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Push your limits. Firm up your mental and physical tenacity. Get fit. All under the soothing comfort of nature at dusk, where the air is cool, refreshing and almost invigorating. Like how it sounds this far? Welcome to Munster Bootcamp, ladies! Time to get yourself revved up for all those heart pumping exercises.

Recently, Averlynn and I have embarked on a 3 month program with Munster Bootcamp, a sports coaching agency that specializes in strength, mental and nutrition conditioning. Munster Bootcamp offers a variety of programs ranging from Bridal Bootcamps, Mental Conditioning for Sportsmen, Fat Blaster Camps, and even customized training to prep you up for NS. 

In the first of this three part series, we share our initial impressions of this bootcamp. Here is my and Averlynn’s take on it!



Averlynn’s Take:



Was my reply when I was asked if I wanted to attend Munster Bootcamp. I was all ready to challenge myself and push myself to its limits, especially after all that CNY feasting. Time to work those pineapple tarts away!


Munster Bootcamp is basically a one hour workout session held every week with specialized trainers and a small teacher-student ratio such that every student gets all the attention they can get from the trainer.

Even though the venue, which was at Fort Canning Park wasn’t very accessible, I could see why they chose that place. Engaging in heart-palpitating exercises on the large patch of well-trimmed grass with the evening sky above really helps one to temporarily forget life’s complexities and become one with nature. Beats being in a gym and being trapped inside mirrors after mirrors any time. 


The trainer was a ball of energy and very encouraging; giving each one of us the much needed attention and correcting us if any of our postures were incorrect. We completed 3 times of a full body workout which comprised of core, legs and cardio exercises with one minute rest intervals before cooling down.

Not forgetting excellent workout music which served to power us through each heart pumping exercise.


Wei Ling’s Take: 


b2ap3_thumbnail_Fotor0219124455.pngNope, not kidding when I say that I was really excited to give Munster Bootcamp a shot! As you can see from the picture, my hair became an entire ball of sweaty mess after the 1 hour workout kicked us in the butts in all the right ways. 

It was truly enjoyable working out in the midst of Fort Canning Park, where there was this patch of synthetic field right near Gothic Gate with other people working out in the vicinity as well. This was absolutely refreshing when juxtaposed against the lame Jillian Michael & Blogilates sessions I would do in my own hood at home. 


Each session would typically include 3 sets of 9 workout exercises. For the first few sessions, in order to ease everyone into the regime, the rest time between each type of exercise lasts for 1 minute. This rest time would be gradually reduced over time as your endurance improves, and one day you’ll be able to continue each exercise without taking a break!


The exercises we were guided to do include jumping jacks, forward lunges, crunches and bicycle crunches, as well as 45 degrees squats for example. In order to ensure that you are doing it the right way, the friendly trainer, Fei, would check to make sure we were not injuring ourselves but were also making full use of the correct set of muscles.

For the side ninja crunches for instance, she would also give us the option of doing it either in pushup or plank position, which you could choose according to your level of comfort. I decided to push myself since I was fairly comfortable with all the exercises, so I chose to do it in plank position instead! Oddly felt like I was really operating in one of those Youtube workout videos I would do at home.

That said, I was pleasantly sore the next couple of days after the session. Am already looking forward to the next few, because nothing beats having a class of fellow enthusiasts working out alongside with you.


To Be Continued!



We’ve got 2 more months to go before we ‘graduate’ from this bootcamp, and let’s hope we are able to keep up with the gradual decrease of rest times as the weeks go by. Y’know they always say Train Hard or Stay The Same?

Gotta keep that in mind as we go. 

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