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8 Outdoor Activities In Singapore For Couples Who Always Say They Want To Get Fit Together

Outdoor activities for couples in Singapore

The best part of being in a relationship is probably the fact that you now have a default +1 to bring on all your dates and food escapades. But more than just a growing love for each other, all this feasting can also lead to an expanding waistline – for the both of you.

If you and bae are looking for new date ideas to burn those calories, don’t just settle for your usual run or odd badminton session. From dancing under the stars to acroyoga, here’s a list of outdoor activities for couples that promise fun and a ripped body while you’re at it.

Look out for our pro tips to enjoy these workouts, fuss-free.

1. Acroyoga – Level up your trust with couples yoga

Image credit: @enyagottahavepatience via Instagram

Essentially yoga with airborne poses, acroyoga is a fun practice which combines yoga, acrobatics, and even Thai massage. Overall, these sessions will help to trust between you and your partner since you’ll be attempting contortionist-worthy poses that require teamwork to pull off.

While these classes look like you’ll need a degree in circus tricks, you can find beginner-friendly classes at Jyan Yoga. They’re the first studio in Singapore to introduce the sport with instructors who’ll be able to tune classes to your fitness level.

Pro tip: Wear comfortable clothing that doesn’t restrict your movement to nail those stretches.

Rates: From $22/class

Address: 64 Prinsep Street, #02-01, Singapore 188667
Opening hours: Mon 9.30am-6.30pm | Tue, Thu, Sat 10am-1.30pm | Wed, Fri, Sun 5pm-8.30pm
Contact: 9786 9626 | Jyan Yoga website

2. Paddle boating – Cruise Jurong Lake or Marina Bay & tone those leg muscles

Leg day doesn’t always entail spending an hour doing leg presses or lunges. You’ll get just as solid a leg workout with an hour-long paddle boating ride over at PAssion WaVe at Jurong Lake Gardens and Marina Bay.

The boat is shaped like a little sampan, except with a paddling mechanism that’s installed in the middle. There’s also a canopy for shade so you won’t have to worry about getting burnt.
Other activities like kayaking are available too.

Image credit: Jurong Lake Gardens

From $16 nett, you’ll get to sit back, enjoy the tranquil views of the city skyline or the open landscape of Jurong Lake gardens while shedding a few calories at the same time.

Pro tip: Bring along a bottle of water and stay hydrated while you’re paddling on the lake.

Marina Bay
Address: 11 Rhu Cross #01-01, Singapore 437440
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 9am-6pm (Closed on Mondays)
Contact: 6296 6683 

Jurong Lake Gardens
Address: 100 Yuan Ching Road, Singapore 618662
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 9am-6pm (Closed on Mondays)
Contact: 6970 4262 | PAssion WaVe website

3. Kayak Fishing Tour – Catch fish from a kayak out at sea

Image credit: via Instagram

You may have caught bae’s heart, but that doesn’t mean you should stop fishing for opportunities to be closer. Try Fever’s kayak fishing tour where you and your partner can try your hand at fishing from a kayak. You can opt for 2 individual kayaks, but if the both of you are an inseparable pair, you’ll also be able to get cosy in a single kayak.

The tours vary in location and distance. The Finding Nemo expedition at East Coast Park is great for first-timers who are new to paddle boating and fishing, as it covers an achievable distance of 2km-5km. You may even spot (and catch) different species of fish like groupers, snappers, and tuskfish!

Image credit: Fever Singapore

For couples who wish to dive into the deep end of being adventurous, check out the Island Hopper option. As its name suggests, you’ll be island-hopping from Sentosa to the Southern Islands where you can see vibrant reefs and untouched beaches. This journey will take 6 hours and you’ll be able to snag queenfish and mackerel.

Pro tip: Wear lots of sunscreen as you’re going to be exposed out at sea for several hours.

Rates: From $129/5-7 pax

Book a kayak fishing tour.

4. Canopy Skywalk – Tackle a high elements obstacle course

Image credit: @kcajaronoel via Instagram

Those who wish to bring their love to new heights can check out the canopy skywalk at Yishun. You’ll be suspended 15m-18m in the air and tasked to walk across a 100m sky bridge that’s split into 4 different sections – zig-zag trail, flying fox, cargo net bridge, and broken island.

Image credit: Meetup

And if this activity alone isn’t enough to satisfy your thrill-seeking side, you can hit up the rock walls in the vicinity.

Pro tip: Make sure you’re wearing shoes that can’t slip off while you’re on the canopy obstacle course.

Rates: $30/pax

SAFRA Yishun
Address: 60 Yishun Ave 4, Singapore 769027
Opening hours: Daily, 9am-9pm
Contact: 6852 8200 | SAFRA website

5. Salsa Under The Stars – Improve your coordination with latin dance

Image credit: Salsa Under The Stars SG via Facebook

Dancing outdoors under the night sky seems like something only heard of in the rom-coms of Hollywood. But it turns out you can actually get in on the action right here in Singapore at the monthly outdoor Latin dance sessions held by Salsa Under The Stars.  

The best part is, these dance workshops are completely free and you don’t need any experience to join in. Some of the dance genres you’ll be exposed to in a single session include Salsa, Bachata, and Cha Cha. To attend, simply make your way to Kult Kafe on Emily Hill every first Friday of the month.

Pro tip: Wear comfortable, airy clothing because salsa dancing can work up quite a sweat.

Kult Kafe
Address: 11 Upper Wilkie Road, Singapore 228120
Opening hours: Tue-Wed 5pm-12am | Thu-Fri 5pm-1am | Sat 3pm-1am | Sun 3pm-12am (Closed on Mondays)
Contact: 9389 2185 | Kult Kafe website

6. Odyssey Boards – Learn longboarding from the pros

Image credit: Seek Sophie

It’s been 20 years since Avril Lavigne first introduced sk8r boi to sk8r girl, but this one-true pairing reigns supreme. If the 2 of you want to rock each other’s worlds, then it’s high-time you both learnt how to actually skateboard.

Odyssey Boards is where you’ll be able to pick up this skill, but instead of a regular skateboard, it’s a longboard you’ll be skating on. As the name suggests, the board is long, which makes it easier to balance on.

During your 1-hour lesson, you’ll master the basics like pushing, carving, and braking – all the essential skills you need to confidently cruise around on your longboard. Plus, you don’t need your own board to learn; you can rent one at an extra $10.

Rates: $37/pax

Address: 1 Stadium Drive, Gate 17 National Stadium, Singapore 397629
Opening hours: By appointment only
Contact: 8921 9791 | Odyssey Boards website

7. SAFRA Yishun Adventure Centre – Try out SG’s highest rock wall

Image credit: @jhes_travels via Instagram

Perhaps you and your partner have already hopped on the hype train of having your dates at a rock climbing gym. But this one at SAFRA Yishun is held outdoors and at 15m-high is Singapore’s tallest rock wall, if you really want to put your relationship to the test.

Image credit: SAFRA Yishun

To ensure safety and a smooth climbing experience, only climbers holding a Singapore National Climbing Standard (SNCS) Level 1 certification or higher are permitted to use the facilities. This ensures that you’ll be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to tackle the wall safely and confidently.

Rates: $12.95/pax (SAFRA members) | $17.85 (non-members)

Address: 60 Yishun Ave 4, Singapore 769027
Opening hours: Daily, 9am-9pm
Contact: 6852 8200 | SAFRA website

8. HydroDash Sentosa – Conquer obstacles at an inflatable water park

Couples with a competitive streak to them will have a day of thrills and spills at HydroDash, the inflatable water park at Sentosa. There are a bunch of obstacles to climb and jump all over, just be careful where you bounce – one wrong move could land you in the sea.

Obstacles you can conquer together as a couple include the Flip, a floating catapult on water, and the Action Tower XXL, where you can test your endurance by climbing, crawling, hanging, and sliding all above the water.

Pro tip: For safety reasons, you are not allowed to wear glasses.

Rates: From $22/pax

Address: 54 Palawan Beach Walk, Singapore 098233
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 12pm-6pm | Sat-Sun 10am-6pm
Contact: 6277 7090 | HydroDash website

(Closed) Tree climbing

Image credit: Human Naturally via Facebook

Who would’ve thought that climbing trees could become a sport in its own right? Human Naturally has classes that incorporate natural environments, and that includes tree climbing. Their Climb Like A Monkey exercise will have you using your core muscles and stamina to scale high branches and beams.

Pro tip: If you don’t quite have 20/20 vision, you’ll want to wear contact lenses to gauge accurate distances between tree branches.

(Closed) Parkour

Image adapted from: @movesingapore via Instagram

Couples looking to get even more physical can opt for Parkour at MOVE Academy Singapore the next time you paktor. It isn’t a barrier if you’ve no prior experience, as the variety of classes caters to both beginners and pros alike.

They have different types of parkour courses like Kinstretch, which is centred around improving your flexibility. Level Up Adult is for those who are a little more confident, so you can try the basic techniques of parkour in settings like parks and playgrounds.

Pro tip: If you wear spectacles, don a pair of contact lenses so you can move more freely.

Activities for couples who want to get fit

Reaching your fitness goals becomes much easier when you have your significant other right beside you for motivation. With these workouts that go beyond the conventional gym session, you’ll have plenty of fun, healthy activities for your future dates.

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 Other things to do outdoors in Singapore:

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Cover image adapted from: @enyagottahavepatience via Instagram, Fever Singapore, Seek Sophie
Originally published on 4th July 2019. Last updated by Shivani Supramani on 24th November 2023.


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