About Inissia


Inissia is the latest coffee machine that Nespresso is launching. It boasts of its lightweight quality and small footprint, at 2.4kg it is the lightest machine they have to date. Inissia has been awarded the 2014 Red Dot prize for product design. 


I used a coffee machine for the first time when Nespresso introduced its latest product, Inissia, at its media event last Friday. When I first laid eyes on the coffee machine I was surprised that it was so small and compact.

I was later informed that Inissia is the lightest coffee machine Nespresso has to date, and it also has the smallest footprint. It is kept simple with only two buttons on the top of the machine, for different lengths of coffee – one for an expresso and one for a lungo.


My Inissia Experience



So how do you switch it on? Well, after plugging in, pressing any of the two buttons would start warming the machine up. Since there isn’t an On/Off switch, the machine simply shuts down automatically after 9 minutes of inactivity. And this is good cecause lazy people can make coffee too! I kid, this is good because it is energy efficient (:


Going back to the event, we were introduced to one of Nespresso’s barista, Mark, who concocted three different types of coffee that were inspired by the three different colours Inissia came in. As he made the drinks, he patiently guided us along so that we could make our own drinks too. Creating the drink was rather fool-proof with Mark’s guidance but achieving the colourful layers in the coffee was a whole new challenge. Sadly, my cup of coffee looked more like a smoothie.

During the process, I was kept intrigued by the Aeroccino3 milk frother, that is capable of making both hot and cold froth! As you can see, the froth produced is very light and fluffy, making it very hard to manipulate. Whilst Mark’s froth looked so presentable atop his cup of coffee, the rest of us really had a tough time making it look decent. b2ap3_thumbnail_Coffee.jpg.jpg

The drinks in the picture above were made by Mark. The ones made by me, are better left unseen. So as pictured, from left to right:

  • The Mayan Mocha made from coconut syrup and cocoa powder was inspired by the black machine. 
  • The Raspberry Rhapsody (Yes! Made with Raspberry Puree) with its pink froth was inspired by the red machine.
  • The Curacao Macchiato (Another fascinating one, made with Orange Juice!) with its blue froth was inspired by the blue sky machine.

Personally, I liked the black machine best for its classic look even though blue sky is the limited edition colour in Singapore. I also preferred the dark mocha drink to the rest because of its chocolatey taste.



Where to get it


Do not belittle its size, the Inissia has been labelled the “chilli padi” amongst the line of Nespresso machines as its size does not compromise the quality of fresh coffee it produces. Those who are new to the line of expresso machines would probably love the Inissia for its simplicity and usability, you’d be making coffee like a pro with just the push of a button.

Inissia will be launched in Singapore on the 22nd of May 2014; regardless of colour, all machines are priced at $238. 

Do note that the Aeroccino3 Milk Frother (worth $168) comes free with the purchase of an Inissia machine along with 10 sleeves of Grands Crus coffee, this offer is only valid from 22nd May to 30th June.