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When we first got to the OUE building, we weren’t quite sure where to go. Everything seemed so business like and the thought of having to go through security just to get in wasn’t pleasant. Thankfully, we were soon directed to a private elevator at the front that went straight up to ME@OUE on the 19th floor.

Once inside, you’ll be greeted by an open bar and open kitchens helmed by celebrity chefs Chen Kentaro and Masayasu Yonemura. There’s also a large outdoor lounge for post-dinner drinks and social events. Because of its name, we originally thought there was some equity involvement with Mediacorp but that turned out not to be the case. OUE is a privately run restaurant that had used Mediacorp’s help with marketing and the contract has since lapsed.  

Diners at ME@OUE get to enjoy 3 distinct cuisines – Japanese, French, and Chinese – while sipping wine and enjoying a panoramic view of Marina Bay. Each of the three cuisines offers a signature dish from the renowned chefs.  You can either stick to a single cuisine or order from the different menus for a more varied dining experience.

Each dish served here is kept separate and strictly non-fusion, staying true to their roots.


The Appetisers at ME@OUE



We started off with a Squid Ink Brioche, which was served with butter. It was shaped like a croissant with flaky but chewy layers. The squid ink taste was subtle, and I enjoyed the buttery aftertaste.b2ap3_thumbnail_meoue-sashimi-platter.JPGNext was the Sashimi Platter ($48), an assortment of fresh, thickly-sliced sashimi. You could really taste the stellar quality in your mouth. The uni (Sea Urchin) deserves a special mention as it was sweet, creamy and absolutely amazing.b2ap3_thumbnail_meoue-orient-clams.JPGOrient Clams ($24)were mildly sweet with a tender chew. The burgundy butter was flavourful and complemented the slight briny accent of the clams.b2ap3_thumbnail_meoue-beef-tartre.JPGA beautifully plated dish, the Beef Tartare ($28) was one of the most anticipated dishes of the night. Cut Australian Angus Striploin marinated with miso paste was moulded into a round block surrounded by terragon parsley.

After we were done with taking photos, one of us carefully pressed down the center with a fork which oozed a bright yellow yolk. The result was a creamy, gooey pink mess which had a nice texture to it. It was lovely pairing the beef tartare with the crunchy crackers served alongside.

b2ap3_thumbnail_meoue-shrimps.JPGThe shrimps in the Shrimp Salad ($20) were de-shelled and cooked perfectly. I enjoyed the cold and refreshing slices of mangoes and grapefruits that were drizzled with Yuzu dressing. b2ap3_thumbnail_meoue-pork-belly.JPG
On first sight, it was hard to imagine the Thin Sliced Mangalica Pork Belly ($26) would be packed with so many intense flavours, mostly from its Spicy Garlic & Szechuan Pepper Sauce. I thought it was overpowering and masked the original flavours of the pork belly. 


The Mains at ME@OUE


b2ap3_thumbnail_meoue-Red-Lobster.JPGA twist on our local delight, the Red Lobster ($45) resembles our usual Chilli Crab and is served along with piping hot man tou buns.  The lobster meat was delicate and flavoursome. It was certainly delightful dipping the buns in Chef Kentaro’s chili sauce, before topping it with lobster meat and enjoying the explosion of flavours.b2ap3_thumbnail_meoue-fish.JPGThe Amadai ($78) Salted Tile Fish was lightly grilled, resulting in supple, flaky white flesh armoured with a crunchy coat, providing a satisfying contrast in textures. The tempura sauce gelee heightened the fish’s aromatic flavours as well.b2ap3_thumbnail_meoue-bouillabaisse.JPGChef Yonemura’s Bouillabaise ($58/$165) was a hearty bowl packed with all the goodness you can get from the sea – mussels, tile fish, Madagascar prawns and scallops. The tomato & fish broth was rich and flavourful, with a garlicky aftertaste from the rouille.b2ap3_thumbnail_meoue-wagyu.JPGThe delectable A5 Saga Wagyu Tenderloin ($175) had streaks of fat providing a beautiful marbled exterior and phenomenal melt-in-your-mouth creaminess.

However, we both agreed that the similar loooking A3 Ohmi Wagyu Striploin ($98) was unforgettable and way more value for money. Remarkably succulent and exquisitely tender, this dish is definitely a must-try. Also served with soy sauce, peanut sauce and wasabi, a sprinkle of sea salt was more than enough to intensify the flavours of the beef.


I had high expectations for Chef Kentaro’s Mapo Tofu ($20). However, it was just slight more above average, with the Szechuan pepper chili sauce being somewhat too pungent.


Desserts at ME@OUE



We moved on to desserts, which were gorgeously plated but, for the most part, looked better than they tasted. My favourite dessert of the night was the Profit’éclair ($14) – Crunchy Choux with Madagascar Vanilla Ice Cream dribbled with Valrhona Chocolate Sauce. It was heavenly sinking your teeth into a warm crunchy pastry before enjoying the cold and rich vanilla ice cream.

The rest of the desserts were rather average to me and nothing spectacular. However, their homemade ice cream was noteworthy.


Pandan Pistachio Sponge ($14) was on the dry side, even after it was drenched with hazelnut gula melaka custard.


A Moment of Freshness ($14)  was interesting, though – it was a chocolate genoa sponge biscuit filled with dark chocolate cremeux and topped with fresh peppermint ice cream.


There was also a dark chocolate moelleux ($16) served with cocoa nibs ice cream.




Hefty price tags aside, ME@OUE presents quality gourmet offerings with an exquisite selection of dishes across 3 cuisines. Although we felt the desserts were just average, we enjoyed most of their starters and mains. The view, top-notch service and sophisticated ambience provides a good dining experience for those into looking to indulge in fine dining.

We find the view here best experienced in the day, with their full height glass windows and panoramic views. Another reason to come over during the day is their set lunch menu, which is priced more affordably at $48++ and $58++ for a 2 and 3 course menu respectively. It includes their signature dishes above like the Red Lobster and Chef Yonemura’s Bouillabaisse.


Getting to ME@OUE 


Address: The Rooftop Level, 50 Collyer Quay, OUE Bayfront Singapore 049321
Phone: +65 6634 4555 
Website: ME-OUE.com | Facebook

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