Night-time jobs in Singapore


Having to go to work during the day may not be the most suitable option for everyone, whether you’re busy with daytime studies or just a night owl who prefers to get things done when others are settling down to rest.

With FastJobs, it’s possible to make money as the majority of Singapore is fast asleep. If you’re looking to supplement your income without having to tahan the scorching Singapore sun, here are some night jobs for you:


1. Warehouse assistant/storekeeper @ JTE Recruit Pte Ltd (up to $2,500/month)


FastJobs (1) - Earn $2,500 a month at night

Image adapted from: Tidiki

Who needs a gym membership when you get to haul items daily to build up those #fitspo biceps? As a warehouse assistant/storekeeper through JTE Recruit, you’ll deal with bulky packages that require packing and taking stock, plus bonus exercise for your brain cells as you figure out a real-life game of tetris when loading items!

Training is provided when first starting out, and you’ll get to choose either a 8PM – 5:45AM or 8:30PM – 6:15AM shift before committing to a 8PM – 8AM shift from the second month onwards. Transport is also provided to the North and East, so you don’t have to go through legs day on the way home after an upper body workout.

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2. Retail supervisor @ NTUC Fairprice Co-operative Ltd


 FastJobs (3) - Fairprice retail supervisor

Image source: Fairprice

It’s nice to be able to build a team around you working towards a common goal, so taking on the role of a retail supervisor with NTUC Fairprice will allow you to fulfill those ambitions of leading a team to excellence.

You’ll be responsible for planning inventory, keeping track of sales and profits, and training and supervising a team of retail assistants for smooth daily operations. An “O” Level or Higher NITEC cert in a relevant field and good leadership skills are a must, with a service-oriented mindset to cater to the varying needs of customers highly valued.

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3. Security officer (Bouncer) @ Zouk ($11/hr)


If you’ve ever dreamt of pulling a Gandalf in real life – y’know, “You shall not pass!” – becoming a bouncer with the renowned nightclub Zouk is the next best step. With a pay of $11/hr, you’ll have to ensure the security and safety of the premises before operations begin, ultimately making it a safe environment for partygoers.

Those years of working out will finally be put to good use, as you can proudly display your muscular figure for a bigger presence. You’ll also handle potential lost items, so when someone comes to claim their dropped wallet, you can stock up on those good karma points too.

Note: A PLRD security licence is required, which you can apply for here.

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4. Night Patrol Officer @ Prosegur Singapore Pte Ltd ($2,900/month)


 FastJobs (4) - Prosegur night patrol officer

Image source: Prosegur

Bravado and intrepidity are the name of the game as a night patrol officer with Prosegur, especially since the first line of security rests in your hands as you are placed on sentry duty for a protected compound. You’ll have to watch for potential suspicious characters lurking around the corner, giving you a chance to feel like Secret Agent 007 himself.

You’ll earn an attractive basic salary with allowance, with benefits of the job including a school bursary, bonus, Union of Security Employees membership and a referral reward when you introduce others to join. Likewise, a PLRD security licence is needed, which you can apply for here.

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5. Valet driver @ Prestige Valet Pte Ltd ($7.50/hr)


FastJobs (2) - Prestige Valet valet driver

Image source: Prestige Valet

Getting to be at the wheel of a car is always exciting, especially when it’s a swanky sedan. As a valet driver for Prestige Valet, you’ll get the opportunity to try all sorts of vehicles and fulfill your Ryan Gosling in Drive fantasy when clients hand over their car keys to you.

Drivers can enjoy flexible shift choices and a multitude of tips – plus, there’ll be a one-hour buffet* provided for those who’ve done 6-hour shifts, meaning you wouldn’t have to worry about late-night hunger pangs! Transport home is also available for drivers after the 12am shift, which is great for when you’ve done a whole night of driving yourself.

*Selected locations only

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6. Freelance courier @ Qourier (up to $20/hr)


 FastJobs (6) - Qourier freelance courier

Image source: Qourier

For a no-commitment opportunity, Qourier gives you the option to truly work-as-you-wish. All you need is to be at least 16 years old and own a smartphone and you’re good to go!

Though the job as a courier is made easy if you own your own mode of transport – like a car or bike – applicants will be glad to know that you can still carry out deliveries while commuting via public transport.

Qourier allows you to earn up to, $10-20 per hour, which is great for those who looking for miscellaneous income. All you’ll need is to attend their new employee briefing and download Qourier’s app on your phone!

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7. Sales Associate @ Don Don Donki ($1,600/month)


 FastJobs (7) - Donki sales associate

Image source: Donki

Having a sense of humour has never been a necessity for a job, but becoming a sales associate with Don Don Donki means you’ll get to stock up on the extensive range of wacky items the Japanese discount chain provides – such as Lady Gaga costumes for men!

However, the store’s seeking serious commitment to the midnight shift, since it’s just one of the few establishments stationed along Orchard Road open at such timings. A 5-day work week means you’ll be getting a $1,600 monthly paycheck along with a daily dose of laughter.

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8. Part-time driving instructor @ ComfortDelGro ($13/hr)


 FastJobs (8) - ComfortDelGro part-time driving instructor

Image source: Singapore Private Driving Instructor

Considered the above job as a valet driver but want to groom some “disciples” of your own? Become a part-time driving instructor with ComfortDelGro, where you’ll be able to impart your driving mastery unto budding wheelmen – all from the air-conditioned comfort of a car.

Holding a Class 3 driving licence with a clean record is a must, but there’s an additional 1.5 month training period of 6:30PM – 10:30PM for when you first join to keep you up to speed with the job requirements. Leave and sign-on benefits are available as well.

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9. Buffet service crew @ I’m Kim Korean BBQ ($1,200/month)


 FastJobs (9) - I'm Kim buffet service crew

Image source: @favesg

Take your love for Korean BBQ to the next level when you become a buffet service crew for I’m Kim Korean BBQ. As a glutton seeking satisfaction, you’ll get to handle your favourite delicacies on a daily basis and understand how they’re prepared beforehand.

An outgoing personality is a valuable trait since you’ll be dealing with customers directly, helping to clear their tables and stocking up what’s needed. The fast environment means plenty of moving around to provide an enjoyable experience for all diners, letting you work all those past Korean BBQ diets out and stay fit!

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Work-it through the night with FastJobs


 FastJobs (10) - Work-it through the night

Image source: FastJobs

Finding work outside of regular office hours may not be the easiest thing, but that doesn’t have to be the case when there are a large variety of fields for you to choose from. With the workforce constantly keeping up with advancements, there are always new skills to be of use to others.

FastJobs is a great online portal for when you want to seek employment outside of conventional office work. With plenty of employers offering skills-based and non-executive jobs, you can be sure to find something to suit your nocturnal schedule.

 FastJobs (11) - Mobile app

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FastJobs’ website and mobile app allow you to search for jobs in different sectors, such as hospitality, administration and even ad-hoc opportunities. When you’ve found a listing that catches your interest, there’s no need to worry about prepping a resume, as the app helps generate one for you with just a few taps of the screen.

The app also includes an in-built chat function which connects you to potential employers directly, and location-based searches, perfect for when you’re seeking employment opportunities on the move.

Download the app on Google Play and the App Store to search for the best jobs on the go.

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