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As the holiday season approaches, Deepavali and Christmas decorations aren’t the only things to look forward to. Whether your gaming set-up screams expert or noob, it’s time to bring out your collection of games to pass the idle time. But if your library is looking a little sparse, you can populate it with Amazon Prime Gaming’s monthly games.

With just $2.99 a month, game your days away with an Amazon Prime membership that gives you both in-game loot and a monthly selection of games. Here are our top picks from this month’s collection for you to claim them before they expire.

1. Ghostrunner – Cyberpunk world with a sword-wielding ninja

Image credit: Ghostrunner

Fast-paced games like Doom have you on the edge of your seat and the adrenaline rush can be a welcome change from your mundane routine. Ghostrunner, a first-person shooter/parkour game is sure to raise your pulse and make you feel like a badass while playing it. 

It’s set in a cyberpunk-themed world, and you’ll play a sword-wielding ninja known as The Ghostrunner who awakens with no memory but is instructed to free someone known as the Architect. Though the game does follow a storyline, it doesn’t get in the way of the rapid mechanics and fast-paced gameplay.

Get Ghostrunner.

Expires 2nd November 2021.

2. Tiny Robots – Point and click puzzle game with boss levels

Image credit: Big Loop Studios

Cute robots. Simple controls. Straightforward storyline. Tiny Robots is a point and click puzzle game that is easy to pick up and fun to play. Each level is relatively short with a straightforward end goal which is to move on to the next room so that you can save your robot friends. 

After moving through the puzzle rooms, you can check out the game’s arcade mode of classic puzzles that get more difficult with each one you clear. If you’re a fan of puzzles, Tiny Robots is a great game to pass the time or even just to destress for a few minutes.

Claim Tiny Robots by selecting “claim game” on Amazon Prime Gaming.

Expires 2nd November 2021.

3. Song of Horror – Cluedo-like game with a terrifying ghost

Image credit: Raiser Games

For fans of Resident Evil or the old Silent Hill games, this one’s for you. Song of Horror, released in 2020, pays tribute to the classic genre of survival horror. Here, you’ll play as multiple characters in the third person, to investigate the disappearance of a famed writer, Sebastian P. Husher.

Search for clues in the writer’s house, all the while watching your back for a terrifying supernatural entity known as The Presence. Try not to get attached to the characters, though – the game has a permadeath function and you could lose some of your beloved characters for good. 

Claim Song of Horror Complete Edition by selecting “claim game” on Amazon Prime Gaming.

Expires 2nd November 2021.

4. STAR WARS: Squadrons – Starfighter simulator playable in VR

Image credit: Amazon Games

Elon Musk might not have found a way to bring us to space yet but Star Wars: Squadrons can give you a taste of the experience. Fans of the franchise would be familiar with the starfighter models in the Star Wars universe and this game lets you pilot them in a first person POV.

Engage in 5v5 dogfights with your team while you explore an easter-egg-filled storyline set after the events of Return of the Jedi. For maximum immersion, this game is also available in VR which completely transforms your experience whether you’re playing alone or with friends.

Get Star Wars: Squadron.

Expires 2nd November 2021.

5. Alien: Isolation – Horror survival game for Alien fans

Image credit: Amazon Games

If you were a fan of the horror classic Alien movie, you might want to check out this game. Alien: Isolation is set a few years after the events of the original 1979 film and you play the daughter of the film’s protagonist, Ripley, seeking answers for her mother’s disappearance. 

Like many horror games, the main goal is simple: survive. Great graphics and easter eggs aside, the game will have you in complete tension as you creep across the ship avoiding both the Alien and hostile crewmates. Using both the scavenging and stealth mechanics, you’ll have to be quick on your feet to keep yourself alive against the AIs.  

Get Alien: Isolation.

Expires 2nd November 2021.

6. Blue Fire – RPG with a charming art style

Image credit: Graffiti Games

You first wake up as a little character known only as “the protagonist”. Armed with your trusty sword, and your dash and jump mechanics, you have to explore an abandoned castle seemingly overrun by dark forces. 

Blue Fire is an adorable 3D platformer with a simple quest line and charming graphics. The game is mostly casual but does have timed tasks which will have you frantically mashing WASD and the space key. As you progress through the storyline, your character will also become more powerful with added health and maneuverability throughout the game.

Claim Blue Fire by selecting “claim game” on Amazon Prime Gaming.

Expires 2nd November 2021.

7. Red Wings: Aces of the Sky – Arcade-style flight game

Image credit: redwingsthegame

You can never go wrong with arcade-style games. After all, simple and short gameplay is great for casual gamers who are looking for a way to pass the time. Red Wings: Aces of the Sky is particularly great for those who are new to flying simulators with its easy-to-understand objectives and controls.

Set in World War I, you’ll fly historically accurate planes as you engage in dogfights and battle against swarms of enemies. The gameplay also includes flight challenges that require you to fly through a series of rings. All this is laid on top of the classic comic-book style art that makes it both fun and addictive to play.

Claim Red Wings: Aces of the Sky by selecting “claim game” on Amazon Prime Gaming.

Expires 2nd November 2021. 

Build your library of games with an Amazon Prime membership

If you’ve been replaying the same few games over the past year, you can try new ones with a $2.99/month Amazon Prime membership. This gives you access to a rotating collection of games that Amazon members can claim and keep forever. These always include titles for any gamer, from casual co-ops like Tools Up to survival horror games like Alien: Isolation.

Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Login to your Amazon account
  2. Click “claim” on your desired game
  3. Download the Amazon Games app – look for the file “AmazonGamesSetup.exe”
  4. Login to the app and install your games

The membership also allows you to unlock in-game loot for popular titles such as Genshin Impact and Valorant. You don’t have to download all your games and loot at one go either – simply “claim” them first, and they’ll be added to your library. 

You even get a free monthly subscription to any Twitch channel or broadcaster, along with a list of benefits such as exclusive emoticons and badges.

Even if you’re doing great in-game, you can also level-up your IRL experience at the Amazon Gaming Store to maximise your comfort with the likes of monitors and controllers. Prime members can also enjoy free international delivery and free eligible domestic delivery from now till 31st December 2021 so you can go ham on Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales for early holiday shopping

On top of that, an Amazon Prime membership gives you access to a slew of movies and TV series for you to buckle down and enjoy the holidays at home with your family. With just $2.99, you’ll be more than well-equipped to take on the boredom of the holidays and improve your repertoire of games.

Even if you’re not a Prime member yet, you can always start on a 30-day trial and give it a shot first.

Get your Amazon Prime membership here

This post was brought to you by Amazon.
Cover image adapted from: Forbes, Amazon Games

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