Where the old boys gather 


Old Boys Gallery is a quiet and unassuming number along Kampong Bahru Road, but from a glance at the hand-scribbled writing on the glass doors, your curiosity’s instantly piqued. 

Stepping in is like entering a different world. From the vibrant paints and photo frames, it looks like an art gallery – if not for the regiments of beer hanging on the wall.

Yet, while they’re neatly arrayed, there are so many beers of different shapes and sizes brewed from all over the world that “a motley crew of beer” is a better collective noun in this context. Hmm.

Trooper Beer, inspired by Iron Maiden.

The British ‘Trooper’ beer, inspired by Iron Maiden, really caught my eye. I tried it and it was rich and full-bodied – bringing to mind a British pub full of loud and noisy men. My colleague opted for a lighter, ‘girlier’ Belgian white ale – whimsical, sweet, and velvety. We think beer fans will be popping in and out of here regularly – you could probably have a different beer every day for three or four months. With that, it’s on to the food.




To start off your meal right, how about some Sweet Potato Fries with Curry Mustard Dip ($7.90)? A delightful contemporary spin on an old dish, this is one starter we won’t forget for a while. The curry mustard dip goes really well with the sweet potato, but you can also request for wasabi mayo and sweet onion chutney dips at $2 each. 




We managed to get a sampler of several of their side dishes. The dishes featured are the Cremini In Disguise ($11), the OBG Crab Cake ($11), and the OBG Wings ($11). 

Let’s start with the Cremini In Disguise, which came in a black bowl. These were breaded portobello mushrooms topped with Louisiana spices, and were crispy and flavourful. It may well be the dish that makes you a fan of fungi. The OBG Crab Cakes were billed as one of their signature dishes, but I didn’t find them particularly memorable – perhaps it would go better with one of their sauces. Finally, the OBG Wings were smothered in marmite sauce, but managed to retain all its crispiness and crunchiness. 

However, if we had to pick only one, we’d still go back for the Cremini In Disguise. Mushroom lawbreakers? Why not? 




One of Old Boys Gallery’s signature dishes, the Roast Pork Aglio Olio ($14.90) promises to ‘let flavors dance dangerously in your mouth’. The idea of doing a flamenco with pasta and a pig may sound strange to some, but we’d have to give this dish kudos for its bold originality while managing to balance the distinctive aglio olio flavour with the succulent and crispy roast pork. Just the right amount of garlic and salt, we reckon. 

The Manster Burger (Beef) ($17.90) is stacked up with a sunny side up, cheese, bacon, and caramelised onion. It comes with ample condiments and is guaranteed to fill you up, but for a more unique experience, you may want to try their pasta dishes and beers. After all, burgers are everywhere these days. 


The Verdict


Although the main dishes of Old Boys Gallery are perfectly decent in their own right, OBG’s strong points are still its beers and sides. OBG strikes us as a wonderful hangout to waste a lazy afternoon away with some old friends while sipping on some cool beers. It could also be a nice place for a date – you may even find out that the biggest thing the two of you have in common is a repressed love for modern art. That would certainly hit all the right spots. 

Verdict: 7.5/10


Oktoberfest Promo!


Only for the month of October, Old Boys Gallery is introducing a special platter that will include a 1kg pork knuckle, chorizo, lamb and beef sausages, Australian ribeye, sauerkraut, and German potato with crispy bacon for $69 nett.

There’s also a free pint of beer for every 3 pints ordered when you order this platter in October, so make it a point to visit Old Boys Gallery in October with friends and family! 

Address: 67 Kampong Bahru Rd, 169371
Tel: 9187 0756
Opening Hours: 11am – 11.30pm daily

This post was brought to you by Old Boys Gallery.