10 Creative Media Career Jobs For Students Who Have Always Felt More Arts Than Science

Media jobs in Singapore

It’s common for kids to have lofty ambitions of becoming a pop star or astronaut. As we grow older, “dream jobs” shift gears into more stable and realistic territory. That said, people who yearn for a sustained dose of creativity and pizzazz in their line of work often opt for a career in media.

If numbers and scientific theories short-circuit your brain, bid them adieu and explore these 10 media jobs in the creative industry instead.

1. Journalist – $31k to $83k a year

From acing essays in school to having articles published in the press and on the Net – that’s every avid writer’s dream. A career where “English nerds” can truly flourish, the pen becomes your metaphorical sword.

No place for flowery language here, though. Journalism is all about having sharp research skills, a keen eye for detail and an ability to deliver information to the audience in the most efficient manner possible.

Those with immense knowledge on certain matters can venture into specialisations based on passion and aptitude such as investigative journalism, sports journalism, fashion writing and so on. Aside from achieving veteran journalist status, years of experience in this field will allow you to take on roles like sub-editor, associate editor and editor.

2. Digital Media Specialist – $41k to $97k a year

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If you consider yourself a social media guru, a career in digital media might be right up your alley. Harnessing the power of technology, you’re tasked to get the word out for particular brands, products and events – and making sure the public loves it.

The role requires you to strategically draft out every aspect of a digital campaign, tapping onto key communication skills as you liaise with your team as well as external clients, stakeholders and even the influencers you’ll be collaborating with.

Rack up those sweet XP points in this gig ‘cause it’s gonna serve you well in terms of long-term career prospects. With your insider knowledge and networking connections accumulated over a few years, you’ll be highly sought after to provide mentoring and even launch your own digital media consultancy.

3. Radio Presenter – $27k to $51k a year

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Anyone who’s ever been told they’ve got the gift of the gab should consider becoming a radio presenter, a.k.a disc jockey or DJ. Imagine getting paid just to curate your favourite tunes and release your innermost thoughts onto the airwaves!

Radio shows aren’t on-the-fly though, and to execute a smooth and enjoyable session requires immense planning and preparation. It’s also crucial to be well-versed on current events so as to provide an informative and relevant voice for the people.

Experience on the job will bestow upon you managerial duties and mentorship opportunities. You’ll even be involved in exciting responsibilities such as recruiting and grooming the next generation of DJs.

4. Advertising Account Executive, Art Director or Copywriter – $26k to $89k a year

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Fans of the advertising-centric TV series Mad Men should be no stranger to these terms. Basically, the colourful world of advertising is divided between advertising account executives who manage projects clients, art directors who conceptualise the creative aspect of the campaign, and copywriters who come up with the slogan, audio scripts, print text and so on.

Optimal for those who have identified a specific passion and wish to “stay in their lane”, so to speak. You’ll be able to progress up the ranks within your department or even delve into a new specialisation and discover another forte.

5. Corporate Communications Specialist – $32k to $54k a year

Also referred to as organisational communications, corporate communications is the process within a company that essentially keeps the show running. The job scope perfectly suits anyone who happens to be a whizz at simple but nonetheless vital tasks.

Examples include clerical routines and liaison externally as well as among various departments within the organisation as a whole. Think of your myriad duties as a cumulative orchestration, ensuring the company as a whole operates like a well-oiled rig.

Climbing the corporate communications ladder allows you to become team lead in about 3 to 5 years, and the authority to spearhead a regional or global portfolio after 8 to 10 years.

6. TV Producer – $25k to $59k a year

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Whether you’re a Netflix addict or a nostalgia buff for good ol’ Kids Central favourites, it’s exciting to imagine crafting your own perfect television show.

TV producers let their creativity run wild with original pitches for new programmes. Once the ideas are approved, they take charge of the conceptualisation process together with a team and flesh it out, gradually bringing it to life before reaching mass broadcast.

From a humble production assistant, work your way up to leading a production team and feeling like a proper television mogul.

7. Web Designer – $22k to $57k a year

It’s no secret that the World Wide Web plays an extraordinary role in all our lives. Web designers are the unsung heroes making sure websites are functional yet visually stunning, so no neon yellow text on unreadable patterned backgrounds, and certainly no garish auto-play videos choking up each page.

They’re also in charge of crafting a seamless UX – short for user experience – that’s a breeze to navigate and won’t make users rage-quit trying to find what they’re looking for.

Honing your craft over the years, your skills will be in such high demand that you could consider venturing into teaching, passing the torch onto the next generation of designers.

8. Video Producer – $28k to $60k a year

The careers you could unlock with some camera know-how and proficiency in video-editing software are rather bountiful.

First off, there’s the YouTube gold mine where a channel with one million subscribers racks in roughly $2,000 per month in terms of ad revenue. Those preferring to remain behind the lens can toy with the idea of producing short-form and ultra shareable videos we see while scrolling through Facebook.

Companies are always hiring crews to film PSA explainers, corporate recruitment videos and event coverage. The list goes on, so this vocation is definitely in sky-high demand.

9. Marketing Executive – $26k to $52k a year

The base concept of marketing is to promote a product or service to potential consumers. Consider those tear-jerking or ridiculously hilarious Thai ads as the apex standard. Marketing executives have to rack their brains beyond cringey pop-up ads and in-your-face tactics that make people flee in terror instead.

As daunting as it sounds, this actually comes naturally to some – namely those described by their friends as “being able to sell water to a whale”.

A number of years in this position will transition you into a marketing management role, helming entire teams of marketing pros.

10. Public Relations Officer – $20k to $48k a year

Emergency press conferences will keep you on your toes
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While the concept may appear abstract, just think of a public relations job as the duty of building a positive relationship between the brand you’re working for and the public.

Ideal for those who thrive under high pressure, PR officers are often dealing with brand image protection and crisis management. It definitely won’t be a regular 9-to-6 deskbound gig, but you’ll have to constantly think on your feet.

Seasoned pros will get to don the roles of brand ambassador and even Director of Public Affairs.

Media degrees in Singapore

The beauty of tertiary education is that it lets you zone in on your strengths and interests. Once you decide which career path you want to venture towards, you can delve straight into the industry’s teachings without wasting precious time and brain power on subjects that aren’t essential in your field of employment.

The MDIS School of Media and Communications has a host of degree programmes for potential media practitioners to get a significant leg up on the competition:

Each of these programmes are graded 100% based on coursework. Not only will you get the chance to practice real-world media and communications concepts, you get to ditch the stress of exams and mugging forevermore.

If you have a diploma in a relevant field, you can even fast-forward all the way to Year 3 of whichever programme you choose!

Kickstart your career with the media courses at MDIS

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Salary statistics sourced from Payscale.

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