KitKat Cereal – Newly launched in SG Supermarkets

It’s been preached time and time again – breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But let’s be honest, many of us tend to favour having a little more snooze time before school or work. For those serial breakfast skippers, let this be a motivation for you: KitKat Cereal is now available.    

You read that right – the iconic milk chocolate bar now comes in cereal form, and here’s the scoop on the new launch. 

Quick & easy chocolatey breakfast

KitKat Cereal

It doesn’t matter if you’re a milk-first or cereal-first person. The KitKat Cereal has been crafted to stay crunchy throughout your meal, so you can bid adieu to soft and mushy bits. 

KitKat Cereal

This doesn’t mean that the taste has been compromised. You can expect a yummy balance of both milky and chocolate flavours with each bite. Trust us, you wouldn’t be needing a break from eating. 

KitKat Cereal

Prep work for this is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Simply choose your milk of choice – any plant-based milk lovers here? – and mix it with the cereal. Give it a couple of swirls and your meal is ready to be enjoyed. Of course, you’re more than welcome to have this crunchy wholegrain goodness as is.

KitKat Cereal

Once you’ve gobbled up every piece of cereal, don’t wash your bowl just yet. Any leftover milk would have been well mixed with the chocolate coating, resulting in a rich cocoa mixture which you can slurp up. Use girl math and you’re basically getting a 2-in-1 deal with this.

Whether you’re having a Netflix session in the AM or grabbing some quick pick-me-up at your desk, the KitKat Cereal makes for a great addition to your pantry. And hey, with Chinese New Year coming, you can even consider serving this as a treat during bai nian sessions. 

Start your day with KitKat Cereal

KitKat Cereal

Spread the word – KitKat Cereal is now up for grabs at your local supermarkets, including RedMart, FairPrice, Giant, and Sheng Siong. This chocolate delight makes for a fuss-free breakfast option, so you no longer have to start on your day on an empty stomach.  

Get the new KitKat Cereal 

This post was brought to you by Nestlé Singapore.
Photography by Shawn Low.

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