Complimentary Mickey Mouse tote bags and stickers


Disney fans rejoice, Magnolia is giving out an adorable selection of tote bags and stickers when you purchase their milk and yoghurt products.

With the eco-friendly wave in full effect, totes are an A+ substitute for plastic bags. And as an avid fan of cutesy stationery, I already know my entire journal is going to be plastered with all the different sticker designs.

Read on to find out how you can rack up these exclusive, limited edition goodies!


How to redeem tote bags and stickers


Unlike giveaways where you have to buy something you don’t want just for the sake of the prize, these bags and stickers are an extra treat on top of Magnolia products you already drink on the daily.

For the uninitiated, Magnolia has a super extensive range of milk choices to suit different dietary needs or taste preferences. From good ol’ fresh milk to low-fat options, our personal fave is the oat-infused milk that boosts your calcium intake in the yummiest way possible.

Their yoghurt smoothies are a delicious way to enjoy tangy, nutritious yoghurt on-the-go. Containing real fruit bits and 0% fat, each of the refreshing flavours makes for some top-notch slurping goodness.

Get one of these totes with gorgeous, vintage-style designs when you purchase any 2x1L Magnolia Pasteurised Milk or 2x800ml Yoghurt Smoothie. There are 4 different designs to collect!

This assortment of snazzy sticker labels is up for redemption with every 6 x 250ml/230ml Magnolia UHT Milk Multipack. With flavours like chocolate and strawberry for you to choose from, it’ll be a piece of cake sipping your way to a full collection of all 4 sticker pack designs.


Mickey Mouse merch with Magnolia milk and yoghurt purchase


From 1st November 2018, head to any major supermarkets or convenience stores to settle the dairy needs for you and the fam and pick up some awesome limited edition Mickey Mouse bags and stickers at the same time.

Click here to find out more and start collecting all the designs!

This post was brought to you by F&N Magnolia.
Photography by Tan WenLin.