How To Get Whiter Teeth In Less Than An Hour


I can’t be the only one who’s bothered by stained teeth caused by excessive caffeine intake. I want my pearly whites, but I can’t live without my coffee too. Why should we have to choose?!

That’s why I was excited to give the LED Teeth Whitening Technology at Lush Aesthetics a go. Besides, who would say no to the promise of clean, bright teeth in just 45 minutes? This sounded impossible to me at first, but I soon put it to the test.


Step 1: Consultation


During the professional consultation at the centre, I found out how our teeth suffers discolorations from various factors. It could be from natural aging, smoking, medication, or drinking too much wine and coffee. I am of course, guilty as charged! All the cafe-hopping has taken its toll on my teeth.

But the LED Teeth Whitening claims to help brighten and lighten your teeth in less than an hour, and that 99% of the customers achieved teeth that was 5-8 shades lighter in one sitting. I was about to try it for myself!


Step 2: Treatment process


I was ushered into a treatment room where all the magic happens, where thick blankets were thoughtfully provided to keep me warm and fuzzy throughout the session.

The process involves applying a non-peroxide whitening gel on your teeth. In case you’re wondering, peroxide is an active chemical substance present in most whiteners that can cause the protective enamel layer of our teeth to wear off. It may also lead to other problems like mouth cancers, stomach and intestinal injuries. It’s like the bad boy your mum warned you about, so stay away at all costs!

Once the gel is applied, the LED light will activate it to whiten and brighten your teeth. I didn’t feel anything during the treatment, which was a huge relief for me. Oh yes, the upper and lower teeth are treated at the same time too, so that’s super time efficient.

It was so comfortable that I fell into a deep sleep after 10 minutes and slept like a baby till the end of the session. True story.


Step 3: Examining the results


After comparison, my teeth went 12 shades lighter after 3 sessions. In case you’re worried about that intensity being harmful, Lush Aesthetics use a non-peroxide gel which will not damage your teeth enamel or structure. Furthermore, the LED system has also been proven to be suitable for people with sensitive teeth. Rest assured that you’re in safe hands!




Without the use of any needles or drills during the procedure, my teeth became whiter after the sessions. Depending on your lifestyle habits, results are long term and can even last for years. After the treatment, it’s advisable to abstain from coffee, wine, or dark colored food and beverages for the following week. Difficult, but it’ll pay off!
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