About Open Door Policy


With the explosion of cafes in Singapore, it is easy to lose track of the noticeable ones – not all cafes are created equally – but you must remember Open Door Policy. Situated in the hipster hot spot of Tiong Bahru neighbourhood, Open Door Policy (ODP) is managed by Spa Esprit Group – the same owners of Forty Hands Coffee and Tiong Bahru Bakery. 

ODP has recently launched a new 10-item brunch menu, building on its promise of consistently great tastes, portions, and quality. With bolder flavours, a higher level of complexity, premium ingredients, and a spark of innovation, Open Door Policy promises to provide a casual gourmet experience of good food and booze.

Upon hearing about ODP’s use of sophisticated cooking techniques, alongside freshly imported produce from Europe and rustic loaves baked in-house, we were excited to start stuffing ourselves!


The Food 


Roast Wagyu Rump, Poached Eggs, Chilli Bearnaise and Brioche Bun ($28)


b2ap3_thumbnail_Open-Door-Policy-2-of-22.jpgWhat I love about poached eggs is the way they break apart at the slightest poke – almost like a lava cake – and this didn’t disappoint. The poached eggs were delicious, and the chilli bearnaise, though not spicy, added a little extra oomph. The roast wagyu rump was tender and chewy, and when combined with the bed of lettuce and crispy brioche bun, it made for a satisfying dish.


Ham & Cheese Croque Madame with Fried Egg, Rocket and Gherkin Emulsion ($26)


b2ap3_thumbnail_Open-Door-Policy-4-of-22.jpgThe first thing that caught my attention was the wobbly egg yolk, which is the mark of a perfect sunny side up. The Ham & Cheese Croque Madame was a good savoury dish – the cheese was nicely melted and complemented the flavour of the ham, yet it wasn’t too overpowering. Even though I’m no cheese fan, this dish was palatable. The fries, however, were nothing to shout about.


Smoked Salmon and Scramble Eggs Sandwich with Caperberries and Pickled Shallot ($24)


b2ap3_thumbnail_Open-Door-Policy-3-of-22.jpgWrapped at the ends with New York Times paper packaging, this dish was meant to mimic breakfast on the go in the city, though I thought it looked more like a gigantic ice-cream cone. Being a smoked salmon and scrambled egg lover, this was my favourite dish. The smoked salmon was not too salty, while the scrambled eggs were nicely cooked – not too watery or milky.


Eggs Benedict with Poached Chicken, Spinach and Green Curry Hollandaise Sauce ($21)


b2ap3_thumbnail_Open-Door-Policy-8-of-22.jpgI was extremely intrigued by the green curry hollandaise sauce – it was creative, but I was doubtful if it would work. 

While eggs benedict being many a cafe’s ‘staple food’, ODP’s Eggs Benedict stands out with its striking green sauce. Though a very creative invention – the green curry was discernible – I thought that the flavour was tame. With a more spice and flavour, this dish will go a long way. But tastebuds are subjective – my colleague loved the sauce. 

As usual, the eggs were perfect, though I’d rather have it with a brioche, as sourdough tends to be slightly hard at the crusts.


Truffle Scrambled Organic Egg with Oyster, Shimeji and Portobello Mushrooms ($22)


b2ap3_thumbnail_Open-Door-Policy-19-of-22_20150323-014012_1.jpgThe eggs, mixed with truffle paste and oil, were delicious. I particularly loved their array of four different kinds of mushrooms – full of flavour and done perfectly. 


Potato Rosti Served with Scrambled Eggs, Sliced Pork Sausages and Brown Jus ($26)


b2ap3_thumbnail_Open-Door-Policy-7-of-22.jpgThe highlight of the dish was definitely the potato rosti, which was better than the one at Marche! Fried nicely with a pleasant crisp, and devoid of any dreaded starchy flavour and raw interior, it was delicious, though too salty for my taste buds. The eggs were perfect, while the sausages were decent.


The English Breakfast with Premium British Sausages and Smoked Pancetta ($28)


b2ap3_thumbnail_Open-Door-Policy-21-of-22.jpgWith the proliferation of canned baked beans everywhere, I was impressed upon hearing that the baked beans here are homemade, and that the juicy tomato is imported from France. This breakfast set was a hearty one – I loved the portobello mushrooms and juicy premium British sausages.


Buttermilk Pancake with Creme Patisserie, Poached Strawberries, Ice Cream ($22)


b2ap3_thumbnail_Open-Door-Policy-15-of-22.jpgPerfect for a romantic dessert, this pretty dish will appeal to all the girls out there. Speckled with vanilla bean, the wonderfully smooth artisanal ice-cream is made in-house from brown sugar and vanilla. Paired with fluffy pancakes, soft and sweet poached strawberries, and crispy freeze-dried raspberries, this dish was a wealth of textures.


Chocolate Pistachio Souffle with Creme Anglaise ($18)


b2ap3_thumbnail_Open-Door-Policy-22-of-22.jpgThe souffle was pretty – it had the desired rise which is notoriously difficult to get, and we watched in anticipation as the waiter sliced it open and poured the creme anglaise in. Unfortunately the inside of the souffle tasted slightly ‘eggy’, though the subtle notes of pistachio were detectable and the creme anglaise at the bottom was delicious.


The Drinks


ODP also just launched a new cocktail menu curated by Tippling Club’s Head Bartender Kamil Foltan, which promises light and refreshing tipples to complement the hearty dishes available.


Kentucky Mary – Light Smokey Notes from a Bbq, Bacon and a Whiskey Finish ($18)


b2ap3_thumbnail_Open-Door-Policy-12-of-22.jpgThe dehydrated bacon was an interesting addition both visually and taste-wise – the smokiness of the bacon elevated what would otherwise have been an ordinary Bloody Mary. 


Grapefruit Julep – Honey Vodka, Mint, Grapefruit Juice, Lime Juice, Grenadine ($20)


b2ap3_thumbnail_Open-Door-Policy-6-of-22.jpgMore suitable for the ladies, this drink was light and refreshing, with a slight tang from the grapefruit and lime juices.




Overall, their brunch menu was good – every single egg was cooked perfectly, and much finesse was put into the food presentation. I loved how creative some of the dishes were, with unconventional ingredients that worked to create a good pairing of flavours. b2ap3_thumbnail_Open-Door-Policy-1-of-22.jpgThe minimalist decor provided a cozy industrial vibe, while the natural sunlight streaming in was sufficient for a pleasant meal and for food photography (read: Instagram). Even though the prices are a little steep, the service and food will delight brunch lovers.


Getting There


Open Door Policy is within walking distance of Tiong Bahru MRT.

Address: 19 Yong Siak Street, Singapore 168650
Telephone: 6221 9307
Opening Hours: 12pm – 3pm, 6pm – 10pm (Closed on Tuesdays) 

This post was brought to you by Open Door Policy