Nintendo Switch Gets A New Super-Chio Mario-Themed Red And Blue Colourway On 12th Feb 2021

Nintendo Switch Mario Red and Blue Edition

If there was one common big-ticket purchase many of us made last year, it’d be the glorious Nintendo Switch. We love it for feeding our Animal Crossing and Overcooked addictions and now, the company is launching a new limited-edition Mario Kart-themed console on 12th February 2021, for anyone looking for an upgrade.

Unique bright-red design with a matching carrying case

Image credit: Nintendo Switch

Previously, most of Nintendo Switch’s consoles kept to a rather standard design: a simple black body with coloured Joy-Cons. The Mario Red and Blue Edition however, is very different.

Sporting a striking red and blue design, this is something you absolutely can’t miss – both in terms of getting your hands on and spotting with your eyes. Klutzy folks who often misplace their Joy-Cons on the couch after a game will have no trouble finding these! 

Image credit: Nintendo Switch

A first for the Switch, the body in this new console is almost completely red. To go with it are a pair of red Joy-Cons, blue straps, blue handgrips and a red dock for connecting to the TV. To keep it safe from scratches, each themed bundle also comes with a screen protector and nifty carrying case decorated with Super Mario motifs.

Image credit: Nintendo Switch

Pre-order in Singapore at $499

Thankfully, there’s no need to hunt for it on Amazon or other international retail platforms as the product is expected to be stocked up at popular game retailers in Singapore. If you’d like to be one of the firsts in Singapore to get your hands on one, Qisahn has already opened up slots for pre-orders at SGD$499

Get your Mario Red and Blue Edition Switch

Regardless of whether you love the design or are looking to upgrade your old console, the Nintendo Switch’s Mario Red and Blue Edition is certainly one to look out for. More than 24.9K people have retweeted the announcement on Twitter so you can bet you aren’t the only one anticipating its arrival!

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Cover image adapted from: Nintendo Switch

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