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muji base kamogawa cover

You Can Now Stay In A Muji House That’s >100 Years Old For An Authentic Japan Holiday

Muji Base Kamogawa – Muji Airbnb near Tokyo, Japan

Fans of Muji, this is for you. Imagine staying in a traditional Japanese house that has been redesigned by Muji with modern furnishings and utilities. Enter Muji Base Kamogawa – a quaint getaway just 1.5 hours away from Tokyo that’s available for booking for your next holiday in Japan.

The home is over a hundred years old featuring traditional architecture and interiors, as well as giving you a taste of an organic farmstay experience. And in case you’re wondering, yes, you will get to enjoy Muji toiletries and snacks too.

What to know about Muji Base Kamogawa before visiting

Muji Base Kamogawa is situated in Kamogawa, Chiba Prefecture, surrounded by mountains and rice terraces. To get here, it’s about a 90-minute car ride from Narita Airport. Driving is the most convenient and fastest way; otherwise, it’s about a 4-hour train ride with multiple line changes from Tokyo city.

muji base kamogawa house
Image credit: Muji Base Kamogawa 

A little bit of background about the place – Muji Base Kamogawa was originally a private house that was vacant and over a hundred years old. Muji took over the house and redesigned it to suit modern living while maintaining the traditional elements of a Japanese home.

In 2023, it was opened up for guests to stay via AirBnb with a maximum of 5 guests that can be accommodated at any time.

muji base kamogawa interior
Image credit: Muji Base Kamogawa 

Proposed by Muji as a place for community-based living, Muji Base Kamogawa provides guests with the authentic experience of living like the locals – from staying in a traditional Japanese house to cooking fresh local ingredients harvested from small nearby farms.

This is also a beautiful getaway opportunity from the busy city life since it’s located quite a distance away, amongst mountains and rice paddy fields.

What to expect when you stay at Muji Base Kamogawa

When Muji refurbished this ancient house, they knew that 1 night’s stay wouldn’t be enough. That said, travellers who wish to stay here must book a minimum of 2 nights to score a reservation – and enjoy the full experience, of course.

muji base kamogawa kitchen
Image credit: Muji Base Kamogawa 

Something which many guests enjoy during their stay at Muji Base Kamogawa is cooking breakfast in the morning using fresh ingredients harvested from the organic garden in front of the house – a rare farm-to-table experience. The kitchen is fully equipped with a stove, sink, fridge, cooking utensils, and tableware – basically everything you need to cook up a storm.

Basic seasonings such as salt, sugar, pepper, soy sauce, oil, vinegar, and miso are also available and free of charge.

muji base kamogawa local ingredients food set
Image credit: Muji Base Kamogawa 

If you opt to add on the local ingredients food set from Muji Base Kamogawa, you’ll be provided with 1kg of rice – enough for 10 servings, 6 eggs, 3 dried fish, and 4 sausages. The set also comes with 1 packet of pickled plums and 3 packets of natto – traditional Japanese fermented soybeans eaten daily by locals.

Do note that advanced bookings will need to be made to reserve the food and the set may change seasonally.

muji minnami-no-sato
Image credit: Airbnb

If you’d like to do grocery shopping on your own instead, there’s Muji Minnami-no-Sato – a nearby cafe and store where you can buy fresh veggies, meat, and even cooked food. All guests get 1 complimentary drink from the cafe too, along with endless refills of coffee beans and black soybeans.

If you don’t have a car on hand, you can get help booking a cab from either the Airbnb host or staff.

shikifuton and tatami
Image credit: Muji Base Kamogawa 

Something to look forward to at Muji Base Kamogawa is sleeping on shikifutons and tatamis. Shikifutons are foldable Japanese floor mattresses that can be rolled up and stowed away during the day.

muji base kamogawa tatami
Image credit: AirBnB

Tatamis, on the other hand, are woven straw mats that are placed underneath your shikifuton to add a layer of support and help with air circulation. They can also be used as a mat for sitting on the floor.

muji base kamogawa bathtub
Image credit: Muji Base Kamogawa 

The house is furnished with traditional Japanese furniture such as rattan chairs but also modern features such as bathtubs, allowing you to experience the best of culture and comfort.

muji amenties and snacks
Image adapted from: Muji Base Kamogawa 

Amenities-wise, look forward to using Muji products for your toiletries. There’s even a selection of food and snacks from Muji for you to enjoy during your stay. And no, you don’t have to pay for them like how you would if you grabbed something from the minibars in hotels. They’re all completely free for staying guests.

Other things to do at Muji Base Kamogawa

experimential learning tours
Image credit: AirBnB

If you’d like to make your experience a little more educational and enriching, Muji Base Kamogawa offers experiential learning tours. The first option is a half-day experience that allows you to learn all about the specialty dairy farm in Chiba Prefecture; while the second option is the same but allows you to bring back a bottle of milk freshly squeezed with your own hands.

The first option costs ¥5,500/adult (~S$48.36) and ¥2,500/child (~S$21.98). The second option will set you back ¥7,500/adult (~S$65.94) and ¥3,000/child (~S$26.38). Do note that you’d need to make a reservation at least 2 weeks in advance.

Have the ultimate zen getaway at Muji Base Kamogawa

AirBnb house
Image credit: Muji Base Kamogawa 

If you enjoy staying in unique AirBnbs around the world, Muji Base Kamogawa should be on your list. After all, it’s not every day you get to enjoy living in a traditional Japanese Muji house.

Rates are ¥55,000 (~S$483.20) for 3D2N which will give you access to the entire home, including the Muji snacks.

Book your stay at Muji Base Kamogawa


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Image cover adapted from: Muji Base Kamogawa