McCafé Is Giving You Monopoly Game Labels With Every Set Meal

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More ways to win that Citroen Car and S$40,000 cash from OCBC


Singapore’s most anticipated food game is back! From now till the 28th of November, play the McDonald’s MONOPOLY Game and play your chance card to stand to cash in for this year’s Grand Prize - a Citroen C4 Cactus 1.2 Pure Tech worth S$55,000

You could also be well on your way to S$40,000 in cold hard cash, gold bars worth $25,000, or tickets to hop on a luxurious cruise with your family and much more. Every game label counts.

That’s why we’re so glad to have McCafé join in as Monopoly santa after McDonald’s restaurants and McDelivery. Read on to find out how you can score these game labels with these other meal alternatives!


About McCafé


Source: @mccafesg 

Acclaimed for making one of Singapore’s most affordable lattes, and with more than 50 outlets across the island, it’s hard to miss them. Here since 2003, McCafé is easily one of Singapore’s top spots for wallet-happy quality coffee.

They’ve revamped their menu this year - here are your options for getting closer to the grand prize when you’re done with burgers and french fries:


1. Fuel up with a mid-day Sandwich Set


Chicken Pesto Sandwich & Cappuccino Set from $8.20

It’s half-past three - you’re dozing off at your desk and your tummy is growling for a quick snack. You can grab that bag of chips from the office pantry, but you'll regret it as soon as you’re done. Your alternative - grabbing a hearty sandwich from the nearest McCafé instead.

Just like how the Game of Monopoly is entirely up to chance, every coffee comes jazzed up with one of their iconic Monopoly Designs.

The best-seller is their Chicken Pesto Sandwich - filled with fajita chicken tossed in a dressing of basil pesto, stacked with wild rocket and tomatoes, and encased within a Ciabatta bun. 

And if you’re not a fan of pesto, there are 3 more favourites to lean on! 

Source: @typicalben 

Take your pick from and choose from their refreshing Chicken Mayo, White cheddar and Spinach on Light Rye Bread, their wholemeal creation Chicken Ham, White Cheddar and Tomato Sandwich, or the all-time breakfast staple Egg Mayo, Chicken Ham and Spinach on Light Rye Bread

En route to my $40,000


2. Cinnamon Melts Set - Warm up with some sweet, sugary goodness


Cinnamon Melts & Toffee Nut Latte Set from $6.35

Winter may not be coming, but with the rainy twist in the weather of late, sometimes all we need is  some good dessert and a warm cuppa to keep you toasty. The Cinnamon Melts has to be one of the best things to come out of the McCafé dessert bank.

Doused with rich cream-cheese icing, these mini bite-sized chunks of fluff go perfectly with a good cup of brewed coffee and tea.

Source: @mccafesg 

Matcha fanatics will zoom straight in for their Green Tea Latte but I recommend their Himalayan Tea Latte for being the most exquisite pick of the lot.

Unlike the upfront spiciness of Indian Masala Tea, theirs embodies a good mix of sweetened tea latte with a sprinkle of cinnamon!

Ka-ching: 1 more game label added to my stash


3. Beat the heat with their Frappe Set


Toffee Nut Frappe with Double Chocolate Muffin from $7.35  

A complete coffee menu is not made without a range of Frappes to slurp on. Think ice-blended versions of their coffee and tea latte menus combined. There are 6 signature flavours to choose from: Mocha, Green Tea, Himalayan Tea, Double Chocolate, Caramel, and Latte

Choose your favourite frappe and their baristas will hand-craft everything from scratch for you. Customise your frappe just the way you like: full cream or low-fat milk, topped with whipped cream or not. You can pair it with any of these delectable muffins: Mango Yogurt, Double Chocolate, or Wildberry.

Not a coffee person? Go for their Himalayan Tea or Green Tea Frappe Source: @mccafesg

Now anyone can look like Mr Rich Uncle Pennybags!

On top of that, McCafé baristas are giving away a hippie moustache with every cold beverage purchased! Right in time for Movember. Slip them onto your straw for the ultimate photo prop.


Close to 4 million dollars worth of prizes to be won


We all know anticipation of peeling open a game label, hoping to see that hint of dark blue. I constantly keep my fingers crossed when revealing my fate, hoping and praying to have a Marina Bay or Sentosa Cove label staring back at me so I can cruise home in the comfort of a new car. 

Even if your Lady Luck hasn’t been shining down on you just yet, all hope is not lost! We all have a chance to be winners thanks to the millions of Instant Win labels circulating the island. From snagging freebies like Big Macs to French Fries and Oreo McFlurries, and even Shaw movie passes, they’re certainly kickstarting this festive  season of giving!

Your chance to win the Citroen C4 Cactus 1.2 Pure Tech worth S$55,000 ends on 28th December 2016 - so don’t say TSL bojio, I jio you now to lim some good kopi. You might just win a car. 

Find out more about the McDonald’s MONOPOLY Game today!

This post was brought to you by McCafé.

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