The feasting season has begun


Christmas is the holiday of the year, and that holiday isn’t complete till you’ve had your fill of log cakes, turkey and presents. While it’s fun to keep to tradition, there’s no stopping us from taking things up a notch, especially when it comes to flavours.

This December, Plaza Brasserie at PARKROYAL on Beach Road has taken Christmas staples and spiced them up with local flavours to make your annual celebration with the fambam a little more special. 

Besides the usual buffet suspects like sashimi and crabs, you can find creations like rendang- and curry-flavoured turkeys. After you’re done with those, treat your taste buds to atas dishes like Seafood Paella and freshly shucked oysters.This Fabulous Festive Fare is one occasion you shouldn’t don a white outfit for. 


Dishes to get your hands dirty for


1. Kampong Glam Rendang Turkey


parkroyal rendang turkey

Even ah ma and ah gong will be able to recognise this flavour. Rendang Turkey is marinated to ensure that you won’t only be getting the flavour from the skin – it’s present in every bite. This had a nice kick of spice and the fragrance from the coconut really elevated the the taste.


2. Christmas Curry Turkey


parkroyal curry turkey

Compared to the Rendang Turkey, Curry Turkey tasted more familiar, which made me crave for the actual dish with a chicken thigh bobbing about luscious sauce. While it was tasty, one portion of this was enough. After all, a girl needs to save more tummy space for other food.


3. Traditional Roast Turkey


parkroyal traditional turkey

PARKROYAL on Beach Road’s Traditional Turkey featured a cajun spice rub, and was tender enough to be mistaken for chicken. Add a smear of cranberry jam and you’ve got yourself a classic taste of Christmas.


4. Seafood Paella Infused with Saffron


parkroyal seafood paella

With mussels, prawns, squid and clams sauteed in white wine, you can bet you’re in for a treat with their Seafood Paella

parkroyal seafood paella
Woohoo yaaaaas more seafood please

This dish was savoury and slightly creamy, and I liked how the clams added sweetness to the rice. 


5. Assorted Christmas Log Cakes and Pastries


parkroyal log cake

As someone who is a sucker for sweets, my heart did a little leap upon seeing the many different log cakes available. You probably won’t get the same selection as I did when you head down because different cakes are served on a rotational basis to allow a refresh on the menu. 

parkroyal christmas pastries

They’ve also got the cutest Christmas themed mini pastries like this choco-hazelnut cheesecake!


The full buffet spread


parkroyal fabulous festive fare

Crab fans rejoice, the Fabulous Festive Fare sees the return of their famous crabs, namely Chilli Crab with Mantou, Black Pepper Crab and Salted Egg Crab. 

parkroyal crab

Needless to say, we stacked a mountain of everything on our plate to satisfy the crab fiend in us. Then, we flipped over to the prata station for a quick show from the prata chef who was making a good amount of our favourite comfort food. 

parkroyal seafood

Heading over to the Seafood on Ice bar, we were greeted with glorious piles of seafood. From crab to large prawns, I had to physically restrain myself from piling my plate on high. Plus, the shells practically popped right off when I was peeling the prawns – 100% my ideal freshness level.

parkroyal oyster

It’s hard to walk past the live oyster shucking station without grabbing a few of these babies. They glistened in the light and were an absolute delight to slurp down with a healthy squeeze of lemon.

parkroyal sashimi

Okay, I might’ve gone overboard on the raw stuff but I couldn’t resist freshly sliced sashimi either. The chef recommended a mix of octopus, tuna and salmon and I don’t think I will be content with just salmon sashimi at a buffet ever again. The variety of textures was something I never knew I needed till I had them. 

parkroyal dessert

If your folks aren’t into fancy Westernised log cakes, they can end their meal with a nice bowl of warm Barley, Soya Bean or Green Bean Soup. For something a little more exciting, create your own ice kachang from scratch! This local dessert lets you end a hearty meal on an icy and sweet note.


Fabulous Festive Fare


parkroyal fabulous festive fare

It’s the season of giving, so it’s only right to treat those closest to your heart to a luxurious feast in comfort without having to worry about the quality of food. With food cooked upon order and oysters shucked on request, there’s no doubt that you’ll only be consuming the freshest possible here. 

The Fabulous Festive Fare is available from 16 December to 1 January, 12pm to 2.30pm and 6pm to 10pm daily. Prices start from $48++ for lunch, $75++ for dinner. Alternatively, you can bring bae along since there’s a special price of $118++ per pair! Refer to the table below for more details:

parkroyal fabulous festive fare

Reserve your seat at The Fabulous Festive Fare today!

Make your reservations at +65 6505 5710 or email

This post was brought to you by PARKROYAL on Beach Road.

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