NLB’s Pop-Up Manga Library Has Comics Like Naruto & One Piece, Only 2 Months Left To Visit

NLB Manga Library at City Square Mall

Monkey D. Luffy, Goku, Detective Conan – names every true manga fan is all too familiar with. Well, those who love immersing themselves in the fictional world of these heroes, villains, and plot twists can now browse through popular Japanese comics at the NLB Manga Library.

Situated on the 4th floor of City Square Mall, the pop-up boasts collections such as Dragon Ball Z and Legend of Zelda as well as local titles like Mr Kiasu. It’s only gonna be there till the end of August 2023, so spend an afternoon or two here getting your dose of good ‘ol Japanese entertainment.

Over 5,000 manga books including classics like Naruto

Image credit: @nlbsingapore via Instagram

Manga fans will be delighted to know that the library features about 5,000 manga books including a number of well-liked series. We’re talking Beyblade, Haikyuu!!, Fairy Tail, and fan-favourite One Piece. Those not into manga might still find that some of these names ring a bell because they have been turned into anime series that you can catch on Netflix.

Cult favourite Bleach manga series.
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Japanese publisher Shogakukan Asia has provided about a thousand of the books on display here including Assassin’s Creed: Blade of Shao Jun and Pokémon Adventures RGB.

Image credit: @nlbsingapore via Instagram

Singaporean pride shines through with a whole section dedicated to local comics. The books here have very kindly been lent by collectors to provide a variety of genres and access to series that aren’t commonly found. Some of the local titles include Captain V and Bookworm Gang Adventures.

Kid-friendly manga books.
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We should note that not all the manga books at the library can be brought out of the premises. Some can be borrowed for free, just as you would at any of the public libraries in Singapore, while others can only be read while at the pop-up.

It’s easy to tell which ones are for borrowing and which are for reference only as they’ll be placed on specific shelves labelled accordingly. In case your kid unknowingly tries to smuggle out a reference book, the exit gantry will stop them.

Image credit: @aqilahreads via Instagram

If you’re not sure where to start your manga journey, Mr Kiasu here acts as a librarian offering recs based on your interest. Simply walk up to the counter and ask him for help – you might just discover a page-turner you can’t put down.

And if you can’t find a particular title on the shelves, don’t forget to check out the NLB eResources website where they may have digital copies of the manga series you’re looking for.

First self-service Grab-n-Go pop-up library

To enter the library, you’ll need an ID that has been registered with NLB affirming you’re a library member or you can scan your library e-card via the NLB Mobile App.

Image adapted from: JK Ong via Google Maps, @viezamz via Instagram

Everything here is self-service, so all you need to do is grab your pile of books, step into the exit gantry where books in your hand will automatically get scanned, confirm the items borrowed, and then make your way out.

In case you’re still not sure about how to make a loan, Mr Kiasu can also offer easy step-by-step instructions to follow.

Borrow comic books for free at the NLB Manga Library

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Whether you’re a huge fan of manga or want to give this genre a go, make your way down to the pop-up library before the end of next month to gain access to as many as 5,000 comic books. Some of these titles are quite rare and hard to find too.

Address: 180 Kitchener Road, #04-11/12/13, City Square Mall Singapore 208539
Opening hours: 10am-10pm, Daily

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Cover image adapted from: @nlbsingapore & @aqilahreads via Instagram

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