A piece of wildlife in a concrete jungle


The recent forest fires in Indonesia brought about endless rants, hilarious memes and the realisation that haze is really a real-life Instagram filter. But jokes aside, we aren’t the only victims of the haze. While we strap on our N95 masks and hide in the comfort of air-conditioned rooms, little thought is given to the homes of wildlife species that have been completely destroyed in the past months.  

With that being said, conservation of these endangered species has never been more vital, and it was heartening to see 36 international artists with a passion for wildlife come together at the Mandala Wildlife Art Exhibition, for the common good of using their masterpieces to save Mother Nature’s majestic work of art.

The Mandala Wildlife Art Exhibition is the largest wildlife art exhibition in Singapore, an event featuring over 200 artworks by over 36 international artists. We went down to take a look and were blown away by the amount of detail in each art piece. 


What to expect from the exhibition  


The exhibition is held at 2 locations within Orchardgateway – the Mandala Fine Art Gallery at #02-05 and The Tube on Level 3. 

Here’re a couple of highlights from my visit. 


Level 3 – The Tube  


Transformed into a makeshift gallery, this popular #OOTD spot is where our walkthrough started. Looking at all the different graphite pencil drawings, oil paintings and ballpoint pen masterpieces of wildlife, it sadly put all of my best animal doodles to shame.

As I admired all the wildlife captured in their natural habitat, I remember how excited I felt about going to the zoo as a kid. It then hit me that just as how the Dodo bird has gone extinct in our ancestors’ lifetimes, my future children may not get to see endangered species of today. You’d think that I’m referring to exotic animals like lemurs or rhinoceroses, but that also includes tigers – an animal most wouldn’t expect to be threatened. 

We also got a chance to listen to some of the artists share the amazing stories behind their work. 


For instance, this photograph was taken by Joseph Anthony. In a day and age where wildlife photography is often done by preset and automated cameras, a picture precariously captured in real time is never without a good story. Joseph shared about how he was only 10-15 metres away from this charging rhino, and I imagine the crew must have looked something like this after that shot:



Level 2 – Mandala Fine Art Gallery


Next, we ventured into a cosy little gallery on the second floor. Unlike your typical museum, none of the art pieces were stuck to the wall, and were instead placed at peculiar angles. There were also no “Do Not Touch” signs anywhere, which made my itchy hands very happy when we were invited to feel the sculptures.

The art piece I found particularly eye-catching was this metal structure in the middle of the gallery. It’s curated by Pascal Chesneau, a French artist who uses recycled materials like wood and steel plates. This incomplete-looking sculpture of a zebra you see here represents how endangered species are slowly fading away with time, leaning towards possible extinction.

You’ll also be able to find more conservation-themed art pieces that show just how fragile the animal kingdom is if humans don’t do anything to help them. 


About Mandala Wildlife Art Exhibition 


This wildlife exhibition is the first of its kind, and with its prime location in the heart of Orchard Road, you wouldn’t want to miss it. As you walk through the exhibition, keep in mind that these majestic animals aren’t just inanimate objects enclosed in a frame. These creatures roam freely in the wild and they need our help to preserve their natural sanctuaries. 

Hopefully, years from now, we’ll still have the option of seeing these endangered species up close in their habitat, not behind the glass in a museum, taking the form of a photograph or a preserved fossil.  

In partnership with the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) Singapore and Shark Savers Singapore, the Mandala Fine Art Gallery aims to raise $100,000 through their public art sales and art auction held on 15th November at IndoChine Saint Ma. The proceeds will be channeled towards helping WWF and Shark Savers Singapore in their conservation efforts.

If you’re in the area, make sure to drop by the Mandala Wildlife Art Exhibition to appreciate the artworks and show your support! 

What: Mandala Wildlife Art Exhibition 
When: 6 November – 6 December 2015
Where: Orchardgateway
Level 2: #02-05
Level 3: The Tube 
Address: 277 & 218 Orchard Road, Singapore 238858/238851 
Opening Hours: 10.30 am to 10.30 pm daily

This post was brought to you by the Mandala Fine Art Gallery.