POSB Hunt Your Zodiac mobile game

Chinese New Year is one of the few occasions where we get together with the fam to play games of all kinds from playing card games to mahjong. But rather than playing against each other, rally your family’s best gaming kakis to search for zodiac animals in POSB’s Hunt Your Zodiac mobile game.

Running from 30th Jan – 15th Feb 2022, this year’s edition of Hunt Your Zodiac even has new features where you can stand to win more prizes. Here’s how to start hunting and winning angbaos worth up to $888:

Catch zodiac animals & win angbaos worth up to $888

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Hunt Your Zodiac works similarly to another game involving cute fictitious animals that most of us are familiar with. To catch zodiac animals like tigers, pigs, dogs, and rats, you have to wander around Singapore looking for a Gate of Fortune that houses them.

posb hunt your zodiac

But rather than catching ‘em all with a ball, Hunt Your Zodiac tests your memory when you find an animal instead. The animal will be hidden underneath one of three hotpots, and guessing the right one will add it to your collection. Sometimes the animals will carry oranges too, which can be exchanged for angbaos with Cai Shen Ye, the God of Fortune.

god of fortune

The best part is, the angbaos contain up to $888 which will get deposited directly into your PayLah! Wallet after the game ends. Any gamer would know how much better that is compared to spending money on in-game cosmetics. 

You can also complete challenges to score more oranges. Some will call on you to catch 12 animals that have the same element. If you’re having trouble with that, you can use power-ups like Lure Letters to increase your chances of finding specific animals.

power-ups lure letters

There are three ways you can add more power-ups to your arsenal:

  1. Make a transaction with PayLah!
  2. Refer a friend to play Hunt Your Zodiac
  3. Join your Zodiac Clan in the Zodiac Quest

If you do any of those tasks during the game’s Golden Hour which happens every day from 11.30AM-2PM and 6.30PM-9PM, your chances of getting better power-ups and finding rare zodiac animals increases.

Join your zodiac clan to win even more prizes

zodiac clan quest

Finding out you’re born in the same zodiac year as a relative is usually a fun fact, and Hunt Your Zodiac is turning it into more than just a conversation starter. You can enter your birth year to be assigned your Zodiac Clan like the Prodigal Pigs.

The more people who join your zodiac clan in the Zodiac Quest, the more power-ups you’ll earn together. The winning clan will be crowned the “Best Zodiac 2022” at the end of Chinese New Year.

If you run out of topics to chat with your family while visiting them, you can always get them to join in the fun and games. Bonus points if it’s a relative who is 12 or 24 years apart.

Catch zodiac animals and score angbaos this CNY

posb hunt your zodiac

You’ll no doubt be feasting nonstop during CNY, so it’s time to clock in those steps and burn those calories by walking around your neighbourhood to hunt zodiac animals in POSB’s Hunt Your Zodiac game. You have plenty of time from now till 15th February 2022 to catch all the animals.

Don’t forget to jio your friends and family to play it too, especially if they share the same zodiac year with you. They don’t even have to celebrate the dawn of a new lunar new year, as anyone with a PayLah! account can join in. 

Just remember that Hunt Your Zodiac will never request for your bank’s internet or mobile banking details to play the game, nor will they send any SMS and emails with clickable links about the game either. The zodiac animals are smart enough to not hide inside a suspicious link.

Start playing POSB Hunt Your Zodiac now


This post was brought to you by POSB.
Photography by Loo Jie Ling.