then a private seaplane to arrive on the island.


7. Pulau Pangkil, Pangkil Private Island Resort: $3450/day

Stay in a driftwood palace

Image credit: Pangkil

Sailing, kayaking, and snorkeling can all be done in Singapore, but that can’t compare to the experience you’ll get at Pangkil where you’ll get the vast water surrounding the island all to yourself.

Image credit: Pangkil

Stay in any one of Pangkil’s 9 Driftwood Palaces constructed using logs salvaged from the sea and the surrounding islands. And if you’re done chilling, the island has its own jungle track perfect for jogging or a leisurely stroll.

Image credit: Pangkil

Image credit: @sherrylipstick

Getting there: Take a ferry to Bintan, preferably Bandar Bintan Telani in Northern Bintan, then take a car ride and a short jetty ride to arrive at Pangkil.


8. Isle East Indies: $1950/day

Appreciate culture and local crafts

Image credit: Isle East Indies

Isle East Indies is a relatively small island but it’s by no means any less impressive. Feel as if the world is your oyster while you stroll along the private island’s perimeter in less than 15 minutes at an easy pace.

Image credit: Isle East Indies

Isle East Indies is perfect for fans of handicrafts and all things cultural because the resort’s interior design incorporates traditional Indonesian motifs and patterns.

Image credit: Isle East Indies

Take your partner on an epic date by touring the small island while enjoying a starlit barbeque above the sea on the resort’s vintage yacht, The Raden Mas.

Image credit: Isle East Indies

Getting there: Take a ferry to Jakarta then transfer to Isle East Indies’ vintage motor sailing yacht “The Raden Mas” to reach the island


9. Pulau Joyo, Joyo Resort: $4600/day

Gorgeous sunsets

Image credit: @dani.kotova

Pulau Joyo offers an idyllic beach getaway full of activities such as shell hunting and beach volleyball perfect for the whole family. Send your kids off to the Kid’s Club Day Care as you dine with a sunset view by the sea.

Image credit: @dani.kotova

Joyo resort also offers packages for all sorts of private needs. From a romantic beach wedding to corporate retreats as a reward or for bonding, additional activities and requests can be made to accommodate guests and make their trip as fulfilling as possible.

Image credit: @kelly_beckwith

Getting there: take a ferry from Tanah Merah to Tanjung Pinang (90 minutes, $50 per person) then a bus transfer to Pulau Joyo’s private dock (45 minutes) followed by a speed boat to reach the island (20 minutes)



Karimunjawa Island, Kura Kura Resort: $284 for 1 Single Room

Image credit: @wisatasemarang

For all those looking for a getaway to someplace quiet but don’t want to rent an entire island, Kura Kura resort on Karimunjawa Island offers this option.

Image credit: Kura Kura Resort

Go diving and snorkeling, dolphin sighting, island cruising at a cheaper rate if you don’t mind a few other tourists. Plus, Kura Kura resort has a free gym for all those who need to stick to their workout routines religiously!

Getting there: Take a private flight from Semarang or choose from a range of ferry options. Check out a more detailed guide here


Rent an Indonesian private island

Contrary to popular belief, you can rent a private island for a holiday visit even if you’re not a multi-billionaire like Bill Gates. Dip in the prettiest waters and lose yourself to the lush greenery on the many private islands in Indonesia without punching a hole in your bank account.

And if you’re looking for the perfect location for a private event, try renting a private island instead of the usual event hall for a change!

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